ASUS Xonar U7 USB Sound Card Overview

The ASUS Xonar U7 USB sound card is an incredibly versatile solution packed into one small, easily operated package. Needing only a USB connection for data and power, the Xonar U7 can deliver 2/4/5.1/7.1 analog output along with a built in headphone amp.

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The Xonar U7 boasts some incredibly gaudy specs, with 114 dB S/N, 10Hz-46kHz frequency response (-3 dB) and less than 0.0006% THD in an audio section that produces outstanding sound quality with resolution up to 192kHz/24-bit. The Xonar audio suite allows for incredible tweaking to fit your setup through an easy to use, yet powerful interface. Dolby Home Theater v4 allows for perfect surround in any environment, with user programmable presets for any situation. The small shell of the Xonar U7 features a gamer friendly design, with mic and volume controls easily adjustable without the need to look at the unit. Since only a USB connection is required, the Xonar U7 can be taken anywhere.

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Dane Cook2 says:

Don’t buy this product for listening to music from speakers. It works slightly worse than my on board Realtek AL892.
BTW, I have a Asus p9x79 motherboard.
I’ve tried all the settings and stuff. But was not able to produce the same quality of sound on my Edifier r2800 speakers. Sound is really flat, even with equalizers, etc.
But the drivers on windows 10 worked flawlessly good. I don’t understand why everyone was bitching about drivers being faulty on windows 10 anniversary edition.

Jonathan Ang says:

I just got this but before I open the box, I did a quick google and someone said 2.1 is not supported? I currently have a 2.0 (JBL LSR305s) and may add a subwoofer eventually, so.. Yeah, I should have checked before buying but I was in a rush

TOP10 says:

will this work with ps4 pro?

Brother Bear says:

Does it work on laptop?

GamingRealmNL gaming en meer says:

so im using the dolby software that comes with the driver, but when i use it i can only hear one sound source someone get this?

Grammy .V says:

Can I use this kind of usb soun card like an output sound for my tv, because my sound of tv isn’t working..
Please can somebody help me ??!

Fayaz Rahman Ador says:

does it work with windows 10

Jeff is My name says:

will this work with Windows 10?

nyllie says:

jeez the second part of this vid is not watchable at all.. get a better mic maybe? like.. it really hurts to listen to some shit quality like this.

TheLordstrider says:

no Dolby Headphone Tech :S ?

BalticMotorSport says:

So my Sony Xperia Z2 USB will have enough power for this sound card? Just asking..

Rounak Dutta says:

Thanks for the review very informative.

leoz92 says:

Does it work on PS4?

Gabriel says:

much echo

Montaser Sweiti says:

Fascinating review, keep up brother

Jay Capo says:

Is this compatible with My Astro a50 wireless headset and my MSI GE70 2Pe APache Pro laptop?

rayku22 says:

does this works fine with razer tiamat 7.1? i heard it does and the equalizers on it does the job well also

ilhan özdemir says:

ASUS Xonar U7 USB Sound Card Overview

Alex J says:

Does this works fine with Sennheiser G4me Zero ( Headset ) ?

Audun Jemtland says:

I already have a soundcard(vut no 7.1) How can I get surround with headphones without buying an additional soundcard? And what is it inside the card that makes it 7.1?

Mike Cortina says:

< Just what I nEEd. Getting it right away ! Thanks !

Abhishek Deb says:

Razer Tiamat 7.1 + U7 = will it be super fucking kick ass droping elbow on the nuts awesome ? 

or go with PCI-e card

Akshay Dev says:

to which slot should we connect the woofer to ?

Влаимир Ганчев says:

Is it good for headphones only or i can buy the U3 version. I want to get that virtual surround sound for headphones . And i have sennheiser hd558 with Frequency response 15 – 28000 Hz

Cream Cream Guy says:

ironic how you’re reviewing an audio product and ur VO recording is shit. lololololol

Ezraen says:

USB 1.0? Is this 1999?

TheGameMakerGuide says:

You did not test the mic input! WHY?

Seazcv says:

I have hissing noise with my onboard at high volumes. Will u7 eliminate it ?

Lolda - Just simple says:

I got jbl spot 2.1 pc speakers and Senheizer game zero, will these work with Asus Xonar U7?

mestido says:

Can I use it with out installing any drivers/software? Just plug and use like regular audio DAC, please respond, that’s pretty important.

Viorel says:

*Can someone pls tell me whats the difference btw ASUS Xonar U7 and ASUS Xonar U7 Echelon Edition ? I am interested to buy one but dont know wich one.Thanks*

Yozcjan says:

does the surround work if i use the optical out?

