What’s the Best USB Sound Card / Audio Adapter?

WARNING: I no longer recommend using a USB soundcard to connect a microphone to your computer. It has become too unreliable due to manufacturers altering the components used in their products as well as alterations to operating systems causing additional problems. The only method of connecting a microphone to your computer that I recommend is with a USB AUDIO INTERFACE that is designed specifically for that use case.

Here’s my Ranking of the Soundcards:
1. (DON’T BUY) Sabrent Stereo: http://amzn.to/1Ikwqt5 (HERE’S WHY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1v1jtHz4C0)
2. (DON’T BUY) Sabrent 7.1: http://amzn.to/1IkwtVI
3. (BEST OPTION) Syba Stereo: http://amzn.to/1Pds77X
4. HDE 7.1: http://amzn.to/1Ikww3H
5. Virtual 5.1: http://amzn.to/1T8qZ64
6. Gino Stereo: http://amzn.to/1IkwCIQ
7. Trond Stereo: http://amzn.to/22gQbxC
8. Plugable Stereo: http://amzn.to/1PdsdfP
9. ATR2USB: http://amzn.to/1Pds9N9
10. Gino 7.1: http://amzn.to/1T8r21R
11. Optical Shop 5.1: http://amzn.to/22gQ84Y

PROBLEM WITH SABRENT ADAPTERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1v1jtHz4C0
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Crazy Fun says:

I plugged a wrong plug in my audio headphone jack . I heard a POP . Now i have no more sound any where . If i buy that will i get sound if i blew something on my sound card ?

Kirby4788 says:

but would a USB sound card still work with a Dynamic microphone? I’m looking to buy one and I’m hoping this would give me a better sound than my on board sound? i would like an audio interface but they are a little out my price range right now, i would like to upgrade in the future.

Hamit Campos says:

Well, if you want the true answer to the question of the best card the new Sound Devices Mix Pre mixers cards and recorders. Yes my friend they do 3 things in 1 device and you can even use them as a sound card and as a recorder at once.

Razor Block says:

mh mic giving some buzz noise plz help me… i directly plugged it in my pc

Flávio Tiago says:

Do you recommend this https://goo.gl/fyb4xt to This Syba? It’s next to the syba to the ad. Thank’s

THE - Dragoviç says:

Do you recommend TTESPORT BAHAMUT EXTERNE USB GAMING soundcard for recording ?

USMC Asf says:

Was I the only one unable to tell a difference between each

Reality Reflection says:

thanks very much ! was wondering about the USB quality 😛

Abubakir Shaimukhanbet says:

really helpfull. thumbs up.

bought samson c03u by your review. ideal for me.

Hongyu Qiu says:

I got a Syba from newegg and it arrived today, it tests out to be not working properly at all…the sound was extremely low and there is a beeping sound at 100 volume…if USB sound card is not reliable, what sound card should I get to make my condenser mic work…please help!! my mic is NW-700 BTW

Shocky YouTube - Gaming says:

I can’t get the best option because it doesn’t ship where I am

Anjali Singh says:

sir, what sound card require for bm100fx microphone connect to laptop…………
please help me………………………..

DaRoyalPlatypus says:

thanks. just ordered the syba btw. great review.

jan409 says:

why do they all have to be shit now? i just want an external sound card for gaming, i got the sabrent sterio (was a mistake) the headphones sound fine, but the microphone is unusable. and usb audio interfaces are much more expensive.

jordan booth says:

what software did you use to show volume level and gain settings?

Rithik Barua says:

this sound cards compatible with windows 10

Monster LMA says:

Don’t bother with a sound card just by audio leads that are diamond coated.

Alex Wenn says:

y didnt you try the AntLion USB Adapter

deadman grey says:

so what USB sound card should I use on a dell server poweredge t105?

Akmal Vlog says:


BFF's For life says:

Is the syba stereo compatible with the playstation 3?

Hazardous Bass says:

Can you please do one with dynamic microphones? If possible please try the Behringer XM-8500, love your vids man!

Bondosmo says:

Hopefully you see this. I have the neewer nw-800. I’ve been loving it after i put noise reduction and the like into it, but for playing games with friends or streaming, the noise floor is RIDICULOUS from my motherboard only giving 1.5 volts. I would get an audio interface, but I simply can’t afford one seeing as the only one’s with decent reviews are $100 or more. I just want a simple, cheap solution that will help me for the time being. Would you say that the Syba would be a good temporary placeholder for that while I save up?


so you dont recommend these for using them for your mic?
 thats too bad i was looking for something like this in the price range of 10-25 euros .
any recommendations?

Aryan Chand says:

Bandrew if not a sound card … Can I use a xlr to usb cable

Amit says:

Never buy Ext Sound Card, if you need to use a Mic…..Mostly never works….Be careful, guys.

George Tanner says:

do any work for ps4?

DubSmosh says:

Hi please i need your help with this: I bought the Mxl 770 mic and a micropower ps400 for the phantom power, i conected to my mic with a xlr to xlr to the ps400 and a xlr to jack 3.5 to my pc and its dont make any sound when i speak in it, idk why… i need to conect the jack 3.5 to the sound card usb? ik about the warning of the sabrent i was thinking in use the HDE 7.1 o the virtual 5.1 this will help me with my problem?

Ubie says:

How about the CM6206-LX soundcard?
I can buy it for around $10.

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