How To Choose The Best Audio Interface For Your Home Studio –

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Not sure what is the best audio interface for your home studio?

There are 3 main criteria I follow when picking an interface that best fits my needs and I walk you through them in this video. Plus I give you two important things to watch out for when choosing an audio interface for your recording projects.

No matter your budget, this video will help you find the perfect interface for you.


Mobile Music says:

What do you think about Apogee Quartet?

Vickrant Gagan says:

Hey brother I’m gonna make a home studio and I have bought steingberg ur44 and it’s has too many inputs and outputs.Now I’m thinking to sell this and buy a new one.I’ll it be good for me and is there any deference between medium range interfaces and cheep range interfaces.Pleas help.I’m very stressed.

Salah Free says:

I’m looking for interface to bay and I don’t know how to make destion to chose the right one for vocals?

Thomas says:

Thank you

Jeff Deutsch says:

I bought the focusrite dsp 24 awhile ago. If I buy a newer interface do you think I will get a better sound?

FlyingAce1016 says:

What would be something good/basic just to be able to have two outputs one for recording to pc and one to go to speakers, with midi in/out and usb in/ out?

Aurelian Ciobota says:

Hello Graham, nice vid..thanks. Already downloaded the PDF with the Gear Guide. What is your opinion regarding Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 if you don’t mind me asking. It is important to know your feedback.
Is it a good device on your opinion? This is in my price range and I am looking at either Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 MK2 or the Komplete Audio 6 (on Pro Tools First…for now and will upgrade to Pro Tools later on).

Vincent Gaglio says:

Awesome thank you

Ron Maison says:

Can you please compare Audient iD14 vs RME babyface pro vs Roland Super UA (In relation to clarity, latency, driver issues , overall build quality, quality of recording if we are using windows 10 64 bit pro.)

3rdCoast Etiz says:

Recording technology in digital music production is better than ever and more affordable yet mainstream music has never been worse…And all this cheap / accessible technology as well as the Internet has done this.

Tu Maldita Madre says:

Get an Apollo Twin Duo at the minimum. Thank me later.

Ant-Brad says:

Can I use this with iPad and auria AND can I use this for a two piece live gig using backing tracks

SRAVAN S says:

uhhh !
I think for beginners audio interface isnt so required !
Cuz most things have the USB connection !
Eg . most MIDI controllers are USB , even famous mics like Blue yeti

Johnathan Moore says:

hiw can you see what type of connection your laptop have i have a macbook air

thatstress1 says:


Jackson Gasho says:

what is the best interface for a shure sm7b??

Foot Lettuce says:

Godammit just say which ones you recommend. Im not downloading ur fucking PDF file thats why i clicked the video you fucker. Fucking shitstain talked for 10mins yet said nothing of value. fucking cocksucker

Sam Jonez says:

Thank you

Jim Bodden says:

Awesome video!
I’ve used a MBOX-2 with Pro tools for the past decade. Recently I have upgraded my OS to Windows 10 and it is no longer supported. Pro tools 11 still runs fine, I am thinking of upgrading to a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface. I did get your GearGuide download, thanks!

Anand J says:

really neat, wish i saw this in time lel

AURA says:

Don’t mean to be a Dick, but why are you using the most muddy studio monitors ever?

Infinite IPE says:

Great Video! Thanks 🙂

Nicholas Heidl says:

Speaking of drum mics, I would have thought there would be some cross over from each other. Even though drum mics are (or should be) directional, ambient noise from the cymbals or an acoustic guitar would be picked up by the bass drum. Has anyone done an experiment on this.

volvot5turbo says:

Steinberg UR22 mkii – woeful headphone level though. Nice pre’s. Looking to get a headphone amp or perhaps just upgrade the entire interface. I have an ISA One that has digital out so hoping to get an interface with digital in to go from ISA One to interface?

christian jacob leongson says:

What if someday you see yourself that you need to expandnto something like blackbirt studios.. or you might need to buy bop studios in africa

Jason Topping says:

This was very helpful thank you.

Slim Young says:

Very helpful, thank you dude.

Aldrich Christopher says:

do you know any interface that could cope with 2048 buffer rate with low latency?
i’m planning to buy one for my midi-live setup but i havent found any that meets my requirement. thanks a lot!

Greg Kedz says:

Dude I cant access, it says you dont have a secure connection because you dont have an RC4, whatever that is

Dados M The Real One's says:

So I’ve been using this Sony Acid Pro Software forever but the lower version. Now that I finally upgraded to a higher version & all of a sudden I am experiencing latency when I record my vocals. Make my stupid story short. If I purchase on of these gadgets would it help eliminate the latency issue? Some suggested to replace my soundcard. I only have the desktop stock soundcard. Thanks in advance.

Joe Junior says:

dude, you just saved my life. i had a cart full of crap online and almost bought it all, but you made me realize that i need to just use what i have and stop being a douche…

Shiggy Diggy says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing this information

FIFA 18 KING says:

hey found you nw I can sub lol great channel I’m so sad ive lost my Cubase softwear and nw ive got ableton which I hate lol any info on wht is best softwere to use I make beats azwell ive always had problems or felt I wish my vocals were 100 per cent and this channel should help me so thanks pls sub me and c were I’m going wrong lol can anyone hook me up with Cubase or reason il pay lolol ill help you 2 if I can thanks sub me up

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