Sabrent USB Sound Adapter: Unboxing and Review

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Please note: i think i received a bad copy of this adapter. An updated review and comparison is linked here:…

In this video I unbox and review a Sabrent USB External sound adapter specifically designed for the imac, macbook, and mac mini.


Gfdgdfgdfgdfg Gfdgdfgdfgdfg says:

wtf is this crappy review. WHy dont you show the bad sound??? mac users… amateurs

bridgetonowhere says:

Did you ever find a good replacement? My audio jack on my desktop is broken and I’m hoping to avoid buying a new desktop case. I thought a usb sound adapter would be my best bet but sound quality is very important to me.

The Zona says:

Hello i have speakers form Logitech and theres these three chords that were behind my tower(a pink a baby blue and a black) now i have a all in one and theres no where to plug those chords in. do i buy this?

miketwenty1 says:

I just unboxed mine.. no issues used this video as my test.. Sounds the same with and without. Mine is black though..

Mr.FPS7y says:

Does it work with a ps4

Christian says:

you didn’t even talk about the mic quality. shit review.

Lester Laynes says:

Thanks for the review, were you able to find one that worked for you?

Capital Bros says:

hey bud, the usb sound card is an ADAPTER. It isn’t a mic so you can’t jut plug headphones into it and then into your laptop and think it makes it better. You plug a mic into the red side and then headphones into the other so you can hear what your mic picks up. You need an external mic in order for the sabrent card to work ya sped

Luiz2701 says:

what shop?

Earl Alexander says:

can you tell me can you use the usb sound card and the on-board sound at the same time?

jdotman09 says:

the only reason i bought this was because my laptop audio jack is broken. did i buy the right device or should i buy something else?

RanCiD CuM MaGGoT says:

are you using a Headphone with built in mic  or gaming headphones with separate plugs from mic to headphones ?

Marvin Rss says:

Fuck Mac do this on pic fuck u… No help u lil old fuck

0nkar302 says:

would it work with a mic bm800

NightNinja 231 says:

Will this work with a windows dell laptop?

crooked glasses says:

Is it still good if you are just using the microphone jack?

HowToExcel says:

My output sound on my Mac is not working. How else can I get sound output from my Mac?

Aina Zul says:

Does it work just like audio interface? Got some confusion.

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