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Cleo Thatstud says:

Welp if you haven’t targeted me you will bc I’m not taking that or whatever else pertaining to Satan! This is it, the system that’s the mark of the beast. They are going to put everybody on the smart card who’s not running the world bc they already serving the devil smh. I rather die for my savior and it’s not the devil

peep lil says:

This is bad do not trust it pls don’t

GRIEGOR karagozian says:

I was looking for a card to replace all other cards and looking through recordings I found you by accident how do I find out more?

Cineva spunea says:

This is the mark of the beast in the new world order

Vladimir Massillon says:

Why would I spend a lot of money monthly for a product that’s not that valuable. It’s super easy to find a good travel deal, there’s a million app that does that for free. Not only that, they usually bundle the price of the flight, making it even cheaper than yours. I can prove it. Pick any trip on your dream trip, post it here and I’ll find one similar or cheaper instantly.
That’s without sign up fees, and membership dues etc. And you can try to justify it all you want by saying that the fees can be converted into points blah blah but at the end of the day money is coming out of my pocket each month and goes to WV. What’s worse is that there’s a 22 page complicated set of rules that pretty much guarantees that a year from now I won’t be able to use those points. So the product itself is not a good one.
Speaking of products,that flye card is just a gimmicky little gadget. These things have been around before and there’s a reason they never catch on. Is it really that hard to say carry two credit card that I should pay two hundred dollars to combine them. And does it really save that much more time scrolling on that little screen than just pulling out the card you want out of your wallet. I’m a Bartender at a fast volume venue. I would be super annoyed if some dude is scrolling on his card to make his payment. In addition, card transactions are becoming more digital each day with Apple pay, Google pay etc. It’s a product for a market that will soon be obsolete. There is NOBODY that is going to pay $200 for that, absolutely no one. The only ones who will are reps like you guys who will be suckered into buying it, in hopes of selling it, but you won’t. Wayne will be laughing on the way to his yatch.

Michael Gaines says:

The building shown at 6:41 is CG… Are you freaking kidding me guys?
Gonna keep watching and see where this goes..

Mnstrjunkie says:

tai Lopez 2.0

Jourdin Sellers says:

how come you can’t just get into it man. im turning this shit off.

coul says:

LOL, I like the start “We’re going to keep this very to the point”

Qwame_ blaq says:

I’m Regniald from Accra – Ghana n a student, ‘ll really luv to be part of dis great family, is there a way u can help me out pls cos dis ma first time watching dis video n I’m luving it already. Pls get back to me.

GRIEGOR karagozian says:

So what do I do now

GRIEGOR karagozian says:

Nobody invited me

Justin Li says:

28:04’s diagram essentially proves this is a pyramid scheme… people actually fall for this?

Shane Divix says:

lol. new? it’s a pyramid scheme attached to a smart card. as an investor in plastc card (now bankrupt) I don’t preorder anymore. but this is worst because it’s a pyramid scheme on top of that. hope people don’t fall for this

black joy says:

Don’t get it

Selfmade DC says:

can i just become a representative to get and sell the card? or do i have to become a actual member if i want the card

David Yong says:

Please send more information to

Ricardo James says:

Take down this video. This is not to be broadcasted in the public domain as of yet.

Neal Nations says:

I joined this and its been everything they promised and more. It is NOT multilevel marketing. Name me one other “Multilevel Marketing” company you can join and don’t have to sell the product. Okay everyone say “Optional”? If you want to make money so you can go on vacation you can. It is commission based Direct Sales (no middle man) so you get what you put into it. It is not free money. The way I looked at it was that it was not very much money and I am into saving money so why not give it a try? If it had been thousands it would have been a different story. But don’t take my or anybody else’s word for it. Get the facts not just someone’s opinion.

judith Museve says:

Couldn’t view the video

Steve Marcello Arce says:

Is this Legit?

daya shankar says:

give me details…..

KING SoLo says:

This is the definition of a pyramid scam, those of you who don’t believe me check this out and see for yourself:

Christopher Sipma says:

so a timeshare company is running a pyramid scheme now seems legit.

sefa m says:

Please send me details
Thanks for you

Nat Sket says:

I love how this guy complains about his past life to get people to “relate” so others will buy in. Bahahah I’m dying laughing

Mike Aggen says:

Invited yesterday by a person who overheard me talking about my sales job and how I wish I could sell something people need ,she picked up on my eccentricity and got my interest piqued.
I hope to be the one of the number one pushers of your product and will use my charm and affluence to skyrocket this!

Daniel Wyche says:

Why is this even on here?

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