The All In One Mini Card Reader Instructions And Review

This is an instructional tutorial and review of the all in one mini card reader

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Katelyn B says:

where do you put a mini SD card?

meeekstube says:

I seem to have the same one (bought in Rio) mine does not say ‘all in one’ apart from this it seems to be the same. You don’t mention what USB level it is. Would it be USB3? I don’t know why i’m asking because we don’t often see answer to questions on Youtube but just in case!

ᄏKeddy says:

How to put the card in ? Any help

AwaitingTheSon says:

I needed the driver for Windows 10. This product is marketed in English and the driver site is 100% Chinese. The ebay supplier didn’t provide the driver (which is just plain stupid) but he provided the website. I had to guess as to what I was choosing but I managed to install the diver. The final install screen had English in it actually. It showed me different hardware and the corresponding drivers. I had to check the USB one. Also, this video is absolutely useless. It makes no sense. He shows you how to physically install the product….well duh! Anyone can handle that. And of course it shows up on what looks like an XP os. It also works fine (with no driver) on Windows 7. And he never put in any memory of any kind, to test it. Just lovely! Here’s the website for anyone brave enough to try it:

Project Horizon says:

I have one of this, very cool and useful device 😉

MrJ0mmy says:

i have something like this it cost me 0.88usd free shipping from aliexpress

margarita j says:


Alena Cutshall says:

Thank you for your help!

Shane Frisby says:

why didn’t you identify the other slots as that is my dilemma?

GoldGamer456 No.1 says:

Cool thing your awesome

David Akiana says:

thank you.. very much for posting this video, but my computer doesn’t find the device. I put in and ouot my computer doesn’t recognize


I have this same exact one. It doesn’t work at all. It’s a piece of made in China SHIT!

nick roberts says:

nice video

Ken Smith says:

I bought the unit to read a SmartMedia…which I am told it is suppose to support. Anyone know where it fits?

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