Zsun mini wifi Flash Drive and Card Reader Review (16GB to 256GB)

This is my review of the Zsun wireless Flash Drive/card reader

Broadcasts its very own Wifi signal for up to 8 devices to connect to

Upload, Download and stream all kinds of media

**** For anyone having the language issues, one of the commenters below (Rubem Costa) found a different app which is identical to the Zsun app but without the Chinese language issue.
App name: Tikteck card reader


Francis Jacob Christian says:

How the hell do you upload to this thing though? I mean directly from the phone? My app doesn’t have transfer on it!

Baki Kavurka says:

device if you help me with this I get an error to open the session I connect my phone after I got skin gearbest jack USB device has reached my hand today, thank you very much I appreciate

Rick Ramo says:

Thanks, I was contemplating how to smash as much info as possible into a 5 minute clip.  I just got one of the newer units from China.  Not many changes, it will swallow a 2T card now.  Qualcomm chipset802.11n.  No clue what chipset?  Not willing at this time to bash it open to see what is in it. Field test with Samsung SGH-i727 galaxy s2, old stuff with android 4.1.2 ATTOEM (rooted).

falkens08 says:

May i ask you under which iOS you did this Test? I alwais get an App-Connection-refused error.

Sunyard International Trade Co., Ltd. says:

Thanks for showing our product,this is  Zsun mini wifi Flash Drive and Card Reader aliexpress store,if you like it,contact me http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Zsun-Portable-Wifi-Portable-Tf-Card-Reader-for-Iphone-ipad-windows-7-8-Pcs-ios-and/311371_32324954470.html

Neill Currie says:

I have one of these, works perfectly except that mp4 video never starts playing. Any tips?
I am using an ipad Mini, with the Zsun app mentioned in the instructions that come with the device.

Mubashar Ahmad says:

Hi Thanks for the video, Can you please tell me how to transfer the files to and from the wifi sd card, I can’t find any way to do the transfers. thanks

Zub Air says:

Nice review!
you deserve to have a better youtube channel.

CMDR unematti says:

is it like a lan drive? please i need to know XD otherwise it might not be for me. (could you try using it with X-plore app on droid?)

Abdula Ibnsaidabdurahmantrahtibidoh says:

бля какой он нудный

pankaj srivastava says:

hello, this is not working. Need help.
I am not able to connect the device to ipad and iphone. though this is visible in the wifi list, it just does not connect to the ipad or iphone


dude, why would you not turn the background crap volume down?? annoying

Cristian Manafu says:

How can I switch the menu from Chinese to English in the iPhone App? Can’t find English language. It was Chinese by default. Thanks!

rOj cAm says:

mine is not functioning..i am using a5000 lenovo

Kovan-Kurd says:

Great video bro thx. But what I dont understand though is, the Flash drive/card reader? Why must this be inserted? And does it matter what size the card is regarding the wifi signal? So if I buy this, insert a card reader lets says 16GB, I have wireless WIFI (of course inputed into som source) .. ? thanks again

Eirini sergAvatarou says:

i bought this device but where do i connect it to access my tablet what kind of device should i buy?

Ricardo Santos says:

Does it read .wmv files?
Thank you.

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