Can an External USB Soundcard Compete? (Creative Omni Sound Blaster 5.1)

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Disclaimer: A Omni Soundcard was given to me for an honest review.


Wi1qi says:

very good review

VancouverSupercars says:

Hey lokey! I love ur vids bro, do u think u could shout me out in a vid I’m a big fan, thanks! Also check out my channel if ya want!

nickzabomb says:

You said in the video that your mic runs of optical… Was that a miss say? If not can you explain what equipment you are using with your mic to get an optical out from it?

MuchosGustersen says:

Will this work with a simple 2.1 speaker system? Or does it have to be a 5.1?

RainingJellyfish says:

This was really good info! The headphone jack on my laptop broke, so I looked on eBay for a sound card, and got one of those cheap overseas ones for $4. The quality was beyond terrible, so I needed to find a good one. And this seems really good! I work with music and audio, so quality is an important factor,

Ze slade says:

Hey, I’m pretty early.

dz2106 says:

Getting an external dac also rids of computer interference. Even with shielding any internal sound are is prone to interference. Also, you should check out open back headphones they’re awesome for gaming.

Ashman Malhotra says:

how is its quality for recording tuts as u r doing? i am looking at good and economical situation to equalizer the audio input for recording. pls suggest.

LTG says:

Alex I really need your help to find me a good PC for a good price can you please add me on Skype reply to this comment and I will tell you my Skype name please help me I’m begging someone

Just Me says:

thnx, anything you can tell about the latency when you’re using it for a DAW like Cubase or other DAWs?

Rondo Cat says:

This sound card is really strange, no way to adjust front / rear speaker or center volume and you can`t get surround sound in movies without connecting it to a external surround decoder (only surround sound in games).

I would not recommend this to anyone because of the lack of adjustment between rear, center, front speakers volume levels when you connect it directly to an amp. No possibility to watch movies in surround sound and the many strange automated things it does for no apparent logical reasons is mind boggling. Like if you do not lie and say you have a sub-woofer and center speaker you do not get proper sound in the rear channels even if you don`t have subwoofer or center speaker. It does very strange things to the sound if you try to listen to music in stereo with 4 speakers, at exacty 67% adjustment between surround/normal you hit a wall where there is no sound in front speakers and at 65% there is to much sound from front speakers. 66% there is a sort of close to balance but since there is no way to adjust front / rear volume on the speakers it is not in proper balance.

I miss my X-fi sound card that died, it had proper 4 channel sound that you was able to adjust any way you did like and you could get 4 channel sound in movies using software that someone else than Creative had made.

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