I no longer recommend any USB Audio Adapters, I only suggest USB Audio Interfaces.


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primmz says:

Which Microphone were you using?

brianb253 says:

Thanks for the update. I will probably still get one just for the cost. But I do not use condenser microphones. I use a Behringer Mixer that feeds the mic input. So I am sure that the sound quality should not change. We will see. Thanks again,

LusciousLatino says:

Is it still bad to buy?

tha genius says:

awesomwe reviews….. very helpfull. thanks

SibaNL says:

So, what soundcard should I buy?

USMC Asf says:

“That was very close to a very famous action by a very evil man”
Best thing I’ve seen in HISTORY

TheDman216 says:

should always use a phantom supply and why go thru the trouble of making the video and not use a normal headset mic also to see if theres a difference there too and cover it all for everybody?

Minh Tran says:

I got the Adapter for my modmic, seems to be working fine for me. Should I still be concerned? I’m not sure if the voltage would affect the mic’s quality. My onboard motherboard kept on causing a hissing sound until these little guy came in. Everything seems to be working fine with the modmic.

ThekidEdwin says:

can you actually do a video to which sound card you prefer

Karim says:

“January of this month”

ThekidEdwin says:

For me my Sabrent one made my mic lower than without the Sabrent

Cesar The Salad says:

What if I want to use it with my gaming headset? Does that also require such high voltage?

MR. NBG says:

hi iam branden i have a problem with my sound card iam only getting a single channel sound in my headset using my sound card.
i checked my headphone its working fine normally ,my pc is fine to(win 7)o,i checked the setting all are fine …the only unknown thing to me is the proper driver for it because when i connected it first to my pc the driver installation failed and so i got its driver fro a software called driver talent which made it work but the single channel problem arose..please can u tell me is it my driver or the sound card and it its the driver then which driver should i download?

USMC Asf says:

Hey if anyone could help, does anyone know a good 7.1 surround sound USB adapter?

George Ou says:

I contacted Sabrent support before and after watching this. First time they claimed people complaining and writing bad reviews on Amazon should have called support first. I’m guessing they’ll ship them a good version so that the review gets changed. Then after I showed them this email they claim that the product is only intended to replace a broken sound card in a laptop and that you’re not supposed to hook up a $300 mic to a $7 sound card.

I told him that this is a $17 to $30 sound card and that I get great performance out of a $3 to $12 lapel mic that sounds as good as a $300 or even $3000 microphone. And I told him I was going to publish a review article on a major site.

billy playz says:

i already bought it tho

Elastico345 says:

+Podcastage I’m planning to buy either a Sabrent or a SYBA USB Sound card for my Dynamic microphone… do you still recommend this USB sound card for the Dynamic mic or should i get the SYBA one? because i have a really tight budget in terms of audio.

The Sexual Tyrannosaurus says:

Are there any models of Soundcards out there being produced that don’t suck now? I’m a little worried to buy something that totally sucks now.

As_If says:

Good thing I am getting a SYBA sound card.

Christopher Woods says:

So in essence, the actual manufacturer changed the chipset in the latest model to the C-Media CM108 which only gives about 3 VDC, whereas the 2015 models use an older C-Media chipset which pushes more volts. That’s a shame.

Looks like AntLion’s own brand USB adapter (which looks VERY similar to the Sabrent) might have to be the solution for ModMic and condenser users, but it costs about $20 plus shipping.

ReaperBassHD says:

Did they fix the issue?

carolina bigelow says:

is a syba audio adapter safe

ThekidEdwin says:

i watched this after i got it 🙁

Ronanigans says:

Well, shit.

MrDonkeyCK says:

did they change the audio chip back to the original?

George Ou says:

Wow that’s sad for a name brand! I read some bad recent reviews on Amazon and called Sabrent and they assured me there was no problem and it was just a bunch of jerks writing bad reviews without contacting Sabrent. I’m sure if they had called Sabrent they would have sent them something from the good stash and voila no more bad reviews!

I was having great luck with these $1.25 sound cards labeled “3D Sound” I got from eBay mid 2016. But when I ordered again this year the guts got changed. The jacks became super flimsy and the driver changed. Now I have the same problem as Sabrent owners and the mic not only became super quiet, but any attempt to boost it with AGC enabled (check mark in sound driver options) means I get a high pitched noise in the mic recording. Before that I was using these metal-clip lapel mics they sell for $6 on Amazon and it was amazing quality rivaling proaudio mics and preamps costing hundreds of dollars. Now I only have a few of the mid-2016 adapters left and I have a pile of hew worthless sound adapters. Two separate vendors sent me the same junk! Now you’re telling me I can’t even trust buying a Sabrent from Amazon?

Ahmad Timbo says:

wow just bought it and didnt watch this video first

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