USB AMP/DAC VS PCIE Sound Card | Creative AE-5 & G5

Want one? G5:
Is a PCIe Sound card needed these days for great quality audio, or is a USB AMP & DAC unit good enough? To test that out, I’ve got the Creative Labs SoundblasterX G5 and AE-5! Let’s see if either of them are worth it over your motherboard audio, and over each other!
Products shown provided by: Creative Labs
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Romick Vieira says:

Thats great, i just bought a Creative SoundblasterX Katana, it has 2 built in amplifiers inside. Not like my Sennheiser HD598 need it, but, its great. Its bluetooth, rgb lighting, a dedicated subwoofer and 7.1 simulated surround sound. Im not buying my build for gaming, its for 3D modeling… but… i cant wait to play some battlefield with the katana

AngryPunish3r says:

This video i was waiting for ! <3 I have the Sound Blaster H7's !I think i will go with the AE-5 to work with my home cinema too 🙂

Jeffrey Escoto says:

Man it’s hard to find an answer if the ae5 supports Dolby and DTS passthrough by optical to a audio video receiver. Would anyone happen to know? Thanks!

Milan Whitfield says:

Got the AE-5 somewhat recently but dunno if I am having certain ‘interferance’ with it though. I do have a Wifi card sitting above it and ABOVE that is my 1080ti.. I also routed my “HD-Audio” cable outside and somewhat separated from my other cables – to avoid issues etc.. So far only GTA V has “triggered” this issue, I am at a loss here haha..

Gavin Earls says:

Honestly I would recommend the external purely since the internal takes up pice lanes and well we know Intel too well with there limit on lanes on the Consumer products

Dr Lulz says:

Interesting video. Thanks.

Danilka Gangster says:

Can you say, whats better for gamers of this sound cards, because my english is finish. pls

Faptn. Undrpants says:

Disgusting elephant skin…

Roy Brochard says:

Ik got the ea5 for Just one Day, glad i bought it. That’s sound mmmmmm i like it

Root0x says:

I would be interested in how this compares to the much less RGB Schiit audio modi, magni

thanashs kafetzhs says:

this sound card need molex for power;;

GBATD says:

Got the AE-5 a few weeks ago, Also have an Asus STX II and the AE-5 is a definitive step up and that’s saying a lot as the STXII is a very high end soundcard, Running some Beyerdynamic headphones on the AE-5 it sounds incredible, So far I’ve tried the Beyerdynamic 770, 990, 1770 and 1990, All sound immense with the AE-5 and I’ve also picked up on some sounds in certain games I didn’t know were there before, Very impressed.

Vasilis Samourkas says:

I own the AE-5 since February and the sound quailty is really good. My only “problem” is that this card picks every single detail. Even the audio cracklings due to editing miscofnigurations in online videos, like this one at 8:54

gabrielofpark says:

I’m actually looking to upgrade my creative labs zxr which i have connected to their katana. Good vid cheers.

Mo Ritz says:

I get yesterday the g5, it was defectiv at arrive .

And it was for me realy cheap qualitiy. I send it back

and now i found a zowie vital for 80bucks, order it . Maybe has a better build Quality

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