USB 64m (GB/GBC Flash cart) Indept Review+Unboxing+Setup!

An Indept review of The GB 64m ‘Smart Card’ from EMS!
A Flash cart made for the Gameboy +GB Color, that allows you to play backups, mods, fan translations and more, all on REAL hardware!
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00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Unboxing
00:57 – Close up
01:36 – Disassemble
02:11 – Loading up the software
02:38 – Flashing Games
03:02 – Flashing Save file
03:15 – Booting your Flashed games
03:32 – Switching Pages
03:52 – Broken games?
04:03 – Patching broken games!
04:33 – Running multiple games on each page
04:51 – How to run multiple games, each with separate save files.
05:47 – Booting in multigame mode (modded)
07:19 – Booting mods / rom hacks
07:54 – Final thoughts/Summary. IS it worth buying?
11:35 – Closing

Special thanks to kitsch bent for supping great info on their website! that really helped with this review!
And thanks for the great customer support!

PLEASE NOTE: This review is NOT sponsored in any way, I bought ALL the items personally at full price.
There are no referral links, and I do not make a commission.

Get the ‘GB 64m smart card’ here:

Get the flashing software (original, unmodded) here:

Get the 64bit drivers here:
How to install the 64 bit drivers:

Modified Flashing software (supports multiple saves) here:

Game compatibility patches:

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


starscream25 says:

I’am seriously thinking on buying. I am not a heavy GB player and therefore can’t justify the large investment of the everdrive. thanks for the review. !!!

Andrew Stott says:

do you have a Gameboy pocket? I’m having some issues with this product on my gbp

Suicidal Kitten says:

for pokemone crystal is the clock function that necissary or i can just use this to play with a friend that had silver

Tegan Bramm says:

One question that may make or break. Does this have a real time clock function? I know that even the everdrive doesn’t have one, and it’s been forever since I’ve seen this produc floating around the internet. I’m just curious for pokemon crystal, gold, and silver versions, you understand. If that’s the only one in the folder, can it keep the clocks running?

Dark Side Gaming says:

i have one of these….. i love it!

BOBdotEXE says:

Also the the start of the video, I meant to say “a Flash Cartridge in the literal sense’
as the games have to be flashed into it’s storage.

maykellish says:

Hey BOBdotEXE nice video!
does Pokemon Prism works?

Alonso RedToxic says:

What’s that Pokémon Red hack?

Daniel Brosman says:

I have it Installed  on a Windows XP in a virtual box environment I was trying to transfer it to my VM and yet I did but I want to open it in Virtual Boy emulator but it gave me an error no matter how I research it and try some things in order for it to work what is the problem?

Skolasiński Łukasz says:

hi there. so how many games can I install on the card? 2? 10? 100?

ArchGirl says:

You can flash these cards from an Android phone with the app GB Cart Tool in the Play Store. Doesn’t support multi-rom on the same page, though. You just need a USB-OTG cable. 🙂 No driver/software issues that PC flashing can have. ^^

Daniel johnson says:

Would I be able to play Pokémon Prism on this?

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