Reasons to get an External Sound Card

Louis talks about why it may be a good idea to get and external sound card, and give some examples of low-mid budget products.

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Promethakine Journalist says:

was that the xi3 cube computer in the drawing

Tasha Wenger says:

Very helpful. Thank you!

Kim Demegillo says:

Hi my laptop has only a jack for headphones/earphones. Im thinking of buying one. I want to record mic in guitars to my laptop using some digital audio workstation.Will this be a good idea? Will it work?

guitaringjarmin says:

Thats some great presenting skills you have sir

Clash Clans says:

I was thinking to buy Dealmart Usb External 7.1 Channel 3d Virtual Audio Sound Card for PC. Its an external sound card. I need it for Online Gameplay. For Eg. GTA5,. So is it good or are there and better recommendations, if are plz share in comments.

Promethakine Journalist says:

was that the xi3 cube computer in the drawing

Marco Solis says:

This is probably a dumb question but does a USB mixer specifically behringer usb802 already comes with a sound card?

Matt - says:

if a sound card I want is USB 2.0 type A male connection, will it work if my laptop has USB 3.0?

K M Hasan says:

I have Z506 5.1 Surround 3D speakers which I use with an external 3D Sound Card(Sweex 7.1 External USB Sound Card). Do I still need a DAC and if I need how should I install it with my 3D System? Am I getting best 3D sound or there is still ways to improve it more?

Conor Cleare says:

Hi there, I really need some advice.. Im playing with a live band and need to send two outputs (a click track Mp3 to the drummer, and a backing track Mp3 to front of house) So basically i need a software that can play the two channels at once and a sound card to split in to two outputs.. can anyone help me PLEASE!!!!

Minus says:

‘Saind card’ your accent is annoying sorry.

Marquette Westerfield says:

And if so, how?

RogueBrit says:

Obviously never used a Xonar card……nuff said

Ben Culligan says:

My sound on my laptop is distorted, dosen,t play music well. Could be that it is on the way out. Will i get away with using an “External sound card”?. Great video, and very informative.

BOB JER says:

hi i have used m-audio for years they are old man sound cards but they keep on going and never let me down
the old delta 44 66 1010 are the best i ever used they sell well on ebay

chuckles de clown says:

whats the best cheap one

Jephro Beatz says:

Can you use a Focusrite Saffire 6 with Traktor

qwertyeeebt says:

Will an external cheap USB sound card fix latency cubase 5 problems. I am currently using an all in one oldish motherboard… any info much apprecaited

Sanjay Agnesh says:

second hand sound cards kanha se hame mil payega
koi shop ka mobile no de

zizi halawit says:

is external sound card = audio interface? i get quit confuse! i have already one of thus audio interface, but i didnt really know that was also an external sound card, or I’m wrong?

Brad Nutter says:

I attempted to use my DAW program, Ableton to be exact, on a new PC with a usb keyboard i got a while back and it said that I had no Input audio driver, does this mean i need a new internal sound card or one of these??

SSJ Carl says:

Honestly the only real thing i want is to not have my sound MAXED everytime i wanna listen to music at a decently loud on headphoness.

BlueAcid9 says:

Do they make external video cards? Why wouldn’t you just put the better sound card inside the tower?

aveen perera says:

Does the computer recognise an external sound card as 2 outputs? For example to use one output as headphone and other as line out.. For example in virtual dj.. I need to use headphones to cue.. But my combo port in my laptop wont allow me to

EehKayBee says:

Can I hook up my subwoofer to an audio interface?

TheBudgie29 says:

If You are a DJ this Is the only one You’ll Need

FroztiProductions says:

Sound card? You mean audio interface?

mangreat71 says:

i like to try out different things is the reason why I’m asking ?? If you put a dynamic mic in this would it turn up the mic volume ??? Like even if you use a portable phone charger instead of a computer would the phone charger and with this virtual sound card adapter would it work as a interface to cut the mic volume up with a sony voice recorder with a 3.5

Peter Anthony Holder says:

I don’t know if you’ve answered this question in your comments, but I know you didn’t answer it in the video. That is, another potential reason for an external sound card. Would an external sound card help to combat possible frequency hum that an internal card in a desktop machine can have, possibly because of the computer’s fans? I have a home studio. I know the hum isn’t coming from other equipment, such as my board, because a) I have a ground loop to combat that, and b) I can get a slight audible recorded hum when no other equipment is plugged in or turned on besides the computer. I’m hoping an inexpensive external sound card might solve the problem. Your thoughts?

Jack says:

I bought an audio interface and couldn’t,t notice any improvement in the sound at all,Tried to play Vst piano still sounded rubbish.

Vijay Sheshu says:

i am using pioneer ddjsb2 .
now am planning to take live.
please suggest me one where I’ll be using 4speakers out.
with a good budget


good video

whole1789 says:

thank you for your video. ı have an imac 2014 and there is only headphone input (no microphone ) question is I would want to connect to my guitar to imac. can I connect it thanks to this usb sound card?
thank you.

SL Blades says:

Hi Guys, i am new to this so bear with me, i am doing a live dj music stream on a online radio station. i am using a mac book and a pioneer ddj mixer. the problem is after a while there is some serious crackling / interference on the broadcast. my question is would the addition of a external soundcard eliminate this problem?????

ibles bosuok says:

I call USB sound device as *USB sound port.* I don’t care is it right or wrong.

jay says:

If I get a external sound card for my Mac, can this replace my built in sound out put? I don’t have any sound output at all

Radu Chioran says:

Thx .And thanck

lishde says:

if you disable the like dislike bar alot of people will assume the video is shit and move on

JR says:

Is a USB mixer a sound card with converters? I can’t find a clear answer. In particular I want to know about the Yamaha 16xu. I want to know if I need to add a converter to my set up for the best audio or if this mixer is doing the task. It is my audio interface for abelton live. Mics and hardware synths.

Nikhil Sukumar says:

synd or Sign card or sowned card? But standard video could have avoided the music though.

Justin Vro says:

So is the akai eie pro good for making beats? Im such a noob lol. I was gonna sell mine cause i thought it was just an expander. This music thing is confusing…

Ran Ran says:

nice video..

which sound card you recommend for recording with low budget ? thanks in advance

Arya Mondal says:

which one works better?…internal sound card or an external usb sound card?

Promethakine Journalist says:

was that the xi3 cube computer in the drawing

Pradeep Ganesh says:

Is there a way to change the Stereo input to a 5.1/Optical output?

lastfanstanding999 says:

my sub woofer dosnt work, so i need a sound card?

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