5.1 usb sound card unboxing & review

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plantronics headset review=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1KuW9ZRY8Y
Connect USB headset to PS3=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9bAR-dW-qE
5.1 USB sound card=http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-to-5-1-ch-3D-SOUND-CARD-AUDIO-ADAPTER-3-5mm-HEADSET-/140968399724?pt=UK_Computing_ComputerComponents_SoundCards&hash=item20d25f136c

Intro music by Animoto
Outro music by Tim Cook Summer of 97


Samiul Suhel says:

how could i use this on my ps3? just plug it in?? 

linkup99wa says:

I’m really in need of some answers and help. How Exactly does this USB sound card show up on your computer in Device Manager? Once connected, can you select it as default sound output? The big question, can you output one source of audio (like mp3 player) through the internal / integrated sound card and another (like game audio) through USB soundcard using software like Virtual Audio Cable? Please google it and test if this is Possible. I really need this info for on audio project I’m attempting.

Dimitar Totev says:

Does this work with windows 8?

Carlos Guerrero says:

How can I set this up on my PS3

Hosam Omar says:

its contain echo option in mic?

ItzTrick says:

Any idea if it works on Chromebooks/Chrome OS?

Jamessawyer010 says:

Would it work with my surround system? Basically I only got one 3.5mm audio jack which is for the headphones, there is no mic.

KarizzmaNeverDies says:

dose it come with a stereo option? my headphone port for my computer broke broke and im not a gamer but id like to watch my videos on youtube in private. please help

DarkFire7768 says:

My Hedseats are usb how do i pulg it ?

PhilBo says:

haha this usb soundcard sounds like shit. I have 3 of them… You may had luck with yours because you have good capacitors but in 80 % of the cases your device has no capacitor

Dasla5 says:

i must be stupid, i bought one to use my earphones for it so i can listen to stuff without normal computer speakers, are they used for something else??. And I’m having real problems finding the software to work this device if it is used as a headphone jack

Ozair Afzal Malik says:

Can i put video songs in it and listen to them plugging the earpuds ?

MohammedSeed says:

hey ^_^ bro
I was wondering did this little thing make sound much better, my front panel sound not works at all?

Younes Berrada says:

thanks for this video , thx for the informations

Whos Reaction Kaito says:

Can any soundcard good for gaming like voice testing to talk to another people?

da man says:

I didn’t know sound can come from a USB? I thought USB plug was just for electrical power?

ZeroBoy says:

Great video! I’ve been looking for review on these cheap usb sound card.

Will this work in a Raspberry Pi?

Frame by Frame animation says:

Slight problem, when  I remove the device from my usb port, the sound doesn’t play from the internal speakers in my laptop unless I uninstall the driver and restart the laptop. Any solution to this?

Tekno77 says:

Is there a version which isn’t USB but Audio out

victor larraondo says:

i don’t know why they give that name to that product it is just an external audio card it wont convert the sound to 5.1 surround sound it just have 1 audio channel

Erik Engblom says:

Can you do this on an Xbox 360?

Noob Destroyer says:

Can you hear the game play with this because my sound on my ps3 don’t work at all a surge of electricity went through my ps3 and destroyed my sound I had a bad surge protector

Davy A says:

Thanks, great review! Helped me. you have a new sub!

Faizal Readyanto says:

i have a problem, how to fix latency,if i use usb soundcard 7.1 channel?

Psikosayko Kanal says:

oh nigga

deli basist says:

i have logitech 5.1 sound system and i am using laptop for projector if i use this usb it will change quality i mean all speakers do their jobs?

besmirch100 says:

where is review?

Lincoln420 says:

Does this work on windows 10?

el aficionado says:

As a speaker and mic is OK
But, how do I get the software to set in 5.1?

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