World’s Slimmest USB Power Bank w/ Quick Charge 2.0!

Here’s a quick review of Samsung Fast Charge 5200mAh Battery Pack, the world’s slimmest/lightest USB power bank with Quick Charge 2.0 support. I LOVE this thing!

Get it here:

Works for any smartphone/tablet that support Quick Charge 2.0 including Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, S7, S7 Edge, LG G4, Nexus 6, etc…etc…

I used my new Sony A6300/Speedbooster/Sigma 24mm F1.4 for the top camera in this video.

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Shivaji Devane says:

Nice powerbank and video also but u go to give way give me 1 powerbank

tjrsasea says:

If you want to use greenscreen/blurscreen pls dont wear a hat…


this channel is dead 🙁

Leonelle Cava says:

how many days will it take?

Max Hopkins says:

yo your shirt my name is max

Yodi Vazquez says:

How long takes to charge the battery pack? Can it be charged with the galaxy s6 included ac adapter?

Miguel Angel says:

Slimmest? really? without Quick charge there are a lot thiner easily, with QC IDK but this is kinda fat

DJ Stunt says:

The only thing about this is you will get about 1 full recharge out of the powerbank for the s7 edge, no more than that!

goe gk8511 says:

question,how do i know if it’s a full charge?? 4 light on or off or turn green?

Floyd Mayweather says:

I like this guy’s review he always speaks as if he is high

uabir says:

Do you even Xiaomi bro? Even the 2nd gen was available during uploading this video

TheTruth says:

5200 mah and it only gives you 1.5 charges? why didnt you get a 20mah that gives you around 5-6 charges with led lights also?

RacingJ says:

Will It Fit No 🙂 +MaxLee You Said It Will Fit Any Samsung But It Won’t Fit My D600E

KO'D says:

Can you use this to charge any other smartphone that dosen’t have quick charge 2.0? Like the Samsung Galaxy a5 2016 for example? Please reply fast.

김종겸 says:

does s7 edge support fast charge 2.0??

ballin_arellano559 says:

i have a EasyAcc powerbank with 10,000mah with a 2.1A slot. It charges my s6 edge plus too fucken slow.. I found this on google refurbished gold for 14.99. will be be good? Also is 5200mah enough to fully charge s6 edge plus?

fang bite says:

whats the Price? please

alpacino1976 says:

is this portable battery pack works with the new type c conector of the new galaxy note 7????


Panha Chan says:

does it work it galaxy s5?

alpacino1976 says:

So, do I need to buy a cable type c?? Is that it??

Stephen says:

Hi max not sure if u still use this i have just bought one onece the battery pack is empty how long should it take to charge roughly thanks

Bjorn says:

Hi is it good to charge a samsung phone with a dashview 10400mah fast charging powerbank

XxKazxX xoxo says:

that background look sick… if it was a huge screen and change backgrounds it be even more awsum

tjappa schuur says:

does it work on s6 no edge ?

Wilard Tres Reyes says:

im afraid my galaxy S7 edge will explode if i use other power banks..will it?

Nicholas Mun says:

does this support adaptive fast charging device like galaxy a5(2017)?

Enegue Lipusapid says:

mine sometimes wont work then when you charge it it works

سيف الله المسلول says:

give me the s7 edge

billp6868 says:

Nice video max. But i have a similar ravpower that also does fast wireless charging also.

Bayram Ahmed says:

how much this Powerbank on ebay

Kashif Nadeem says:

whats the difference between this and the fat one with fast charging?

Victor Herrera says:

them are really fast to charge i love mine i get just like 2 chargers from it really good powerbank i got it in ebay for 15$ i got it refurbished lol

baneen87 says:

Thanks maxx

brian problems says:

how much?

321Spin says:

your hat is invisible =)

Give My Opinion says:

5200 is not enough need more like 10000

Ryan says:

Ok on eBay I found a 50,000 mAh for 10$ is it too good to be true?

tommy ho says:

50 buck for 5200, my $27 22000mah anker charge my iPhones fast and the bank last for days for 6 charge for my iPhone 7

RacingJ says:

I’ve Got A Samsung D600E

Ishav Khanna says:

can i use it with s6 edge

Lejan Munoz says:

Power bank details and samsung Mobile Phone

Redhome Work says:

can i use xiaomi mi4c?

Mohammad Haathim says:

Does it support the Galaxy S8 Plus

Gaurav Patkar says:

who here cuz pokemon go?

XxKazxX xoxo says:

oh yeah btw this isn’t the most slimmest one…

Tyler Durden 702 says:

1-3 month wait time currently on Amazon

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