Review: Lightning to SD Card Reader (USB 3.0) – faster iPad Pro Xfers!

Apple’s just-launched Lightning to SD Card Reader is compatible with the iPad Pro’s USB 3 transfer speeds. You’ll notice the Videos and Photos will transfer much faster between your SD Card and the iPad Pro’s flash storage. A must have for 4K video and avid photographers.


big john says:

I just got the iPad pro and tried importing video from the SD card and it would only import the photos on the card.any ideas.

Rowan Strang says:

how does the import process work, is the only option the photos app? can videos be imported directly into lumafusion for example?

rick kakiailatu says:

Can I import 4096×2048 videos on the ipad pro?

Pat Fanta says:

Hi does this work on ipad 2 and iphone 6s

MrTechGamer2000 says:

I swear you sound just like the guy on 9to5mac YouTube!

Prasoon Singh says:

If only the iPad had a SD card slot in the first place.

Scot Lindsay says:

Sweet! Better than no way to get it there!
Why don’t they put an SD on their Pads anyway?!

Amar Editing says:

Hello sir please send me this sd card

Austin says:

wow the lightning cable adapter is faster than the 30 pin… bad video, should have gotten the right hardware

MrTanker10a says:

That is an excellent video demonstration comparison of these two methods. I have just purchased this device for file analysis between my two iPads and my NIKON DSLR D750 for onsite shooting photo review. I have never known this gizmo was even in existence. The Nikon Wi-Fi utility App is too slow. So this device makes a lot of sense…

ImpiantoFacile says:

What brand are those sexy wooden speakers?

Matt Hamilton Films says:

Can someone tell me why every time I try to transfer video to my iPhone 6 it will only transfer up to 720p even though when I record on my camera it’s 1080p

JLT Yes says:

Can you transfer music?

Neuskriebel says:

How can i import video’s with this

Dilshan Karunaratne says:

is it work iphone6s?

Garric Nahapetian says:

Glad it worked out for you re iPad pro and 4K transfers

Samuel Chenelle says:

Still seem so slow for such a small file size… should it not take 20sec to do that on usb 3.x?Maybe your card is the bottleneck?

Varinder Kumar says:

its really sad and pathetic that apple does not have a external sd card slot. Its all a marketing strategy to make more money and people are stupid enough to invest into their products given the limitations. samsung will always be ontop for these reasons.

Razor E says:

Will data transfer in both directions ?

Eli says:

Does it allow to export videos to SD?

Felipe Olvera says:

Could you transfer from iPhone/iPad to an SD card?

poncio dupont says:

It doesn’t EVEN show my pictures in my SD card.
I only get a white screen with the transfer camera icon at the bottom of my ipad.

ali baba says:

How I use micro sd card reader

Mimmic says:

Which usb power adapter works for the Ipad Pro 9.7

Bezem Steel says:

Can i download a film on the sd card and then watch it on my ipad?

Jacob Charles says:

Will this work with go pro footage

Johnny Nabarrette says:

Does it give good photo quality to the iPhone when exported ?

CTpizza Vlogs says:

Does it only work on a iPad Pro?

Bruno Zaldívar says:

How am I supposed to transfer sound files from an SD card into an iPad? Is it possible at all?

Alen Isaac says:

is there a way that you can export photos from ipad to sd card?

Bezem Steel says:

Can i download a film on the sd card and then watch it on my ipad?

StruggleDays says:

I have a sony rx 100 m4. For some reason I can’t transfer 4K files with the sd card reader. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

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