Behringer USB Soundcard UCA202 – Review

Quick overview of the Behringer USB sound card UCA202

If you want to hear a sample of what recording with this unit sounds like, please check out this mix I did:

Vinyl Monkees Radio Guest Mix – Classic Hip Hop

Thanks again for stopping by!

Amazon UCA202:

FYI: My main studio sound card is the MOTU Audio Express

—- @djco1


Khin Rulida says:

can you record multiple instruments on different channels with this?please reply..thabk you

DOSinutil says:

Can you use this to output sound from the laptop going to a 5.1 home theater system using its optical connection? I’m watching movies on our hd tv through my laptop and an hdmi connection but I can’t find any other way to connect the sound to my home theater system. Will this be the solution?

Shekkyhendrix says:

Can you give me some info about the latency?

Craig & Frances says:

Hi there, thanks for the video. I have UCA202 too and want to record my serato SL2 mixes onto my Macbook Pro.. Just so that I’m clear, I connect my RCA’s from my mixer Booth Out to the Input on the UCA, then play in the USB and this will act as a line in to record..? One question, How do I still achieve sound via my amp as my booth out normally connects straight to my amp in…? Do I need to run a separate RCA from mixer Master Out to Amp in..?
Apologies for simple questions – I’m new to this

DJ Phil Gilmore says:

Would this work for live streaming through OBS …. I have video etc set up but want the sound from my Controller going into laptop for streaming , or would i need a Audio interface

Daniel Jeremy Sitompoel - says:

Hi…do u know how to connect condensor microphone to this sound card. I have bm800 which usually can go direct to my laptop. Thank u

PatrikStarFunk says:

Can I connect a cassette player? Thanks☺️

Hasnain Imtiaz says:

Hey.. can I use it for simple home recording purpose.. something like guitar and bass recording?

Redwan Irheem says:

Please can i link music in 01:15 minutes

ellisphere says:

hello djco ! i wanna learn how how to dj but i dont have money to buy a controller. can the uca 202 help me play sound from my laptop and monitor another deck with headphones ? if not what do you recommend ? thanks alot (i usually connect the heaphone jack to the amplifier which is connected to the woofers and that doesnt allow me to monitor headphones)

El Pintor de brocha gorda says:

What is the ouput from usb in the pc ? .wav ? I hope not .mp3 ? (I just buyed one for 22 euro new on ebay, i hope It ‘ll work on my old laptop and Audacity)

faszom says:

hey man, great video!!I have a question regarding this interface.
I have the exact one for a long time and it’s usually connected to my laptop and a couple of krk speakers just to listen to some music.

Not long ago I received a technics turntable and the issue I have is that, when I connect the turntable to it as well, I’m not able to control the volume.
It doesn’t work via the laptop or the interface, only from the back of the speakers..why??:)

Carson Juliot says:

Borderline noob here: On the amazon website it says that has digital mono output. Would that mean the same thing is coming out of both speakers? Say if in the DAW, certain things were panned or something like a ping-pong delay occurred. Would you be able to hear that?

cool4rocknroll says:

Is it possible? That thisparticular unit Behringer UFO202 U-PHONO Audio Turntable Interface work a basic regular record turntable with RCA Red & White Audio Cables by using with Audacity? Thanks.

Roby Askara says:

something that I want is you can compare the quality of uca202 and without it, you just record the audio waves both. so we can take a conclusion which better of them. thx

Wipeout2806 says:

Hi quick question. Can I connect two mics to it and then to my mac? Could you please help? I don’t want to purchase it without genuine advice. I’d like to connect two separate mics and than to my mac

Emirhan Timur says:

Can I connect my xlr microphone to this sound card with xlr to 3.5 mm jack converter?


You familiar with the mixars duo?

Jarrett Spinks says:

I see you’re using serato dj or scratch live. I wanted to know if you’re also able to record in scratch live or serato without going to audacity or other daws?

Alfred de Souza says:

Can i use it as my PC’s default soundcard or does it only work with selected softwares like ableton?

Lang Und Breit says:

Stupid advice at the start!!!
The phonejack is the weakpoint of the device!
There several mods for the phonejack out there.

Mc wolfus says:

I got one and its great.

MrVodKanocker says:

How to connect 5.1 surround speakers to this sound card?

wtf66611 says:

Can this be used as a pre-amp for vinyl transfers ?

John Morley says:

Thank you very much for the titurial

jayfusion555 says:

Big Thanks!!!!

Atiqure ali borah says:

Good video thumbs up.. and also have you tried it setting up on traktor for headphone previewing and main outs


Sorry, but what kind of cable do I need to connect my jbl lsr 305s like you did for your Krk rokit 5s?


nice tutorial!!!

אביב נוף says:

Hi, thanks for the great review. do you know what is the max smaple rate of this card and the bit rate? and where is the Behringer UCA202 is made?

Carson Juliot says:

Very good video btw.

D.J.Johnny Tapia says:

So basically this is a better “sounding” solution than using the RCA to Mini Jack into your macbook pro? Also I allready have a Scarlet focus rite 2I2, and have been trying to use it to record my going RCA from Mixer to quarter inch jack adapter into Focusrite single quart inch jack, hoping it would work..but I only get one channel in is becaue these units are basically made for Mics and insruments? Nice Video thanks in advance!

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