steel series siberia usb soundcard review for more on the Steel Series Siberia USB Soundcard


s1rpala1nen says:

just buy Asus Xonar DGX, its cheap, has headphone amp and it supports virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Naughty .G says:

There is a lot of static sound when i am playing a game. Especially when i’m using my mic in-game. Is it my sound card ?? By using this external sound card will it fix my problem?? Please reply ASAP

Seero Boarder says:

Windows XP?

The Rohit says:

hey this card is included with Steelseries siberia v2 7.1 version right??? 
so is this necessary to buy this??…..iam asking this because the siberia v2 7.1 contains everything except for that CD…….please REPLY

Piriya Sambandaraksa says:

Just got this for $30 without knowing what it is. (was shopping for a simple mic/headphone to usb converter in a rush.) Loving it so far, and yes, my Laptop sound card is mud. (using Sennheiser pc350 headphone with Hero Mod.)

Militum says:

put your soundcard with mic cable into the the ps3 and the green audiocable into the tv
go to ps3 settings and choose upnp as mic

Herman Kwan says:

Can’t tell if trolling, or just stupid.

Baron Ganie says:

Wow, Is it possible you install the wrong program/driver? for a different product perhaps? I’m sorry man, I don’t think I can help you much here. Look it up in the SS support forum or any other forums, maybe post your own questions. If there’s a Steel Series retail shop or service center in your area, I think it’s best just to go there and let them figure it out, it’s gotta be covered by the warantty, they replaced my Siberia V2 with a new one due to mic problem, and I got the limited edition 🙂

UKFeature says:

I realize this is an old video but I have recently bought the steelseries v2’s and realized that my 3.5mm jack in my PC is completely broken. Therefore I cannot use the mic or sound on my headphones. I was looking to buy a USB sound card to fix this problem, but it turns out that I cannot seem to find where to buy this sound card from? Has it been discontinued or something?
Thanks in advance,

The Rohit says:

one more question………………does the wireless headset need a sound card??  
for example CORSAIR VENGEANCE 2100 or 2000…………please REPLY
i am asking this question because it comes with a flash drive (pen drive)

Praveen Kumar T says:

just now i bought steelseries sound card. plug into my laptop, my speakers are creative 2.1. it sounds like 2 speakers. no woofer / bass . already installed drivers from steelseries website. how to get woofer worked (normally its work only not worked when ss usb sound card used) whe used steelseeries sound card

Baron Ganie says:

Very sad to hear that, I’m very pleased with my first SS product and the service in my location, used mine for almost a year just before the warranty dies then there’s problem with the Mic. Called the store they gave me an address, so I went and they weren’t actually trying to listen to me they just said, “Okay we’ll replace yours with a new one”, and since they didn’t have the black SiberiaV2 on stock they gave me the gold and black 10th Anniversary Limited Edition. (cont.)

Baron Ganie says:

What’s shown in this video is an older version of the software.The new version is of the software doesn’t have the settings to choose between 48.KhZ and 41 KHz but if you want to change the quality and pretty much the advance settings for your audio device you can go to the Sound setting in your windows control panel. But you should have the other settings like the DSP mode, shifters audio input, micrphone boost etc. They sort of change the design to make it simpler.

Baron Ganie says:

How do you suppose to configure the speaker setting in the Audio Device control panel. Is it suppose to be set in 2 channel or 7.1 channel? since it is virtual and all.

MIKEaddictedtoYT says:

Do I need to have a 7.1 Headset for this? Or will the fact that it’s “Virtual 7.1 Surround” cover that?

Garrotte says:

Really good review! I just bought this

Guy Salazar says:

Great review!

Justin John says:

This Test shows that on board realtek audio is almost as good as his favorite Auzentech X-fi & The tested Steel Seriess Usb sound card ………… 😛 Get yourself some real cards to play with

Reka Primasetyo says:

Hi Logan.

trololol335 says:

thanks =)

Baron Ganie says:

(cont.) I hope you got yours sort out with no problem and very soon you’ll be able to enjoy yours 🙂 I can’t help much, like I said perhaps in a forum you could post screenshots of your program and problems find some answers while you wait, I still think it’s best to went for the service center and try it out on their system. I really hope you’ll get yours sort it out soon and ready for some games, there’s won’t be much trouble I’m sure, good luck.

Luis Carlo Ayala Lucero says:

i need the fucking driver!

riziskilz says:

Idk why but i have some background noise on teamspeak3 when i’m talking and in options my mic have to be 0 , because if i set to 100 i have some noise in my siberia v2 lol :S

Tesseract9630 says:

he looks and talks like muslim.

Johann3s says:

I’ve got a Steelseries 4H, could I use this USB Soundcard with that headset? Great review btw =D

SpeedSpriter says:

I just have the headset, does the sound card make much of a difference??

Zer0megaXX says:

will this allow me to use X12’s on a ps3 like the amigo 2?


hey a question, any other soundcards like this? i have this as well, looking for other options..with the same or better quality..

whyausername3 says:


daf sg says:

Does this soundcard have a loudness equalisation option? Pease awenser it’s kind off an important thing for me and i’m thinking about purchasing one, thanks!

Ilovetheworld221 says:

man, this is old xD

ITr1ckst3rI says:

This is when razethew0rld went, TIME TO BE PROFESSIONAL. Well compared to their first 40 videos.

oSx says:

Does with this sound card, can we play on ps3 ?

CrimsonVoid says:

Do you need one of these if you have a sound card? Or will it improve the sound further?

Alex Whi says:

really? mine is working after two years of use.

All Random Productions says:

Their support is being terribly slow and unresponsive so far. I’m definitely installing the correct program/drivers, as provided directly under their site for the 7H USB. I’ll check for a service center nearby. This is now how I expected my experience to go with my first gaming headset ever, let alone my first SteelSeries product. Unfortunate, and very frustrating, to say the least.

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