ASUS Xonar U3 USB Headphone Amp & Sound Card Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

USB sound cards exist to fill the gap between horrible onboard notebook sound cards and higher quality solutions that come on PCI cards that are only really possible on the desktop.

The U3 from ASUS attempts to one-up the other USB cards on the market by adding a powered headphone amp to go along with the higher quality audio output.


Sonu03785 says:

is this plug & play in windows 8.1 or drivers are essential?

El Pekeno Del Sabor. says:

Can i use this as a replacement if im having trouble with my laptop’s headphone jack? Will i hear a difference? @linustechtips

Nikola Jovanovic says:

He said that its not reccomended for desktop pc’s, but i want to get usb sound card like this, ’cause i have built-in realtek hd audio manager, in order to enhance sound quality. Should i still go for it? IMO i think i should, just interested in your opinions

CanadianLoki76 says:

This USB sound card is miles better than Desktop on-board sound cards as well. Not just notebooks.
The thing is for a desktop it is possible to use a sound card on the PCI/PCI-e slots all the way up to really expensive ones.
Notebooks can’t install these cards.
STILL, this one is better than any on board, cause it had a dedicated headphone amp, it all full feature, dolby headphone and Dolby digital LIVE which most on board doesn’t have.
This is basically comparable to the Asus Xonar DG card.

Snappa says:

the headphones amp is not really pawerfoul, just 32hom and 1,1 v/rms! usually is 600hom (hig impidence) an 2 to 7 v/rms

vaibzzz123 says:

how does it sound with a Senn HD 598? Can it get powered and have the benefit of amplification and Dolby technologies?

Inceptual Games says:

Quick question, I’m looking to buy one of these but I’m wondering if the SPDIF output supports proper surround sound. Like will my games and surround movies work in true 5.1 channel over SPDIF or only virtual?

Andrew davi says:

my pc sound is fine,listening to music is fine with headset but would this be ok to chat to people with? as my audio chat dosent seem to work on my pc with my 3.5 connector

xiss coo says:

in this device will it disable the on board audio on laptop? in my case i have an no audio installed issue on my laptop i bought this to resolve the issue coz i have a faulty chipset will it work? even if my laptop detects no audio device will this device serves as my audio device?

Bailey Strum says:

I love this guys review so well prepared and thorough. Helps me make inciteful purchases while he throws in his witty humor along with it! Good work my man

christpunchers says:

A headphone amp… for gaming headsets. Come on, that’s ridiculous. Most gaming headsets come with their own usb cards anyways.

FullmoonGarou says:

hi , hope somebody can help me, ive bought a air of AKG Y50 but with my pc lenovo X220 or my MBA 13 the sound is very weak very low even the volume to the max, im thinking of buying some thing to have a better sound and im not sure of buying an external sound card (XONAR U3) or a DAC( AUDIOQUEST) or a headphone amp like a FiiO, any advice thx a lot

acemace says:

So when I am playing games on my laptop the audio is really messed up like the sounds are late and some dont even pop up so will this fix it? or what will someone recommend what will fix it

BlackVirtue says:

Why not recommended for desktops?

Gunit Gunit says:

can I use it for 2 speaker ?

Tiziano Erlichman says:

@ankanbads greatteeeeeeee! hahahahaha

Yatsu says:

Great review! I have one question tho – have you tried powering up a 150Ohm headset like the Sennheiser PC350? I’m also interested in mic sound quality change compared to laptop onboard mic-in, which in my case is total BS. Thanks in advance and keep up the good job!

zer0sniper16 says:

is this better than a sabertooth z77 onboard sound

Crazymajkys says:

2:44 Thumb Up if you from Czech Republic 😀

Kyle Kraatz says:

@cammy1568 Do you have high impedance headphones? If not, it would be pointless.

budyxfresita says:

what a shame not to know English (use google translator). information always have what I want and it shows that you are presenting or making very good analysis of the penalty productos.que not know English.

kinkyNerdTv says:

Hi, wich usb soundcard in better? this one or creative soundblaster usb x fi go pro?? and what are the differences between them???

Dean Schreiber says:

If my laptop (Asus G72GX) has Realtek HD with EAX Advanced HD 4.0, how will this compare? My laptop’s onboard audio is decent, but not as bad as some.

Masticina Akicta says:

Bought this one to replace a not as thight fitting 3.5 jack on my laptop. En must say it sounds good, pretty powerful boost to compared to the mobo sound card. That one had to driven close to 90% to get some decent output. But yeah this one is fine at 15%

Sound quality? A bit better yes..

Being not much a gamer I don’t really do much with game audio. So far I found it to be a cheap soundcard with better sound quality and better able to run my headset. What more do you want for the price you pay for it right!

Is it good for gamers? I dunno I leave that up for the gamers to decide

ramanjot singh says:

will they provide Dolby on ps4?

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