Worlds Smallest 10k Power Bank! The Anker PowerCore 10000 With Quick Charge 3.0 Review

Worlds Smallest 10k Power Bank! The Anker PowerCore 10000 With Quick Charge 3.0 Review

The PowerCore 10000 w/ Quick Charge 3.0

The PowerCore 10000

The PowerCore+ 10050

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QuadRiderHonda says:


QuadRiderHonda says:

Does charge faster then iPad adapter?

Zayn says:

where and how to get this in australia?

dennisonicc says:

10k… you do not join two opposing metric prefixes together. 10 000 milliampere hours is simply 10Ah, ten ampere hours

NoShadowOfDoubt says:

do they allow this in the cabin on a plane?

cem yigen says:

Minimum two USB port pls

shinto mathew says:

apple wont support 3.0

Maikel UK says:

Apple does not support Quickcharge. They work beautifully though with PowerIQ. Not as fast but at least faster than standard chargers.

Socrates says:

are you sure iphones support quick charge 3.0? last i checked they didnt so im unsure how truthful you are being with regards to the 40 min charge time….

pgb twoofive says:

how long can this hold charge. weeks, months?

George Speck says:

I have the anker 2.0 power core + 10050 , charger, got it at Walmart , great item to own. plan to get some anker USB cable’s

mashfiqur rahman says:

does s6 edge support quick charge 3.0 ?

SkanDog Vids says:

How fast does it charge your phone from 0-100

Edgar Perret-Gentil says:

where can i find this for 20.00 dollars?

Orange Blue says:

Works great!!! Charges my IPhone 8 Plus the fastest of anything I use. Everything this guy said is true. Worth every penny

Mathieu Deprat says:


Mr Brian says:

can u charge ur phone whilst charging the power bank?

Dave Hoang says:

can you use this on a Qualcom 2.0 device like the S6? Does it give similar charge speeds that comes with the Samsung Rapid wall charger?

Bishwas Shrestha says:

How do you know its fully charged? ?

Bass Junkie says:

If you’re unsure about purchasing any Anker batteries keep this in mind. Anker batteries retain a full charge up to a year. After 500 cycles they only lose 30% capacity. Anker advertise it as 10,000mAh but really much larger capacity. Any PowerCore+ batteries are fast charging for the phone & from the wall so anyone with fast chargers can rejoice. Anker customer support top notch even if it just by email. Their rule “if your battery or product malfunctions we’ll replace it free no questions asked as long you are in 18 month warranty with proof of purchase” It went as far I ordered one of their batteries it was stolen from my front porch I reached out to Anker within 2 days I got a new upgraded model. People say Anker expensive when I could buy a cheap battery, true but can your battery last a continuous 6 years my Anker Astro E3 has and still holds enough juice to power my iPhone 6s Plus twice (originally use to be 3)

ulgk says:

Can you use this while still using your phone? For example, let’s say your phone is out of battery and you want to use your phone right away, so can you use this power bank while playing with your phone at the same time?

Phương Nam Trần says:

hi guy! Can you give me link for aluminum version? I like this design!

vR Naxz says:

Nice video dude!

I also make videos about iOS and also how to hack and mod stuff like apps and games!

Haakon Fisher says:

This guy is wrong on 2 points. Quick charge 3.0 is for android only. The other is that the one that does Quick 3.0 is not 20 bucks. This whole video is wrong. Thus pointless. Really worse than pointless as it is full of misinformation.

Rifi B says:

Tesla uses a slightly modified version of the batteries inside this power-bank, just wish the power-bank itself had quick charge to recharge itself quickly and a USB Type-C

Jonathan Clark says:

Does it stop charging your device when the device reaches %100

VavrMar says:

How many times its able to charge your iPhone 6?

Marc C says:

Are you sure  devices will benefits from Qualcomm’s QC technology?

Asraf Fadzil says:

its the same size as asus zenpower. 10500mah too

jokamutta says:

Is this Qualcomm Quick Charge verified? I’m pretty sure iPhones don’t support Quick Charge…

Guillermo Sanchez says:

I’d hate to break it to you people. But if you believe this guy, you have some reading to do. iPhones DO NOT support any sort of quick charge technology.

uabir says:

“very very small and SLIM”

IVAN WU says:

good, but I am happy with qqpow power bank

Schmidteren says:

SHould I have it connected to my phone constantly, or is it better to use it when it’s about halfway down with power?

Mandy Lion says:

Why would you lie like this? The iPhone does not support fast charging so this is absolute bullshit. Disliked for lying.

AP HD says:

How long does it take to charge your phone and can you use it while charging?

Long John Silver says:

(W)Anker, what a name for a product

Oleo koong says:

looking for power bank can be charge by quick charge 3.0 , i mean input to power bank

MarkBrady says:

would it work with an iphone 8 plus fast charging

Asraf Fadzil says:

its the same size as asus zenpower. 10500mah too

AceValence says:

Are you retarded? Qualcomm Quick Charge only works on compatible Android devices…definitely not on iPhones. It is stated explicitly on the ad for this that apple products only charge at the normal rate of 1 Amp, which might even be slower than a actual apple wall charger.

Nicolas Blanchard says:

hi! Sorry, i don’t untderstand the difference between anker powerbank
10000 with QC3.0 and anker powerbank speed 10000 with QC3 too?
 can you help me ?

FreestylerAlbert says:

I was disappointed about the test because it’s didn’t covered one of the most important things….. Is it possible to charge the power bank and something FROM the power bank in the same time??? I’ve tested it and unfortunately NOT . 🙁

AndroidMan_08 says:

I’m currently using PQI 6000mha but this looks better and with this price range…its a steel. thanx man

Asraf Fadzil says:

its the same size as asus zenpower. 10500mah too

Di3ago says:

What iPhone 6S case?

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