Wireless Charging Qi USB Power Bank! [Must Have for Galaxy S6/S6 Edge]

Here’s a review of two different wireless charging Qi USB Power Banks I have been playing around for last week or so, a must-have for Galaxy S6/S6 Edge owners.

Get the Qi-Infinity USB Power Bank here:

Get the MobilePal Gen-2 here:

Full Write-up here:

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frankzeroRD says:

Wireless charging receiver for note 3?
i have the RAVPower, it not working

Bola Putih says:

Is that wireless power bank compitible for iphone se

James L says:

Is it fast charging?

TheFilledk says:

Powerbanks are SUPER OVERRATED
you are nearly always in a arria with power outlet: bring your charger, less heavy and smaller anyway,
an powerbank will run out of battery at some point, and then you still need a poweroutlet to power your powerbank, to power your phone…

Billy Crespo says:


Dhruv Chincholikar says:

it charges the s 6 edge fully n properly??

Ghostwalker CIA says:

Well i was looking for wireless power bank that can be charged by a wireless charger.

HUNtastic1 says:

forgot to include a key detail! the qi stone can be charged wirelessly!!!!! place it on top of a wireless charger and it will get charged!

Grizzly HP2 says:

Nice video, thanks for making and uploading.
Question.  Why can’t I find a Wireless Charging Qi BATTERYCASE?
It is just a fusion of the wireless charging, the powerbank and the batterycase?
All batterycases I know of still use a connector. That is prety stupid when the S6 has wireless charging.
I asked this before on some Youtube channels about 6 weeks ago, but now one has an answer.. . .yet

Allison Barrios says:

You still need a cable to charge that power bank too!

cowboysfanzz77 says:

Damn….s6 edge is so awesome looking

iHued Smartphone Garage Door Opener says:

Cool video. See our Android Garage Door Opener with webcam ⛔ #iHued-Garage ⛔ P.S. I Liked your video hope you can do the same, thanks 😉

Obama bin laden Vel says:

no quick charge? no buy.. rather connect it and get fast charge. not planning on having to charge for 3hours buddy…

tredstone says:

did the qi+stone give the s6 edge a full charge ? thanks

London Bridge says:

Shout out to flossy carter! Lol

Frank The Avocado says:

Is it safe for the note 5 to use unofficial wireless chargers such as these?

M M says:

Is that a QiStone+ charger or a Qi-infinity™ Upgraded charger ?
I want to know if the charger whose link you have shared in the description can really charge my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Orlando says:

Good review Z!

Tim D says:

Two of my favorite reviewers….Floss and Zedo.  Boulders!  Great vid.

Imafuckingcoward!! says:

Let me confirm this, you are saying you can’t place your phone on top of the small one and have it charge your phone while simultaneously recharding the powerbank it’s self via the wall socket ?

Fix it Guy says:

Thanks for the review. Does the MobilePal immediately charging wirelessly when it’s connected to power or you have to press the power button ? i.e. can I use it as a charging pad and no worry about having to press the button ?

KnightMD says:

Is there a version that charges without pressing the button? That makes a huge difference in usability.

adrian mack says:

Do u have a root for the Alcatel one touch fierce 2

Joseno93 says:

how is the MobilePal powerbank working so far?

Shahazadh Sadhiq says:

Max lee or Zombie lee

Lorraine Ramos says:

0:21 he looks so funny

Loco NoiA says:

leave the close recording m8..its not your thing 😉

Aussie RC Basher says:

can you charge the wireless charger while wireless charging the phone at the same time? (like basically use the portable charger as a dock for you phone)

SnazTastic Kobe says:

i love it accent

Dhruv Chincholikar says:

so this can be used fr s 6 edge??

Vollgas H says:

Been watching floss and your videos back to back super high on android O.o

Babiboib7 says:

+zedomax great video Max..the best & worst of both worlds (wireless charging) its funny how you post this video, because I was on the phone earlier talking about this exact issue “wireless charging”, really..how is it wireless when you need a WIRE to ACTUALLY charge the “WIRELESS” device? #SHOA!!

Jesse Lam says:

It would be cool if they made a powerbank with no ports cuz it wireless charing both ways with ip 68

DeepTech305 says:

do these support quick charge? If not how fast does it charge?

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