Asus Xonar U7 Review and Thoughts on USB DACs

After changing PC cases, I had problems with audio. In this video I check out the Asus Xonar U7 USB DAC will it fix all my problems?
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mili12367 says:

Can I connect laptop to Logitech Z906 with optical cables to get good 5.1 output?
Can the software controls individual speakers?
Is this U7 sounds better than ASUS xonar DG internal sound card?

LilMarkee Macaraeg says:

can i use this on laptop?


What an idiot.

Tomiply says:

Correction: a lot of motherboards have adequate on-board audio. For instance, my HD 558’s audio sound so low on my MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard, but they’re only 50 Ohm headphones, but I still need an amp. That’s why I’m getting this. The only time when you don’t need an amp is when you have headphones with 40 Ohm or less. Or, you know, if you don’t like high quality audio that you can turn up as much as you want.

Viorel says:

*Can someone pls tell me whats the difference btw ASUS Xonar U7 and ASUS Xonar U7 Echelon Edition ? I am interested to buy one but dont know wich one.Thanks*

Exidrial says:

I’m on an Asus Maximus VII Hero and that things sound chip is garbage.At least for input.So much noise, horrible.
You’d think that a 200€ motherboard would come with decent onboard sound.

Blackyples says:

My problem is it doesn’t have USB connection. :c (Kraken 7.1)

AndroidGameplays4Every1 says:

Great hardware, bad software (drivers).

Matthew Tangonan says:

I’ll save you the trouble – I purchased a U7 almost 2 years ago and it’s worked fine. However a few months after upgrading to W10 the device has conked out and I get a flashing light error and the sound card isn’t recognized. I looked up fixes on Youtube and found that plugging it into a usb charging wall socket for 30 minutes is a temporary fix but the problem soon returns.

After forum surfing a whole lot of U7 users have had the same time. It’s almost like there’s a planned life span for the device in the form of a battery and after it depletes it will die. ASUS has a sub-par RMA service to pair with it. Look elsewhere for your sound card needs, because the only place this flaming piece of shit belongs in is the bin.

James Beveridge says:

will this give a condenser mic power ?

Robert Hjalmarsen says:

Thanks for this review. Sound is an individual experience though, and after tweaking the dolby EQ I find this card + software to be spot on for me. They also power my headphones a lot better than my motherboard. I do however wish it had its own power supply, and that it was able to pack a bigger punch. But I think it’s a good value either way.

Morciano Djaja says:

hello thanks for the review. i wanted to ask something, i have edifier C3, that use 3.5mm jack to RCA, can i use it with asus xonar U7? because i didnt see that green hole(where the 3.5mm jack usually plug)

NightWatchMan 85 says:

Does exist a real good usb sound card? if yes,which ?

Game Slime says:

Wow! Did your cat die or something? Are you against good things in life? I won’t talk about this card in particular but whatever. LOL

Simon Carstensen says:

“I dont believe in the whole USB DAC…” Stopped watching after that carcrash!

Stealhelm says:

I am going to be completely honest with you all. This is the worst product I’ve ever purchased. I’ve had nothing but constant problems with it ever since I bought it; and even though in the beginning I accepted the driver issues because of W10 being a in its infancy. But as time moved along, I kept wondering when the actually fully working drivers would come. Well they never did. Instead you’re left with a soundcard that might fix your sound issues, but you’ll be more than annoyed as it constantly keeps returning to a stutter state at *random* (or so it seems to me).

To be more exact, whenever I launch a game, or a program for that matter, it can just randomly start creating stuttering noises and strait-out halven my framerate. This has been an reoccurring frustration for me, and so far nothing has fixed it. Not to mention it doesn’t support neither Steam nor Origin; so forget about talking over voice-com (voice communication) in any game running of these two platforms.

Is it worth the 900 sek (swedish crowns; estimated, $110 usd) I payed to get it. No: not at all.

TailorDev says:

Hey Unicorn Review. I know this is a kinda old video, but i have a question. I half-broke my Audio Input on my computer not long ago, and im having some trouble with the audio not always working and its really driving me crazy. Do you think this is a valid fix? Since i have a few USB connections that arent being used and i really dont feel like going out and buying a new case, just to get my audio back.

Night Catcher says:

“Onboard chips are really good”..

Than you never hear an really really good external Soundcard or DAC..

The onboard sound is crap.

Dunberla says:

would this or the creative soundblaster x-fi HD be better?

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