AntLion ModMic 5 & USB Adapter Review

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Clarification: I’m an idiot. I repeatedly said Cardioid Pattern, when thats only a descriptor of the Unidirectional Pattern. I meant to say Polar Pattern, but didn’t catch that till after uploading to youtube.

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Maxwell Edison says:

Guessing you ain’t got an asus mobo, ey? I can’t hear the SHASHFASHFGSAFHGASHFASG static noise my mobo gives me. I’m trying to buy a sabrent card now to fix it.

Leo Virolainen says:

Really high quality video, I’m impressed! Where are the views!? 😀
Btw thank you so much for the video on fixing modmic 4, USB adapter arrived last week and the audio quality rocks!

Invitix says:

dude why does the modmic 4 with the sabrent card in your old video sound SO much better then this mic does in these tests in this video??? in all tests in this video except the one with the roland recorder I can hear background noise but in your other video the 4.0 sounds like gold after you put it into the sabrent card. I don’t get it…… what version of the 4.0 did you have? The audio in your old video sounds PERFECT, compared to this new version. what were your settings with the 4.0? I got my hands on the exact same sabrent card you had in that old video so now Im just trying to get that exact same sound you had. Im shocked because both USB cards in this video have background noise where back in the 4.0 video it had NONE what-so-ever….. I’m so lost, I have background noise to deal with (loud PC/square room) but I really liked the sound from the old video. I just don’t know what to do…. these mics seem to sound different in every single video I watch. Even with people using the same USB card as you it still sounds different

PROTOMAN247 says:

Probably best modmic review on YouTube

Suisiders says:

Do these cheap $8 sound adapters really make a difference? Just seems to cheap to actually be better than onboard. Watching on my phone which has shit speakers so I couldn’t judge the difference in the video.

Jake Smith says:

Thinking of buying a some headphones for gaming! Obviously, I’ll need a mic too. So looks like Modmic will be a must. What’s your opinion on the Antlion Audio USB Adapter? It seemed a bit hard to tell between just a mobo plugin or the adapter. What do you think?

newbornkilik says:

So even when I am using the USB adapter, I still get a lot of the hiss… ideas? I’m at a loss.

TheDonkeyFLOPPER says:

thanks brother. your video helped me take the plunge and now i splurged on this with the hd 650 and a decent dac amp.
im poor now

Freakk47 says:

so, what the cheaper Sabrent is better audio quality than the modmics own adapter?

Blue Digit says:

would you start with the mod 4 or 5 if your tight on cash


so mine has this like crinkling sound like when im near the end of what im saying… i have the antlion adapter plugged into my pc.. Please let me know what I can do….

Biffy says:

fantastic review, its baffling that almost no other tests of microphones even mention how important it is to have a USB adapter for normal PCs.

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