All Photographers Need a Card Reader Is the Lexar Hub for you?

All Photographers Need a Card Reader Is the Lexar Hub for you?

Postman Fro just dropped off another package on his way to the bar.

Let me start off by saying LEXAR is not a sponsor, this is not an ad, this is simply an unboxing and sniff test of a piece of gear.

This time around Postman Fro dropped off the Lexar Hub HR1 Card Reader. This one so happens to belong to Stephen as it was a gift he got over the holidays.

As photographers we all need to have a way of getting the images from the card to our computers. I have had many different card readers over the past 10 years but never have I had one that takes up to four memory cards. I once had one that took CF and SD but that was the extent of it.

The Lexar Hub so happens to be USB 3.0 which means you are going to get super fast transfer rates when connected to a USB 3.0 port. But before you can transfer anything you actually need to purchase some extra accessories.

The Hub itself will run you $79.99 which is not bad in the least for a professional card reader. You pretty much are paying for an empty shell and you will have to purchase anywhere from one to four card readers. You can choose from SD and CF which will run you just under $30. You also have an option of picking up an XQD card reader for around $40.

Each card reader can act as a stand alone USB 3.0 reader which I found to be a really great option. If you travel a lot, you wont take the hub with you but you may take one or two of the smaller card readers.

The key feature to the hub is the fact that it will transfer multiple cards at a time. That means you can load it up with any combo of card and start transferring them all.

I have yet to test out or use this card reader but I am looking to pick the hub up with two CF, one SD and on XQD reader.

Like I always say, do not cheap out on cards and now on top of that do not cheap out on card readers. Your pictures are the most important thing you have so make sure your card reader is not the thing that messes them up.

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SD Haase says:

Useless! What is lexar thinking

dvs350z says:

Thanks for posting this jared. I was just thinking of getting one because of certain issues I’m having with my CF card. 

Donald Wolff says:

Wow Jared, why do you hate the XQD so much.  Its build is very good and it fast, so whats wrong with it?

Mike Gilroy says:

2 years later and everyone cares about XQD cards LOL

Dean Blowers says:

That is a proper “pad” but Eore (however you spell it) is just a winner

SC Wood Designs says:

What a complete waste of plastic. All it is: An oversized memory card reader that cost more than you should pay. Lexar=Greedy Company.

DSLR says:

its a good idea however its Lexar so in my opinion its expensive and the niche is rather small

Outpat says:

I don’t know if I trust Lexar with anything anymore after all the flash drives and cards that have betrayed me through the years…

Paulo Parreira says:

I own a MBP late 2009 and a iMac 24″ 2009, both with firewire 800, for my work i use a standard and a sandisk reader for CF card. Where can i find a firewire reader?

Lofote says:

Doesn’t every better laptop computer have a reader inside? My laptops have it since >5 years now.

bobby says:

total ripoff 

Ciprian Radut says:

hi. Can I use this alone without the hub, just connect this to my pc with a USB 3.0 cable? thanks

Jason Rushing says:

Set & forget it, was that a nod to the ronco food dehydrator?

John Lennon Fanatic says:

Nice piano

t s says:

I got this a week ago works great!!

dreamintv says:

For a USB3 hub + readers is a bit too pricey…. unless… it does something that no DIY reader hub can do – automated multi-card backup. Jared, do you know if that cube is able to copy all cards at once into single folder on hard drive with just single command?

Ryan Portsmouth says:

Personally I would like a battery powered portable backup device, they may start at double the price but it means I don’t need as many SD cards on me while I’m shooting, basically I can replace every second card that dies and not add any new cards to my collection for a while. When cards are around $100 each and I purchase 1 new card every 3 months or so, normally because I need more capacity rather than the death of a card I would a have a direct ROI in around 12 months.

I have heard that some aren’t the most reliable but there are others I have heard are great and it’s just a matter of doing your homework.

In the end, I just don’t see this Lexar hub being of much benefit to me but I would like to hear what Stephen thinks about it in a month or so then again in 6 months. 

barajevic says:

You’r intros are so lame 🙂

Andrew Jackson says:

Holy sh!t did you see the price of the HR2? 200 bucks, memory block over a C note, add the readers. Man you’re gonna in for close to 400, for a card reader.

Azerone Photo says:

Post Man Fro is so cool, you should do a whole mini movie video starring him! Follow him on a couple deliveries, go to the bar with him etc! Anyway, I just bought the newer version of this. 512 SSD / Compact Flash / triple Micro SD / and SD reader. I LOVE it! People should try it out, its not overly expensive and it really keeps a nice neat work area on your desk too!

AlphaSphere says:

WAY too expensive. The only reason one would get this is because of limited USB ports on your computer. What’s the point of transferring from 4 different cards through ONE usb port?

Juan Vargas says:

Looking good, Fro! Those whey protein shakes are doing a number on you.

abhijeetcomplex says:

enjoyed this video too jared, y not come up with its review too?

Grouperhound says:

I also use a cheap Kingston USB 3.0 Reader.  The FCR-HS3.  I actually works quite well.

Alan Slaughter says:

Just picked up a couple of these for use at the station. I like the large size, as the small ones kept growing legs the ones that read 500 different cards also have a tendency for someone to try to shove the card in the wrong slot. Currently we use SD and CF cards, so the mix -n-match format works. I wish they had an insert for Panasonic P2 cards.

مذكر البصيص says:

life is hard with it, what is laxer thinking !!

LivinOnLaughter says:

Dead giveaway, dead giveaway Jared always has on the Blue Shirt that means he doesn’t film the the post man from part everyday.

Sean Lee says:

You now care about XQD, don’t you.

sweensuk 7 says:

Come on Jared, man that’s the most annoying intro to a review you have ever done.

Nathan James says:

Hey Jared I live in England and am wondering, can you possible take a look at some of my portrait work via Flickr please I would love to hear what you think about them

Teemu Parta says:

Haha, Love the way that Fro is blasting all that he has to say.. 😀
It comes like boom boom boom and thats that.. 😀

Harsha Reddy says:

dude your are funny! i enjoyed watching your review!

Pete Price says:

Good stuff. I’m still looking for a way to download data from an SD card to a portable hard drive without having to use a laptop for when I’m in the field or on vacation and I don’t want to travel with a laptop.
Any thoughts ??

TomahawkSmith1 says:

I will check it out Thanks Jared!!

Jon Hobley says:

A great reader for a tog with space on their desk, not so good for a tog at the side of a football pitch where space is very tight. Ideally, Lexar need to make a side-by-side adapter which can be clipped to a laptop monitor. That’s a real world situation!!

Ladislav Slovacek says:

I laughed a lot with your scenes of XQD Cards hate hahaha, but…. What do you think nowadays?

Gewglesux says:

if you have a D5- then you care about XQD

Jay Downey says:

i feel like they are nickel & dimming you with this… need to buy the “tower” Then buy the actual “readers/card receivers”?? maybe i’m just not their target market.. but i cant fathom neeeding all that greif 

Chef Kendra Nguyen says:

I wouldn’t mind that sitting on my desk.

helthuismartin says:

I use Lexar Proffessional 3.0

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