Enermax ECR501 USB 3.0 Card Reader – Unboxed & Tested

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The ECR501 from Enermax is a 6-in-1 USB 3.0 card reader that offers additional unique features such as a Super Charge 2.4A port for charging mobile devices, and internal mounting points for one 3.5” and two 2.5” drives.

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Albert Arriola says:

Are internal or external sd card readers better nowadays?

brad stabell says:

does the SD card stick out or go in all the way? looked like it was sticking out but i wasn’t sure if it just wasn’t fully inserted.

Scott Popejoy says:

I know this comment is nearly 4 years late, but I want to comment on two things.

First, the card-reader on USB3.0 is nearly twice as fast as your test at 5:42
You scored a steady 44.5 MB/s transfer rate and suggested you might be limited by the X99 chipset.
I have used this card-reader with 95MB/s cards and transferred to SSD with…steady 95MB/s transfer rates.
I have an Intel i7-4790K 4Ghz plugged into an ASRock Z97 (which is still very fast today).
It’s been a few years, but I think I recall ’14 benchmarks for the X99 being near equal or better.
I think your transfer rates may have been limited by the card itself.
Many SD cards in ’14 topped out at 45MB/s unless you wanted to double or triple the price.
I think this card-reader was the unchampioned champion of 2014.
Which brings me to my second point.
My ECR501 finally crapped out. USB still works. The card-reader is dead.
It’s been 3.5 years, and it’s given me 3.5 years of blistering fast service.
I want another one.
For $30-40 bucks, I’ll be happy to purchase the latest rendition of this card-reader for another 3.5 years.

alex kyo says:

can u tell me the exact size of the front panel please?

Sanaullah Khan khattak says:

please write here price ?

victorescu says:

Hey Kyle, I am using the same enermax card reader you reviewed and installed. I recently reverted to initial install of windows. Now usb 2.0 and 3.0 works but the actual card readers don’t. Any idea how to reset the firmware?

Alan Xu says:

what case is that in video? a NZTX?

Alastair Battson says:

Agreed it is very hard to look for a 3.0 “Card” reader. I would say 90% of the ones on the market are listed as 3.0 card reader, but really the actual “Card reader” is 2.0. 
Thanks. exactly what i needed

Ray Alva says:

Dude your case is the same case I have for my first build. Just looking for things to put in the front and this is cool. I just can’t wait to build it!

Cybermate says:

Hey, what is the model of your Computer casing ?

brankocollin says:

4 GB in 90 seconds, that is 44 MB/s. That is practically USB 2 speed.

ThrobbinHood says:

The ONLY reason i gave this video a thumbs down was the music at the end killing my ear drums.

minus_ says:

What are the benefits of putting in HDDs?

id104335409 says:

Just one 3.0….. WHY???
Some times I think they troll us on purpose.

gwmax11 says:

Can’t find drivers…

The_Hel1x says:

So my mobo only has one USB 3.0 header. Is there a header splitter or a header card I can install to allow me to use this as well as my case ports?

TeddyG210 says:

Awesome Videos!

ddthom2008 says:

I guess I’m deaf. My TV volume is on 100.  Can you please increase the volume during post?  Thanks

King Red Leg says:

Kyle I thought this would be boring.  I was so wrong.  Well done and personal touches you add make the video perfect.  Thank you for the hard work.

Zoco Vento says:

wow you saved me a lot of time…t y

tpcs says:

Meh.  contact me when this card reader has ALL 4 usb 3.1 TYPE C ports ( excuse me. I mean their female or whatever ends up being the opposite gender equal).  THEN i care.  Either way Kyle, I thumbs up’d the video for your stand-out style and good work as always.  Neweggtv, Tek Syndicate, Linus Tech tips, Techquickie, and ToT subber here.  

harken says:

I have a similar component but it has a female molex power input on the rear. I have a modular PSU, whats the proper way to connect to the molex? Please help me

Murtaza Samma says:

Love this card reader.

Jebzi says:

Great video and all but did not expect to react to this 7:37 “And untill next time I will see you in the next video”. 😛

Garrickat Studios says:

Time to have good io on my hp pavilion case

RCBros2000 says:

This Card Reader causes Errors in my System Event Log as well adds 5 “disks” and “Volumes” to my system. i love this reader but the issues i am having arnt worth the head ache

Old Andy says:

Thanks for this! Which case do you have that allows you the bay in the front? It looks a bit like a gaming pc and so many of the cases that I see have almost no room for anything on the front.

James Sakkas says:

good work Enermax, steller product

Kenneth Ervin says:

whats even the point of the LEPA G1600? i dont even think quad setups could utilize that XD

MrDynamicMan says:

Hey, I dont know much about chipsets, but wouldn’t alot of chipsets not be able to carry those many USB port? please correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m sure this could cause some problems

OscarGonzoJim says:

ive bin waiting for this to come out

phillip galas says:

Wow this is the kind of stuff I want to be informed of. Obscure tech that blows all others away. Very tempting to get. Too bad my card reader has been good enough. At 2.4A you’re looking at the battery resistance and charge circuits being the limiting factor.

CH Cinematics says:

Do i need to install a hdd or ssd in it?

Scott Popejoy says:

Additionally, yes, the Supercharger was roughly 2x faster than any wall-charger or computer-based USB charger I used in ’14.
Today in ’18 newer devices come with wall-chargers with adequate power to recharge your device in under 2 hrs, but I still use this port in ’18 to charge my iPhone 7 in equal time. This ensemble was 3-4 years ahead of its time. I hope they have a new version for ’18 because mine (finally) died.

Matthew Garcia says:

Do you recommend?

Xaranar says:

Just bought one of these, internal drive bay card readers seem to be very temperamental for some reason, at least according to the reviews on every model on every retail site. Enermax is a brand I trust, though, as I have used their products before, so I can’t wait to see how she performs. I did read on Amazon where I bought it, though, that it needs a firmware update in order to get full USB 3 speeds when running on Windows 10.

Chrno Dezu says:

I’m wondering how this will work as well as the header on the chassis, isn’t there only 1 usb 3.0 port on the motherboard?

James C. Peart says:

wait. I put this where i put my dvd drive? Sweet. Or am I wrong?

ryushev2000 says:

How do i know if my motherboard has enough usb headers to connect every port on that card reader?

Berdt says:

Now i want one XD

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