Creative Sound BlasterX G1 USB sound card review – By TotallydubbedHD

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Manjunath Sundaram says:

demo missing !!

Jorge Filipe says:

How this compare with Fiio products? Fiio k1, q1 or e10k? Thanks

warmaxxx says:

does this work with a V-MODA MIC?

totallydubbedHD says:

@MT: absolutely! They can go up to 300ohms – they powered my D2Ks with ease.

Boneknock Grit says:

is it still doing great with out driver ? i mean i can’t install its driver in ps4 or when i plug it in another pc that not my own pc right ? so is it sound is great in that condition ?

thanks in advance for answer.


does it work with hyperx stinger?

senwang1982 says:

Just wonder how this G1 compares with G5?

Donal sam says:

think this is prime to update ur overall quality… love your reviews tho … things like bad camera etc

Josh R. P. says:

I have a Sennhesier HD380 Pro, and am wanting to use it with my Macbook Pro Retina 2015, would this work? 😮

Trusteft says:

03:43 “extremely impressed by its awful sound quality”?
06:35 “awful sound” ?

Dimas Abiyoga says:

will it be support to all of the headphone/heeadsett ? if yes.. will it be make the headsett 7.1 sttraight away.. ? causee some of the sound card like clous 2’s one we need to press the 7.1 button…

Lifted Andreas says:

This or Omni Surround 5.1?

NhaSh Is Coming says:

it have 600 ohms ??

Sheqal Johan says:

got effect if i use at hammerhead v2???

DEANLuxray says:

I have Sennheiser HD 598, Modmic, and CSB G1. I also play CSGO.
which settings would you recommend?
which program should I use; Engine Pro or X-plus?
which SBX profile should I use; Default or CS;GO or Real Time Strategy?
which Headphone Config should I use; Headphone (Stereo)
Headphone (virtual 5.1) or Headphone (virtual 7.1)
And any other tips you can give would be nice

Th3_Notorious says: work with hyperx cloud 2 headset on ps4 please help me out.. as hyperx cloud 2 got 7.1 sound but working only on pc and I need it on ps4 love the headset but dunno if it will work with it

Rasmus says:

Can it be used with the JBL Xtreme?

jack black says:

Would you say this would sound better than my Sennheiser pc363d sound card

Mpamphs Kangourosaurous says:

can they give better performance on hi quality headphones ? compared with realtek on board ?

Tacanacy says:

Heard of a Y-splitter?!

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