CronusMax Plus & Titan One | Kotion Each S2 Review | USB Hub and Soundcard

*Note: It states it works with XBOX ONE but some users have been experiencing issues. It May or May NOT work on your XBOX ONE! It may depend on the firmware and/or hardware you have!

*I take no responsibility if the device no longer works on a said console. There may be firmware updates that disable it. Buy at your own risk.*

Do you want to use wired headsets on the Xbox One or the PS4 while using the CronusMax Plus or the Titan One? This USB Sound Card / Hub might be the solution that you are searching for. Use wired headphones, headsets, and microphones on almost any console as well as PC and Mac. Works with almost anything!

Product Description from their website:
– It works on PS4 and Xbox One, PC, Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS 8.6
– 2 built in USB 2.0 ports – Allows for a headset, and a Titan One or CronusMax Plus device
– Also good on the PC and using 8bitdo controllers or retro-bit controllers
– Use as an extension cable for USB devices
– 3 different 3.5mm audio jacks
– Headset jack (Supports 3.5mm headsets)
– Headphones jack (Supports 3.5mm headphones)
– Microphone jack (Supports 3.5mm microphones)
– Strong and lengthy cable

What else can we find out about the device? Check it out with us!

Again, keep in mind firmware updates may interfere with certain consoles. Please do some research to the current situation!


Antwan says:

thanks soo much bruh i swear i jus bought it today and was kinda salty after like 6 yrs still no xbox one headset support you jus made my my night i went on amazon found one for 10 bucks with 2 day shipping amazon prime ill have it sunday!!!!

wickedlip says:

GREAT Video!!! Very clear and very descriptive. I sold my XIM4 and picked up a CronusMax to save some bucks and this will be EXACTLY what I need when I use the XBOX ONE. Thanks!!!

afihome 1 says:

U canny x can i join ur clan

Lindy Knight says:

Omg sweet now I don’t gotta buy a titan two yet haha! I use 360 controller on one.. will this still work wireless headset

Rusty Bullets says:

Does it work with Siberia Steelseries 800?

Humza Ahmad says:

I really want the titan 2. But I feel the xim is better for mouse and keyboard on console.
Because I feel the titan 2 will have input lag and be very hard to setup in certain games, such as rainbow six siege.
What do you think ICC

rami aysh says:

Hello Uncanny X-Clan I would like to use Logitech Extream 3D Pro as ps3 right analog for aiming in COD games and PS nav as left analog at the same time, can i do that with either CM or T1 ?

『痛』LRE says:

Thanks so much. I was seriously debating buying a separate controller or wireless headset just to chat or play with audio in privacy, you came just in time and saved me some money, can’t thank you enough. Loving this device so far. c:

Edit: Oh, I’m an Xbox user so the soundcard was of course a bust, wish they made a device like this which came with the Cronus, like in my opinion if they were to develop a device like this, they should make it optional, so if you’re like me, and aren’t using it for cross-platform use, you shouldn’t have to pay for a soundcard for a platform you won’t even use. I don’t know just an idea.

Samuel Mongrain says:

it dont work on my xbox, pelase help me

Uncanny X-Clan says:

*Note: It’s advertised as working with XBOX ONE but some users have been experiencing issues. It May or May NOT work on your XBOX ONE! It might depend on the firmware or hardware version you have! I take no responsibility if the device no longer works on a said console. Please do some current research. Buy at your own risk.*

Lakshay Singh says:

So I just have to plug in the headphone I got with my phone and it’s mic too will work , when playing with Titan one ?

Kiwi 21 says:

one question, could it work for the xbox 360? subscribe (:

Sergio Porras says:

does not work with xbox one, do not waste your money, i spend for a simple hub for my xbox one console

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