Best USB Sound Card? | Kotion Each 7.1 Card Review

KOTION EACH 7.1 Channel USB Sound Card Adapter

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jewtubeMessed UpMyName says:

not surround

Nacho Vidal says:

works on ps4 pro with every headset ? thanks

Arpan Mahapatra says:

Can this make any headphone compatible with surround sound ??

monticristonva says:

this card is not working for win 10 os system…any suggestions

madhu suthanan says:

Can we watch movies with surround sound with this? by connecting to android phone

TRFlareio says:

Can this get rid of static hissing sounds from my mi when I record

Ramchan shimrei says:

Can the surround sound be bypassed? I want the natural sound.
I just ordered 1 from amazon.

Nacho Vidal says:

i have a sennheiser pc 360

Idiotic says:

how does it work with microphone>>>

AuraWolfz says:

My mic has bad static, will this fix it?

khalid wasi says:

is that red gear keyboard in the video? if yes, can you do a review of it?

Disha Rajput says:

amazing video.❤❤

Suhaas Ramesh says:

Can it be used to record internal audio on Android?

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