Gaming USB Sound Card Hub- HIFI 3D Surround Sound w/ TWO HEADPHONE JACKS

Here is an awesome gaming USB sound card for your PC, laptop, Macbook, PS4, Xbox One, etc. This USB hub has 2x Headphone jacks, 2x usb port, and 1x mic port. This offers noise cancelling and HiFi 3D sound. And yes two people can listen to the same sounds at the same time using both of the headphone 3.5mm jacks. This is also a great workaround if your mic or headphones dont work on your computer. I hope you like this video please like, share, and sub. Thanks.

Beexcellent External USB Stereo Sound Card – Noise Cancelling Headset Adapter, Noise Reduction Braided Wire – For PC, Laptops, Tablets, PS4 & Xbox – Compatible with Windows, Vista & Mac IOS:


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Amin Amaev says:

waw that looks pretty sharp and awesome

Vishal Giri says:

amazing!! it’s like universal Headphone and cable hub and an Amplifier at the same time!!

Pecham Product says:

34% off discount for Beexcellent External USB 7.1 Stereo Sound Card!!!
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Reece Paine says:

I bought this for my xbox one and i pluged it in the light came on but when i pluged headphones in the sound still played from the TV and not the headset please can you help

Corbo The badass says:

I want one!

MANGROVES IV-Alonzo says:

I love that it has two additional usb ports I can plug my mouse while gaming nice device and has good quality of sound nice review ^^

Mario Barraza says:

So does this mean that I can separate my PS4 sound to multiple people?

R K M says:

I know it’s quite old video now, but still can u giveaway one to me? India

AfraSyaB says:

nice review

Bboy Jimby says:

does this work for ps4 for both chat and audio?

Nicholas Christoforou says:

how do you use this on the xbox, i tried, but i cant get it to work

Amin Amaev says:

awesome video bro


really sweet man your vids have great sound amazing picture aswell I live tech tv it’s the future literally…. an you are CRUSHING it!OLDSKOOL TV CLICK MY CHANNEL GUYS IM DOING TECH REVIEWS TOO!

Corbo The badass says:

Wens the next video

Tyler's World says:

pretty neat

RunBunnyRun! says:

That looks super cool! Do you know anything similar that does the same thing? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of something like that before. Keep it real!!!!!!!

Corbo The badass says:

I want one for my aunt

Joseph Tuckerman says:

That sound cardis definitely sexy

Trev says:

GG paying for subs dude

Jonathan Morales says:

Nice vid bro

jorjilo72 says:

ILuvTrading…Where do you always have these good ideas? And all the things you always worry about? Must be expensive to spend money for such things! Or are they sponsored? ✌ Peace… keep it up

Corbo The badass says:

How much money was that

Corbo The badass says:

You giving any away

Sofie Vandersmissen says:

Great gadget! Belgium!

Diana says:

Great gadget.

Corbo The badass says:

I want one

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