Sound BlasterX G5 Review | External Gaming Sound Card

Taking a look at the revamped Sound BlasterX G5 DAC/Amp from Creative which really acts like more of an external sound card that’s extremely portable. Capable of driving headphones up to 600 ohms and analog microphone input for gaming headsets.
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carlitosfm says:

Lol awesome ending joke!

Coded Khaos says:

Joker do your own Outro “Moonwalk Truffle shuffle” just an idea

PURE says:

dose any on know if these work with a pair of sennheiser 599

Kay Wrobel says:

+JokerProductions: Does it produce Dolby Digital Live as well? Didn’t see anything mentioned on their promotional material online nor did I see anything in the app that you demoed briefly.

Icehawk says:

Is it possible to set up the mic input to go straight to the headphone output, like a live monitor?
I’m stuck with the dismal AT2020 for recording (USB-only), trying to find a cost-effective solution to have live monitoring (and since I have no DAC, hoping for birds>stones). Any suggestions? Alternative would be a USB audio interface, but I’d love to hear that a DAC can do it too

Baron Chris says:

Not a really good question, but is it for headphones only? Meaning can you plug in your speakers if you don’t use headphones?

187umkillass says:

Somebody use it with HA-RX700 on PS4 ?

Kyle Cottel says:

Does the improved upon software still have that funny sound effects thing were you could change how you sound to your friends?

obzen33 says:

How does this compare to the mayflower electronics dac/amp?

kwazhims3lf says:

quit playin with your nob

Samuel King says:

Wait wait wait….hold up hold up…..


JEicholz says:

Are the jacks in back for RCA cables?

Will Bloom says:

Can this dac/amp be used to create virtual surround sound for movies etc? I don’t play games on PC but I do use Netflix etc on my laptop PC. Will this device create a virtual surround audio environment in my headphones? Can I use the 3.5 mm audio jack or do I need to use the usb output, assumingly with the software suite? Has anyone tried this?

chanon chuhasuntorn says:

blasterx g5 and blaster e5 what is better for gaming fps?.
have it better mor than g5,e5?
explane me plz.


it’s on sale @ amazon for 119 right now!! ordered 😉

Hedgehog's Right of Passage says:

,I’m confused. My whole audio system is listening to music on youtube with Sennheiser RS 195 headphones on my pc which has a Asus soundcard. I had bought an Asus 7u external soundcard but after re-uploading to Windows 7 it somehow made the u7 useless as thousands of us know….My 2 year old pc doesn’t have optical input or output which I had on the Asus u7. So I connect the Sennheiser wireless into the pc and OPTICAL would make a better audio connection. Does someone know what I could or should use to make the optical connection being that it’s wireless? Thanks

Joan Alvarez says:

I have an older Creative X-Fi HD USB DAC and this might be finally the thing to replace it. Great review 🙂

Gaylord Triplett says:

Joker can you suggest a dac amp that does dts sound?

Metin Dincel says:

Does anyone have a good attitude for games like bf1 or cod for the ps4? Have a mixamp and the g5 but i like the g5 more

Nimrod says:

I think you may have sold me on this one, Joker. I was thinking of getting a FiiO one, but having a mic jack is going to come in handy for me, since with my current setup, the dedicated mic picks up my PC fans (stock AMD cooler, yo) and I broke the cable on a pair of headphones so it’ll be a while before I get that replaced.
Now I’m using my wife’s headset and it’s actually awesome, but does require two ports for the mic and headphones.
Anyway, if you say this is a good DAC, it might just be what I need.

nazo333 says:

Creative is overrated.

azoz 77 says:

???? i have sennheiser game one ,are there big different if i buy this

Odorous Smegma says:

cant believe its not butter.

Stephen Martinez says:

Hi guys my dac just died on me smsl m2 its been a great dac/amp i wanted to know how this sound card compare to the smsl m2 if anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear them thanks

Never Grow Up says:

GO PLAY OUTSIDE SON ! *bring the laptop out*

Adrian schonengath says:

Was the guy outside in the start homeless or some shit?

MustBeStopped says:

Thanks for making this review, I have been looking for a good one on this item for a while and haven’t been able to find one! Let alone one that made me laugh after a long day

PotatoPC says:

can it play crysis at max volume?

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