Temetski says:

So anyone have any experience with this card, and Sennheiser Game Zero- headset (150 Ohm)? And how does this card perform with that headset?

Flecha57 says:

How do I hook this thing to my PC???  Can someone explain?

zacron1x says:

i have 2.1 speaker.. so i need to buy RCA to 3.5mm cable to use it?

Soshi METAL says:

I bought an ASUS Xonar U7 but ended up replacing it with internal sound card, an ASUS Xonar Essence STX and I’m so glad I did. The Audio was impressive on the U7 when I enabled Dolby Live but I found that there were issues with the drivers for the external card. When ever I changed Audio settings while playing a YouTube video the video would stop and then I would have to reload the video to get sound back it would also happen when I was playing a YouTube video while searching through twitter, the YouTube video would just stop… In the end I felt that the U7 wasn’t compatible with my PC and speakers, Dolby Live enhanced the sound but I kept having to change the preset setting to get the best sound for each type of audio/video I played. The U7 was a step up from the onboard audio…

But the STX was a step up from the U7, the sound was impressive and perfect without the need for any kind tweaking and using any kind of Dolby enhancement was totally unnecessary. And there were no issues with the drives, YouTube videos would keep playing no mater if I changed any audio settings or had more than one audio source playing at the time.

I’m guessing the problem with the U7 could have been resolved and was more than likely due to a conflict between the onboard audio and the U7, maybe if I had disabled the onboard audio in the Bios instead of in the Device Manager it would have fixed the problem, though this didn’t stop STX from working perfectly, I also had an issue with AC3 audio on the U7 when selecting 7.1 output, which would sometimes just become white noise. I read a couple of comments that said they just got audio out of their two main speakers and a separate subwoofer when selecting 7.1, which was what I was actually trying to achieve and why I originally bought the U7, I couldn’t get that to work and because of that and the other issues I ended up buying the STX which is designed for a 2.0 system and I ended up using a splitter cable to attach the separate subwoofer, or at least I will once it arrives.

I think the U7 is designed for Laptops and for those that want 5.1 or 7.1, it improved the sound for my Creative T20 speakers, but not as much as the STX which knocked it out of the park. And for those that think that the STX is only for high end studio monitors I would say absolutely not. The Creative T20 are a long way from being studio monitors but the improvement in sound quality that the STX gave them was massive and very noticeable.

StarTrek123456 says:

Only for 150 ohm headphones? So i can’t use it for my DT 990 pro 250 ohm? Why did they include the amp, when it doesn’t have enough power?

Tharkz says:

Speakers can be another sound card or integrated monitor speakers via HDMI/DP if you’d want to use the U7 only for headphones. This freaked me out since I thought my Sub had died until I noticed that no sound was coming from my speakers either… it was my X34 predator’s integrated speakers via DP in stead.

What you do is Switch to speaker on the U7 then choose another output as default in Sound -> Playback tab. Hitting the knob on the U7 will in effect function as a soft switch between itself and another sound output.

Since I’ve never experienced this before, I might add: U7 can function as described above @ Win 10 TP Build 14915

Kerry Jelicich says:

hi, thanks for the review. I have one of these and want to connect to a Logitech z5500. If i put a coax cable into the SPDIF (and then the LOGI) and change the SPDIF settings in the software to Dolby Digital is there anything else i need to do from the Xonar end?

Fiddle F says:

Thank god I came across this video. I was originally going to get the ASUS Xonar U7 USB Sound Card but I couldn’t find any damn pictures for the back so I couldn’t tell if it was true 7.1. Thank you so much for uploading this video. I am definitely going to be getting this now. As I am going to be buying a Razer Taitam analog 7.1 gaming headset so I need 4 audio jacks.
Also, the echo setting is somewhat distracting and I can’t help but focus on it. Just some friendly criticism. Regardless, good work.

Dumb Comment says:

how much louder is the AMP than the default PC volume :/

azirulbahrom says:

no driver update for windows 10… T_T

Doctor Who? says:

Is there an external audio card that fits in a “51/4” bay, with standard pre-amp controls and vu meter?

David Bantle says:

Hello is the input 2 channels?

ilhan özdemir says:

Bu web sayfası kullanılamıyor

Mike Cortina says:

< Hi, I´m a wedding/coorporate Musician. My back up is Band-in-a-Box. Will this work to improve my tracks sound ? Thanks !

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