Sabrent USB Soundcard (AU-MMSA) Review / Sound Test

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Nint3ndoFan says:

What’s the difference between this and the AU-EMAC?

A lot of people recommend the AU-MMSA for the ModMic 4.0. But I can only find the AU-EMAC in my country.

MeDrioX says:

Not working for me I need so much more

Tyronin says:

so if i bought the sabrent and bm 800 and if i want to make my bm 800 sound decent i need phantom power supply ? cause i hear a lot of hissing in my microphone with my somake 7.1 usb soundcard

ThekidEdwin says:

My Sabrina USB makes my mic lower sound any advice ??? With booster high and microphone high

Krishna Kant Ojha says:

I have just purchased a BM-800 mic. It has come with an XLR to 3.5mm TSR cable. What happens if I connect it to a 48 volte phantom power supply?

JSF says:

Help me I have the nw-700 with the AU-MMSA and the nw-100 neewer phantom power supply but it still sounds waaaaay to quiet 🙁

Bourbon Wales says:

Hey, phantom power link doesnt work

Tropical Bro says:

does a floureon bm 800 work

ديوانية الاشراف says:

I have a 2 questions I hope you will answer
1is this will make me monitor you audio gave one just like this for Logite
2do I need a phantom to make it work or I can plug it directly to the laptop

John Tayag says:

So I just saw your Neewer NW-800 review and you said a soundcard that has at least 4 and a half volts for the mic to function, but then you also have a video saying you shouldn’t buy the soundcard any longer. I am planning on buying the NW-800 and I saw that it’s voltage is put as 1.5 volts. I’m kinda confused about the soundcard problem and all so what soundcard should I get? Also do I need phantom power or just the soundcard itself?

Cyrlan Gaming says:

i have a question, in your earliest warning video that we should not buy usb sabrent soundcard anymore, or it depends on the model that AU-MMSA model a model that has a good quality that can still be a good quality until now?

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