RicoRich Multi Card Reader Review

Good read/write speeds, compact, various USB connecters, and dual card type. Amazon Affiliate Product Link: http://amzn.to/1tdsXvI

This card reader is plug-and-play. It is fairly compact at 3″L x 1″W x 1/2″H. This card reader has two card slots, one for a full-sized SD card and one for a microSD card. Both sides have caps that conceal the USB connectors. On one end you have a USB-C connector and on the other you have a USB 3.0 connector. Embedded in the USB 3.0 connector is a microUSB connector that can be extended by putting your fingernail into the blue groove in the middle and pulling out towards the end of the connector. Grasp the part that sticks out and pull it until it clicks into a fully extend microUSB connector. To retract it, press on the blue locking tab and push the microUSB connector back into place.

With these three connections type you can connect this card reader to a PC, laptop, tablet or phone to access SD/microSD memory cards. Note that you can only use one of the memory card slots at a time. That is, the device won’t work if you have both a microSD and an SD card in it. You can also only use on connection type at a time. With the reader plugged into a PC, I found that memory cards are hot swappable. If I remove the card and put a different card into the same slot, the computer will be able to recognize the new content. However, it won’t recognize if you change card types e.g. SD to microSD or vice versa. The hotswa capability is also not always present on mobile devices supporting OTG via the USB-C or microUSB connectors. In my performance tests I found that the card reader reads at a speed of about 18 MB/s and writes at a slightly lower 16.5 MB/s when plugged into a USB 3.0 port. Overall, the reader works as intended and allows me to transfer data to and from SD and microSD card to a range of devices using the different connectors.

Amazon Affiliate Product Link: http://amzn.to/1tdsXvI


Fiona R says:

I am using a Nexus 5x. I am seeing the connection but how do you transfer picture from phone to this device? Not seeing the option.

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