Sabrent Stereo USB Sound Card (USB-SBCV) Review / Sound Test


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eneKatv says:

Hi earthling! CAN U HELP ME!? i buy the original model of the gaming headset Hyperx Cloud.. ALL the people say this headphones sounds AWESOME. BUT i feel a poor sound on it. I think the problem its my motherboard sound card, can tell me if this Sabrent Stereo sound card can improve the audio of this headset? im spanish, sorry for my little bad english..HAHA


can it work with nw 700

ninjahbean says:

So use this soundcard instead of the other ones in your comparison video?

Skedda says:

Can i use it now do you know if the chip is still good? Because I want to buy the Neewer NW 700

DragoFTW says:

4.45 is close to 5v would it still work

grapezzzz19 says:

If i have the “headset or speaker is not plugged in” problem will my headset

Jorge A. says:

Do you know about the Art phantom II Pro? This can work with a usb sound card like neewer phantom power? Greetings from Peru

Leviathan Cy says:

Which one would you recommend this one or the Syba Stereo USB Soundcard (SD-CM-UAUD)?

Bradley Affolter says:

Got mine and the left and right audio is backwards. Really awful for gaming headphones. They also are ridiculously loud in my ear when my sound is on 2 out of 100. This soundcard is not anymore reliable than the others. The company has agreed to send me a new one so I’ll see what happens..

Firetrucky says:

finally its done processing XD

Reebok Thom Gaming says:

Question! Do you need a usb audio adapter or can you just plug a condenser into a phantom power supply and then into the computer directly?

SKYT - CS:GO says:

Is it good for the NW-700?

SpiritoIta says:

But… this look to be exactly the SAME card of the 0,90$ one, with a different case!

Jest says:

which microphone did you use for this video?

TheUltraMarine says:

my sabrent looks exactly like this one but it is the usb-audd not the usb-sbcv

Marko Žutić says:

i dont like it has that whineing sound in the background, i think other ones dont have thaaaat or im wrong? 🙂

Julian M says:

I’m using this with the NW-700 without phantom power but my gain has to be a fair bit high if I want to record anything without being super close to the microphone. For things like Discord, though, around 35% seems fine but even then, that’s still higher than what I thought I’d have to set it to. Would appreciate some help or anything.

rowdytxn2000 says:

Question, I bought this thinking it would boost my lav mics, but in a simple Audacity test, it appeared to be slightly less effective than pluging straight into the onboard soundcard. I was under the impression that it would be better. Thoughts?

DodderyCobra says:

So what I’m getting (and I’m new to this mic stuff) is that I need this little sound card thingy if I don’t want to buy the Phantom PSU. Do I need this to be able to plug the mic right into my pc without the Phantom PSU is what I’m asking?

Timic Ndoloka says:

I have the NW-800 and the Sabrent USB Sound Card but I am getting very quiet and very hissy sound from the mic, even with the microphone gain to max on my iMac. Is this because it isn’t getting any phantom power?

rowdytxn2000 says:

Thank you for the great videos. I’m learning a lot from you and am buying on your recommendations.

Strygger says:

Will NUX PDI-1G work for BM700?

Jon Hansen says:

I bought this sound card as an alternative to a cracked audio-out jack which on my laptop would be major surgery to replace. I use headphones or a patch cord to my component stereo. So, when I plug in my USB adapter it works fine for about 20 minutes to 1 hour. At this point I begin to hear a low frequency hum and the volume of my music drops off too. Now I unplug the USB adapter from the laptop and wiggle the adapter and patch cord and hear a scratchy/static-like sound which dissipates. At this point I reconnect the adapter to the laptop and then, again, in 20 min to an hour the problem repeats. Sabrent sent me a replacement adapter which has the same problem. I’m no expert but all I can surmise is that there is some kind of static charge building up in the adapter. Any clues or tips ??? Thanks !

TechnoCat says:

did sabrent change this soundcard?
and if they did, does it still work the same as it works in this video with the NW-800?

Reyz says:

i’m recording with that usb sound card in audacity but i get constant background sound like machine… can you tell why?

Master Chief58 says:

Podcastage2 If you can hear me what is the best soundcard for dynamic microphones you have?

