Micro USB OTG 3-Port Hub with Card Reader (Unboxing and Demonstration)

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You can shoot videos or take pictures with your Point-N-Shoot, DSLR, or etc… Take the sd card out, put it in this thing, plug it into your phone, and upload it to the Internet with your phone’s data connection. This thing will definitely come in handy!

StickMount (requires Root!) http://bit.ly/StickMount

Paragon (requires Root!) http://bit.ly/1ixSgfE

6000mAh Battery: http://youtu.be/U6bAiV3uDIE

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OnePlanetOneHome POLAND says:


Apry S says:

can u connect to projector with usb to vga converter and that great tool? pls answer

redneckbassbusters says:

will this work on a Samsung tab e 7 lite

M. Khubaib says:

I like

Drittungen says:

i have the same sd card as you xD

Coy Hilron says:

I agree Anker makes the best power banks! I have 4 of their 20,000 mah banks. all of the others I have bought over the years have sucked! where did the OTG cable with the charge port comefrom? and if you add power to the multi port does it charge your phone battery at the same time? thanks!

PHANTOM 808 says:

you acting like you don’t know what you received but yet you have your phone right next to it come on now

Patricio Gonzalo Herran says:

Hi, it’s possible to transfer from the sd card directly to an external hard drive? I’m going on vacation, and I would love not taking the notebook with me. Thanks!

Dillon.P says:

thanks for this, every thing else is awful online apart from this. so I just ordered it

SkyfalconTin says:

For those who have trouble charging your device using this adapter, do not use the micro usb that attach to this thing. Use another usb cable plug it into the usb 2.0 port of the adapter and the other end into your device.

Scott Tinder says:

Do you know of anything like this that has a HDMI output? I have a note 4 with broken screen and I need to unlock a numeric password to back up files. I bought this device thinking it would work for what I need it to do and was about to return it until I saw what you did with it. lol

john mclaughlin says:

thanks m8 was looking for something like this to take on holiday

Chris .T says:

wish there was a type c version of this

Chris .T says:

will this work through a type c adapter

LoseJuis says:

muy practico

Kiran Kumar says:

how much
product link please

Itz Majeedur says:

yo i ordered the same thing but i didnt get power

dileep kumar says:

do we have to root our mobile to work it

Youngishman says:

Does it support Galaxy A3?

Maher Sajid says:

Samsung galaxy A5 otg no working please testing galaxy A5

William McNeill says:

What I would like to know is if I transfer data from a sd card to a phone using this,would it load to an SD card inside the phone?

Sm Hermita says:

thanks to your video

Daniel Podlesny says:

Hey, do you think it is possible to upload the files directly from SD to some sort of cloud service without saving it on a phone/tablet?
Thanks for your video! 🙂

Donald Akins says:

I’ve not commented before, so I hope that I’m doing this right. The first time I saw your video on The OTG USB Hub and Card Reader, I ordered it. The powering cable was not included. Can you help me find either or both of the powering solutions that you showed in your video. Thank You.

Mini-anthrax says:

My phone can’t output electricity. This thing is perfect.

Bt Paulie says:

Will it work on a note 5

AndrewJoyce1975 says:

Can I use this with a 1tb hard drive and a battery pack and charge the phone at the same time?

Adrian ain't telling says:

Get a iPhone dickhead

VLR MFF says:

is that fast when transferring data ?

HKnowsWhen says:

Goodness your like a little kid can you calm down just saying lol 😛 sorry not being mean lol . So this transfers files ?

Alton Kilbourne says:

you talk fucken much

Sean Spearman says:

Will this work on my LG Stylo G Android 6 device?

N4Zz Z says:

when i connected my launchpad to my android phone to play with unipad the light was very dark and i think with hub i can power it with the power cable. thx bro 😉

Yvonn Hoyos says:

Thanks Josh, I have a question for you, I didn’t see if the device can power the phone or tablet, I think it’s important, because you’re using micro usb port and what if you’re running out of power?, does any one know if phone can be charged

Thank you guys

Jurgen van lunenburg says:

Like the enthusiasm. I’m shopping around for something like this too. Prefer to have built-in ethernet adapter too though. You also could have mentioned that you can daisy-chain it with another hub for even more storage! xD

Pat H says:

how can i charge my phone while using the hub?

Lee Loomis says:

WoW only$8
that is a Nice one
i just Got The cheapest one and
i can’t Believe i can Hook up My Nintendo64 UsB controller Too My andRoid i did download 2 PhotoShop paint but didn’t Have The Time to Figure out how it work with the mouth iiiii
can’t believe our EarthLings Technology Today

Renzel Ferriol says:

what case you are using ?

dj_knight_bringin'_back_the_old_school_style says:

a tiny computer lol that’s bad azzz

Mark Pavlik says:

I’d give this video two likes if I could! Very awesome! Exactly what I was looking for! I want to connect my Nexus 6P to a hub and copy pics from an SD card to the external hard drive. Seems like a winner!

satish8299 says:

wwjoshdew does this thing work with a USB-to USB-C connector attached. My tablet PC does have a USB-C input connector and i have used a similair OTG hub with a 3 position switch on an other Tablet and that worked but this thing with a USB to USB-C connector i had no luck. Any other advise of a good working OTG with USB-C end

moh you says:

this + nvidia shield + mouse + keyboard = amazing PC replacement 😀

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