3D Sound Card USB Review and Tests – Infinite Loop

USB ‘3D’ sound card review with tests and demonstrations – Infinite Loop
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Music is Crashed by Stereofloat


MrNiceGuy423711 says:

great video, you need way more subs than what you got, you should have at least 100k

crazyTH says:

Hey! i’m thailand XD

Dude Films says:

it can play barely any bass

Steelers455 says:

I just ordered 8 of them because why not

Roche Jeshemare says:

hi how can i install it on my laptop?

Fewf Fsfvs says:

thanks for the info!

Nicknickrabbit says:

I have a problem with mine. It has this horrible constant beeping in the background with mechanical sounds.Its light i also flashing instead of just glowing. It is the grey version of it if that changes something.

ThePandaDoesMc_FTW FTW says:

U talk to much

PageUp says:

is that card overheating when you use it all day long?
Do you recommend other sound card or this is the best price/value choice?
Great video by the way 🙂

ScruffyWalk3R says:

wow thats a big difference

Sageta89 says:

Great vid I used this also to plug my gaming headset to ps4 works great!

rizzee rizz says:

where can i get drivers for this usb sound card..my win 10 pc did not detect it


Compatible with Windows 10?

ClintfromNYtoVA says:

Do they make these in bluetooth compatible forms at all?

AD crazy says:

i have the same one dont work on my pc win 10 can you help me

Muhammad Haris Firdaus says:

windows 64 bit work?

Erdem Erkengez says:

thank you so much

Ash Sawhney says:

keep it up ……I am going to buy it too ….I just wanted to ask if you need additional drivers or something?…thanks

Lucy G&V says:

can you use both the headphone and mic slot at the same time?

Дед Харон says:

it seems that 1:30 noise reduction is ON, cuz i cant hear any background noises there but quality of the voice is not too good. And at 1:37 noise reduction is OFF, and because of that, your voice sounds clear. But i can here background noises anyway.

terry hillman says:

Will that replace a current sound card that has blown pls? Terry a1couriertransport@gmail.com

Harsh Aggarwal says:

will it work in ps3 supr slim…. i want to connect skull candy’s crusher’s will it help..??

Thomas Zainea says:

I use a nice USB Mic for producing voiceover work, but it does not have a built in headphone jack for latency-free monitoring. Will this device cure that problem?

terry hillman says:

Ignore Panda, keep talking lol.

Ritikesh Singh Paurus says:

can we use mic and headphones simultaneously for recording on backing track ? thnx.

Joris Boers says:

Nice video, but next time when you compare audio you shouldn’t put music between the 2 fragments of audio. because then you can’t really judge if it does improve. Still I am amazed of how much the microphone quality increased. Keep those videos coming 😀

Tonkis says:

Holy crap that’s a huge difference! I’m having noise problems on my computers so I ordered 5 different types of USB soundcards and hopefully one will do the job!

terry hillman says:

Well that would be fine if automatic. How do I find that out then pls?.

terry hillman says:

Ps: I read somewhere I need to purchase software to install on my Pc to be able to use this SoundCard memory stick. True/False pls.

liamisamonster says:

Thanks, i might pick up one today…

ellihu says:

is that soundcard compatible with windows 8.1?

koda7 says:

Does this work for xbox? please reply asap

Furkan Can Güney says:

Bi bok anlamadım

terry hillman says:

That is magic if in fact true wow. It is so refreshing to see a YouTube poster that replies to its commenters. Many thanks & I am going to subscribe, this I have never done on youtube before.

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