Interface vs. Laptop Onboard Soundcard | Sound Quality Comparison

0:00 Introduction
1:02 Laptop Soundcards (Samples)
2:20 Laptop Soundcards vs. Cheap USB Soundcard (Samples)
3:13 Professional Interfaces (Sing Samples)
4:06 Professional Interfaces (Playback Samples)
4:47 Laptop vs. Professional vs. Cheap (Samples)
5:39 Laptop vs. Professional vs. Cheap (+ effects) (Samples)
6:48 Laptop vs. Professional vs. Cheap (+ effects & Instruments) (Samples)
8:04 Dynamic vs. Condenser Microphone (Samples)

– We did this test with Dynamic Microphones. Other Microphones (e.g. Condenser) may need Phantom Power, which will be supported by interfaces, but not by a cheap USB-SoundCard-Stick or a plain Laptop. Though condenser Mics can work without Phantom Power, it always results in more noise.
– There are of course more advantages of an interface, than just an increase in quality (e.g. Phantom Power, multiple inputs/outpus, XLR inputs, …)
– If you sing quieter than we did in our tests, you will have to crank up the volume more, which means you also amplify the noise of the setup.

Interfaces used:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 2nd Generation
Audiobox 1818vsl

PCs used:
Desktop PC with MSI H67ma-e45
Acer Swift 1
Dell XPS L502x

USB Soundcard Stick:
NoName (but i’d expect it to perform similar to the “Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter”)

3x t.bone CD-65
1x Studio B1

Mad Caddies – Falling down

Singers Channel:

Applied effects:
All recordings (except where otherwise mentioned) are played back without any effects, but with normalized gain.
In the last recording (t.bone vs. Studio B1), we added an equalizer to the t.bone to try to better match the studios characterics, as we wanted to compare quality, not frequency response


YoutubeIsHere says:

So conclution: buy the cheapes sound card you can find

Rakesh B R says:

interface gives you punchy voice

Desi Pranksterz says:

great video

Gabriel Nardin Music says:

Thanks for making this video. At the time, I´m recording multiple stuff and instruments at home with a simple Onboard Desktop PC Card, and I still can´t convince myself that an external audio card makes a big difference in audio to justify the price they have, although that´s what I repeatedly got and heard on the internet, like if using an external audio card was a “must” to record enjoyable audio for music videos. And to be honest (knowing this may sound unpopular) after watching this video I still have my doubts as I don´t hear that noticeable differences between the different options in terms of audio quality, just a little bit less noise (“hiss”) on the higher shelf of the mix (which can be easily worked around with EQ)


best video

Daniels Ulmanis says:

She sings so good!!!!!

MobsterConvicted says:


Lalnuntluanga Chhakchhuak says:

how come. The audio interface doesn’t make any difference.

DF CG says:

i little mistake was she should have sung in front of each microphone, not just in front the middle one

dehoffe says:

Tolles Video. Danke.

Raphael Mella says:

Wow. This is a really comprehensive comparison of the differences in audio. Thanks for this!

Rass B says:

i like the way you explain the diff..but they were almost sounds they same,,the diff.of scarlett when it sounds it was just a minimal the others and a little bit high freq…but still I love the woman whom performed the comparison there..

KoKo NaNa says:

Dang! Super detailed video. @Quite a nice Channel May I ask what DAW and effects did you use to achieve that great effects on 5:45 ? Is it possible to achieve using Audacity? My niece loves to sing but I suck at music editing 🙁 I hope you can teach me. Thanks!

bobu32 says:

Very good comparison! You guys rock

Emrah Şahin says:

Hi, I’ve got a MSI GT75VR Titan Pro laptop which has 32 bitrate and 192khz sample rate. But I can’t love the sound quality with a guitar and Guitar Rig. Tried all kind of stuff with settings still not enough sustain etc. When I try FL ASIO in guitar rig It’s better than asio4all, better sustain and quality but i’m getting some lag and that disturbs me. Will a interface will be better?

War Dimension says:

I use onboard soundcard + guitar rig

Prithvi Raj says:

thanks bro

Avichay Avivi says:

Thank you! a lot of hard work you have done here.
It’s not so common to find such a great detailed comparison.

AloneBG says:

4:47 Laptop vs. Professional vs. Cheap (Samples)
*Well I don’t hear any difference between Professional and Cheap external soundcard. So Im gonna buy the cheap one and when I turn up my headset volume – I will NOT hear any static noise.* *Cool*

Rass B says:

hope you can make more views..pretty well done comparing gadgets..

Kornél Sáfrán says:

This is the first real microphone comparisons video. Thank’s body.

v3xman says:

This is a nice comparison You guys deserve more views.

Hyeok KIM says:

전원부 보강만 하면 되겠구만. 노이즈의 차이…

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