The Best Card Reader In The World!

The Best Card Reader In The World & More!
My full review of the Lexar workflow HR2 and CFast 2.0 3600x card!
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TalesOfWar says:

I don’t get why the Amazon listings for this thing use a CGI rendering of the product rather than a photo.

I’ve been looking at these things for a while but can’t really justify it right now. I just use SD so not much benefit from Thunderbolt over USB 3.0 in terms of speed lol.

Emad Ahmed says:

The reason you bought in the LG G5 is not only because it’s modular but also because it is the most capable and versatile smartphone. Don’t know if you thought about it though.

César Grimmelprez says:

Do you wanna talj about your camera body and why its so good? Because there are alot of different body’s and id like a video about the eos 1d mkii

Manuel Rodriguez says:

please!! I hope I win

Andre Rivers says:

I’m going go check this and reader out. I like the fact that you added US and UK links.

Edward Cooper says:

I guess its convenient but the modules are just USB3.0, so it’s not going to perform any better than USB3.0 for accessing an individual card/ssd.

Josh Wilson says:

Hey great video! If someone was operating a website from home, would you recommend buying a qnap nas or would that not work

Emanuel Amit says:

Sponsored by Lexar

HannosWelt | @HennoeR says:

But it’s so ugly :/

mrdavid03 Birgersson says:


Shane Pikelin says:

Any overheating issues at all?

PixelVogue says:

lol @ price of that CFast 2.0 3600x

Youtube Channel says:

Usubbed a few years ago came back to see what you’re up to, man you’ve let yourself go bud. Great video though

ex dee says:


TechFit360 says:

I like it Adam!!! Definitely on my list!! Thanks!

NathaN says:

Adam, whatever happened to that Twitter app project you started a couple of years ago?

colby yurksza says:

holy balls, around 500 bucks once its all said and done for a card reader

Ammar Awad says:

wow, it is amazing.
thanks man, always you bring great items in this channel, i will buy this indeed.
thanks again Adam

Woodepic Media says:

I have a question… Can I simply take one of those ssd modules and directly plug it into my computer via a USB type b cable? I’m thinking I could use one of those on the go for Video work, then come back home where I have my full array of ssd’s and then add that to my collection

Bröd says:

What do you work with???

Michael Nguyen says:

It would be nice if its make in aluminum.

mymovievideos says:

I’ve been looking for a card reader for my new phantom 4. Thank you!

shenka23 says:

Thank you Adam!

MockingJ says:

Hi mate great video can I use my sandisk cards with it? I know it sounds silly planning to get one soon just wondering

Matthew Bishop says:

2 things:

Firstly, I think that maybe you forgot to mention one of the selling points, can’t you use the modules directly without the base? Then you can just take one module with you when you travel for example.

Secondly, what was your previous way of importing to your Mac Pro?

Simon Art says:

You need a white solid surface box for that 😉

Anyway I’m off to buy one :-/

Star-Tech says:

Did you record this with the usual canon c300?

Marc Levi says:

I want an I phone 7+ jet black

Synergy Gaming Promotions says:

I used to watch your channel a ton back in 2012 and i just remembered about it from seeing your name in a reddit post. Just kinda surprised how your channel never blew up like other tech channels :/

Duck says:

It looks that are you needing some light when you are filming yourself.

Tomas Villegas says:

This thing is awesome Adamn!

Thanks for sharing.

Yonizam Syahrul says:


Bobby Jay says:

That’s cool

Suryashekhar Das says:

Great review! Extremely Proffesional! 🙂

Bob da builder says:

Cool video. Will have to put this in my good tech to have list

sukiaki96 says:

Do you still run that porsche design blackberry?

BotRaid says:

Where do you sell your Macs?

Jon Hobley says:

Very useful sat next to a football pitch without mains power. More thought needs to be given to the togs who have limited space but still need 2 or more readers.

Wavester64 says:

Cool video. Was wondering if you had any recommendations for the Rolls Royce of USB 3.0 hubs? There is a lot of junk out there.

Martin Paoloni says:

Looks like a cassette holder. 🙂

enigma says:

*Sponsored By Lexar*

Toyin Oshodi says:

What do you think of the 1dx mark ii? Worthy upgrade from the mark 1?

James Sherlock says:

Yo great video again Adam! Quick question, are the modules themselves (SSD included) hot-swappable or does it require a restart? If it is swappable, any noticeable delay?

Jan Jan Fadillar says:

woow that nice!

TheSedgeGaming says:

I’m glad to see you uploading frequently again!

Woodepic Media says:

What the friiicckk!!!! Why do you have a c300 Mk 2???!!!?!!?! Is a $16,000 camera really necessary?? Like…. Wow… Talk about the holy grail of cameras…

Aditya Prasad Bhagat says:


Matthew Keller says:

Once again an awesome video on some awesome tech from and awesome guy lol

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