Are Sound Cards Still Relevant? Sound BlasterX AE-5

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The humble sound card was once the king of PC multimedia… Can Creative take back the crown from “good enough” onboard audio?

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Techkey1 says:

Still rockin my Sound Blaster Titanium Fatality Pro. Lovin it!

LuisXGP says:

Ahm, you forgot that soundcards has system EQ and dacs doesn’t. It’s a very important function because every headphone requires specific EQ to function properly or just because fun.

Fucked Gplus says:


Scott N says:

The girl in the video wearing the headphone backwards (or the pads are on wrong). The thick part of angled ear pads are supposed to go behind your ear, not in front.

A Well Dressed Male Papaya says:

XXL Peepee

Hyptic says:

Hey if you check out the 2 vids on my channel, I have an audio error. My specs are a Ryzen 3 1200, RX 570, 8gb ram. Do I need a sound card or like what is the error? If I do need a sound card, what is the best budget friendly sound card I can get? Thanks

Chad Johnson says:

Who the hell is going to pay $150 for a light and some audio jacks

Brooklyn TheFurry says:

can’t wait to get that sound card for my new pc build

ben russ says:

but what is the price comparison linus? now i have to go look it up on my own

denrizza says:

I miss the days of the AWE-32 and Live! series cards. Their high end ones were oriented to music writers.

Chris Barrick says:

ITT: Holy Schiit

Ed Bordin says:

No mention of input capabilities. I don’t doubt it’s a mediocre product for music production as well as pro audio, but this may be part of the market they are targeting. Although those LEDs do scream GAMING…

Gregory Doan says:

But will the external do surround sound well than what good is it anyway, way over price to.

endrizo says:

32 bits, 384 khz. 122 db snr…top that realtek onboard audio….cant decide on this one or a focusrite solo usb external interface.

William Harris says:

Toss that Schiit sound card…oh I mean Creative Labs sound card.

KDingo81 says:

Using creative soundcards since i can remember having my first pc. That was somewhere in 91. Here and there i tested onboard sounds… but holy shit those sounds so dull and empty. For monthes now on a x-fi titantium pci-e. had the pci first but ran out of space for pci slots so i had to go for the pcie.

BradBadgerTamer says:

Wait what about tge creative zxr its sound card and amp dac

DerGeistDerLampe says:

So it is this worth it compared to onboard sound? I always valued the X Fi’s surround simulation.

Khan Khaar says:

Short answer : Go for the AE-5 if you need it for gaming on a PC. If however you use headphones/speakers on other things take something external.

Ryan Trials says:

LMAO a company actually called their brand schiit, I can’t take it seriously when he says “the edge especially in quieter passages goes to schiit” LOL

Outer Zevin says:

Honest question.
I need an extra mic input, can Schitt do that?

Marshall Walden says:

What about wireless headsets like the G930? Would the have any kind of effect on that?

Daytona Sixty-Eight says:

Improvements to motherboard, CPU, and even GPU technology have made sound cards irrelevant today. Don’t waste your money, you probably can’t hear the difference anyway and if you do it’s likely placebo. Money would be better spent on good speakers or headset.

Pradatoru says:

So useless got it

XxXCreAmyMEMESXxX . . says:


Well Then…

endrizo says:

why you say they are back? they were never gone.

doanster says:

Thanks for the review! How well does this work with legacy games that use DirectSound and EAX?

Kim Jong Un says:

that fucking intro title is fucking smart! give the editor a raise linus!

MetalReligion666 says:

Am I the only one using the 600 euro Roland octa capture?

NotWatching666999 says:

Yeah, but how do we get it to pass the audio via the HDMI plug on the video card? I go HDMI to my receiver.

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