DAV3APPL3D33D says:

is the mic mute light supposed to be on cause mine wouldn’t go off?

TechThisOut says:

hey podcastage I’m wondering if you could send me ANY soundcard?

Lajtmen » What up my gangsters says:

Can i set up microphone somehow to dont hear compute fans voice if i have computer next to me on my table ?

Ryan Tatty says:

Hi.. does it the same with USB-AUDD? any feedback for USB-AUDD?.. it seems… they have the same appearance.

Starling says:

Does this sound card work for nw-800?

RaysGamingSports says:

Didnt you say this one is trash?? im confused

Pedro Vieira says:

My crappy gaming headset suffers from massive hissing possibly caused by mobo or gpu interference and this device might well be the cheapest fix. I wonder if there’s an inexpensive way to identify the chip so i can justify a possible refund if needed. I’ve also read some negative feedback about the fragile nature of this device which
concerns me. Should i buy it still?

Conan Calleja says:

Can you toggle the microphone mute or do you have to press and hold it?

Andrew Wong says:

I was planning to get the Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone as my first mic. I’ve been watching your videos and reviews about the mic and the sound cards. I don’t really want to spend the extra money for a phantom power supply. So in your opinion, what sound card would go best with the Neewer NW-700? From what I gathered from your videos I was thinking either this Sabrent soundcard in this video, or the SYBA Stereo soundcard. Any Suggestions?

Chryys says:

do I need another thing to make my BM 800 Mic works?

Fürst Drakeh says:


is there any usb soundcard / interface you can currently recommend for a small, plug-in powered (t-power) condensator microphone such as an Antlion ModMic?

I am just asking because im very unsatisfied with my onboard solution at the moment (very quiet and awful S/N-ratio) and trying to find a proper alternative to either directly connect to my PC via USB or passthrough the signal via TRS/XLR to my Audient iD14 interface (which does only offer phantom power).
On Amazon (DE) I can only find the AU-MMSA and the newer one (round edges) with the CM108 chip which probably won’t supply more than 3V. The Syba is listed, too but Im not sure about its current performance in reference to the manufacturing in 2016… (external USB soundcards on Amazon DE:

I also thought about upgrading to a handy recorder such as the Zoom H1 or the Tascam DR-05 but as far as I can tell from the web they only deliver about two or three volts via the 3,5mm input. But whilst the Tascam does only offer a TRS-passthrough the Zoom comes with an integrated interface function at least, making it capable of routing all of your input to your computer by USB.

There are also the Behringer Xenyx 302 or Yamaha AG03 USB mixers which provide mini jacks for plug-in powered mics but I am not quiet sure how much power and noise they send through those ports.

Over all it seems really hard to find an affordable audio device that does deliver t-power and does not suffer from low input voltage or a high noise floor.

Maybe you can contribute with some thoughts on this instance.
Are there any soundcards/mixers/interfaces you can recommend for such microphones?

Greetings from Germany and keep up the great work,

Here is an adapter I found that is said to be capable of powering e.g. the modmic with 12V via XLR:
Looks like an easy solution if you come from the U.S.
Unfortunately I would have to pay a lot of shipping costs and charges to import such an adapter to europe :/

Jungr says:

does the nw 800 work for mac? sorry im new to this

Techy Girl says:

I am clueless when it comes to all of this, with that said I want to buy a mic for gaming and recording voice for youtube. What would you recommend and do I need to buy extra stuff like wires, sound card, etc. I have a Alienware 17 laptop and a Dell 2720 all in one pc as well as a Lenovo y50 laptop. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. would I be better off just buying a usb microphone say a snowball one?

Quyen To says:

Does this work with Mac? I’m using the SF-920.

DaJalapeño says:

Im finding on ebay different version claiming they are usb sbcv? like one (the one ur using) is stereo and another one 2.1 surround sound and another one 7.1?!

Erik Orehek says:

Me again lol. So if I get this sound card is it possible I can fix the latency delay in Windows 7 using the Windows Real Time option in my DAW

Arcanus says:

Would you still recommend this if it were paired with a phantom power supply? I’m using the BM-800. I really just want my mic to work but have no budget for an audio interface right now.

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