Syba Stereo USB Soundcard (SD-CM-UAUD) Review / Sound Test

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LusciousLatino says:

Do you think this will sound good on a ps4 usb slot with the newer 800?

HOODIE says:

what did u use to record the mic

ps love your vids

trAnwhiz says:

Very helpful video. Impressive little soundcard.

boojaman says:

i got the syba usb stick but when i try to use it i cant hear anything out of my headphones so its ether no mic or no sound

Helix says:

how do i plug the nw-800 into this soundcard?

Gunsecutive says:

Hey Bandrew, I have a quick question. So I bought my BM 700 and Phantom power and it shipped today. I set up everything and when I plug in the 3.5m jack into my laptop (my lapyop only have 1 3.5mm jack) my pc speakers are muted as if it recognized it as a headphone. And I can’t use my condenser microphone. Will a USB sound adapter fix this problem? Thanks for reading this, love youre videos!

은진이랑코팩하자 says:

I’m using bm-800 and, that usb adapter.
I don’t know why mine is bad
Did you use only usb adapter?

Esi Peek says:

Would this one work with gaming headphones?

KamienTV says:

Hey man! Just got myself a Hyper Cloud Core and it has terrible static sound (Microphone), do you think that little soundcard is actually going to help me fix my problem? ( I’m a Live streamer on Twitch and just can’t stream with that audio quality.. )

mangreat71 says:

i like to try out different things is the reason why I’m asking ?? If you put a dynamic mic in this would it turn up the mic volume ??? Like even if you use a portable phone charger instead of a computer would the phone charger and with this virtual sound card adapter would it work as a interface to cut the mic volume up with a sony voice recorder with a 3.5 male to male wire into the recorder with the sound card ?????????


Hello if I may ask a question would this help with a gaming headset I’m trying to keep my gaming setup cheap.

Sashik Pro says:

It’s so stupid and annoying, that Amazon doesn’t ship this Card to my country Latvia (Europe)

Nordin says:

will i be able to buy the soundcard, and then plug it in my computer and then it will work? (using nw 800) 😀

Ben Adcock says:

Do you know if it works with windows 10?

FelipeL67 says:

I cant get the SD-CM-UAUD where I live but I found a SD-CM-UAUD71 which is a virtual surround sound version of the one you review in the video, it has the CM108 chipset instead of the CM119, would I get the same voltage? Thanks in advance.

DaRoyalPlatypus says:

thank. i jus bought exactly this set up. its good to know exactly how it will sound

BigBossBob says:

I need some help. So i got the NW-700 Microphone setup as well as a SYBA. In your videos you dont have any fuzzy background noise in low decibles and levels but for me no matter what i do theres a lot of fuzzy background noise. What are you doing different compared to me?

crocket says:

I wanted to know how Syba USB soundcard handles headphones.

Mario Bonofiglio says:

Hi, I bought this sound card and connected it to my Macbook Pro Retina 15″. I’ve tested it with a Trust Startzz condenser microphone but I’ve to use a 75% volume with noticeble noise and the sound card hasn’t a noise reduction by driver. I’ve noticed also that I can capture only the sound as Mono by this card. To be honest the overall quality of my built in microphone with noise reduction is higher that the external microphone inserted in this audio card. I obtained better result with internal audio card of my girlfriend’s Samsung RV520 laptop. Could my card be defective? I’ve to change it?

Icecubes180 says:

Would a turtle beach X12 work?

Kinua1337 says:

Is this a good sound card to use with a modmic 4.0?

ChronixxzMC says:

my syba doesn’t work when i plug it in the mic jack

Ramulo Banos says:

How do you use the mic with only phantom power? I have only phantom power my laptop detect the mic as speaker. I only have one 3.5mm jack. Do I need to buy a USB sound card?

Jake Lee says:

Have you tested/will you test the 2.0 Syba USB Soundcard? The 1.0 is only available as an add-on on Amazon and I’m hoping the 2.0 is better.

Manoj Chowdhury says:

Hello sir.. Is this sound card (syba) compatible with smart phone like lg g2 or Redmi note 4. Please reply. Thank you..

dsk Ztar says:

Hello, so i bought the SYBA sound card and its sounds decent for the price, but i want to boost my microphone a little bit… but there is no such settings in windows 8.1, so i wanted to know if there is an app for that?.. thnx

Jackie Cham says:

Hi there, I’m kinda new to this so I’m just curious if these soundcards (I’m thinking of Cyba or TeckNet) have a noticeable difference compared to internal (built in) PC sound cards?
If yes, which would you personally prefer?
Also I’ve ordered a 48v phantom power.
Should I still get a soundcard even with a phantom power?


Jari Heiska says:

I’m itching to pipe 12 volts from my PC’s PSU to the front panel microphone connection. Might fry something, but what’s life without fries?

DonutPlays says:

sorry for spam but i need help i dont have money for phantom power i have only for bm800 with sybra soundcard it will work grate or no? i am afraid of background noise because i have bought 5 mics in greece and all sucks

Joeink100 says:

Have you used this with the bm-800?

ze_or says:

so is this the best usb soundcard right now?

McNasty says:

If i buy a Floureon BM-800, and a Phantom power supply, do i need a usb sound card? will it make a difference in sound between the XLR to Phantom to 3.5mm jack on my computer, vs XLR to Phantom to usb soundcard to usb slot? Im failing to see what the purpose of the sound card does if the phantom power supplies enough voltage to power the mic completely.

Billy The Nerd says:

Would you recommend this over the “Sabrent External Sound Box USB-SBCV”? I have the “Excelvan BM 8000” and a Phantom Power Supply.

ApplezFall says:

will this work with the bm8000

Giles Smith says:

Can you use mic input to record sound from an iPhone or iPad?

Chris O says:

Excellent and extremely helpful reviews. Clear video and audio. Succinct and precise reviews.

Btw, which camera are you using?

0nlytyrius says:

test the sf-920

ApplezFall says:

will the nw700 be better than the go mic

iCraZ Explosion says:

Made a mistake buying the Sabrent, switching over to this. I wish I had seen your warning video before. Still, thank you for your reviews. Helped out a small YTber a lot. Using the NW800 btw ;D

sam hash says:

I JUST BOUGHT IT AND IT DOESNT WORK :((( im using a macbook air if that makes a difference

kOdaqTV says:

Can’t ear the background noise cause my background noise doesn’t let me. Feelsgoodman

Titousky says:

What sound cart would you recommend for a modmic 4.0 ?
Because I have a cheap 3.5mm to usb adapter, and get a lot of static noise.

Fabricio S. says:

just received the SYBA usb soundcard (the version without the SYBA name over it) and it’s gain in my thinkpad X220 was almost none! The USB led is flashing, but the volume is so low in Windows 10. Any tips, any driver that could be installed?

Bia AM says:

Do you know if this model is the same or provides the 5v?
Because the one with the same photo as amazon is so expensive to me (because of the shipping), that I could buy a cheap phantom power on ebay instead

oiswarya das says:

hi.. is it possible to use the mic in for recording vocals/ guitars while simultaneously listening to playback. how much is the latency issue? thanks

ik heb een naam met letters says:

were can i buy that in holland

Akmal Vlog says:

Do i need sound card if i have phantom power

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