What’s so special about this Portable Battery for Nintendo Switch?

It seems just like any other Anker PowerCore portable battery bank. So, why is it so much more expensive? Is it just the Switch logo? And don’t normal USB-C chargers have issues with the Switch?
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Anonymous says:

A powerbank shouldn’t ever be an issue to the switch unless you wanna fearmonger to shill the Nintendo branded one.

Ambrose Card says:

At 7:42 he talks about the chargers that prevent/decrease chances of bricking, so where else other than the pro controller, cause I ain’t shelling that out, can I get the Nintendo official USB-A to USB-C charger?

bahorized says:

Thank God I do not have a switch!

boogie5 gaming etc. says:


thtjapaneseamerikanguy says:

I have a ravpower portable charger that I got for Christmas and it still works. I also use a 3rd party ac adapter for the switch that I got for $15 by blackweb and it works but I still use my dock that I got with my switch. And it still works i was afraid it’ll ruin my switch but I’ve had the adapter for over a month.

J D says:

Damn I’m using a random ass type C on my Switch in my car , can’t find my car charger for if

TranquilGinko says:

He sounds like Unboxtherapy

Hashirama Senju says:

or just carry the official nintendo charger

simplysierra xo says:

How did you get your controllers that red and gold color?

Max Power says:

Seems like the problem is people playing while charging. I bet any charger is fine so long as you aren’t connected to it while playing. Just a hunch.

Alonso Placido says:

my car is able to charge my switch with no problem ….lmao

Felipe Goncalves says:

what if i buy an anker powercore that dont have switch logo, is it safe, i mean its anker too….

Cremudgen Guy says:

this r gud info

Anjin Miura says:

Thanks for the advice Vincent vanJesus.

Kenneth Livengood says:

Are you sure it’s just a power issue? I thought the problem with the aftermarket docks was that Nintendo is sending power AND video/audio though the USB-C port. So if an unofficial battery pack is only delivering power, it shouldn’t be a problem?????

27rasler says:

I like my Nintendo switch but I’m really regret buying it it very expensive for a extra controller and I have lot complain about Nintendo. Also itnot supported in my country.

Armand Silva says:

so is this safe to use

MuddE says:

Does the regular 20100 work the same as this one?

Izak Robles says:

how about regular wall chargers

palanti1 says:

My Xiaomi Power Bank 2 works just fine and super fast charging with my Switch

Devon Weidauer says:

Well I am an idiot. Already had a 13000mAh Anker bank before buying my switch and thought I could just buy a USB-C cable to charge my switch. Now I find out the cable and bank are potential dangers. Nice!

Riley Houghton says:

How did you get the power pack with the switch logo on it

bladethorn says:

Forgot my charge cord at my friend’s house so I’ve been using my portable power bank and my phone’s wire to charge my switch for almost a week. I had no idea I wasn’t supposed to do that…

popcornplaya247 says:

Have u seen how much there charging now for the 20100 mah charger it’s f-ing ridiculous there $159.00 now.

fundude365 says:

These licensed powercores are stillunavailable in the UK.

Bit Goblin says:

ROFL That stab at Samsung !

Steel Meridian says:

Thanks for the info. I was about to try using my older power bank. I have 1000s of hours on my switch. I’d hare to lose it.

jake cohen says:

I’ve been using a 10$ power bank to charge my Switch while I’m playing it on flights. Glad to say my switch works just fine, but I really wish Nintendo wasn’t ass backwards on simple things. If my Switch died from this shitty power bank I would of had no idea it was MY fault. Thanks Nintendo…

Meme Maker 9000 says:

wAnker PowerCore

SneakerD84 says:

Hahaha! Im the same way with my portable chargers when going on a flight. I can probably power the flight systems on the plane.

Pepsimaru says:

They snuck FoxDIE

applejack1085 says:

I have been using RavPower PD (28600 mAh) for almost 2 years (a month after the Switch launched) and it does charge while playing Zelda using USB-C to USB-C. The battery percentage does increase slowly, of course due to Zelda consuming a lot of power. I tried using USB-C to USB-A and it delivers less power than what Zelda consumes.

Temmie gaming and memes says:

If I have a power bank and I have a USB C cabel with a 56k oem resistor will it possibly brick my switch or is it the cabel that is the most important and the power bank doesn’t matter

DDub 64 says:

Ur such an ugly looking dude

Марина Башмакова says:

I am thinking of buying this portable power bank iliketogo.shop/s/ye/ cheap and its really highly rated

Cris Dolla says:

Can I charge my switch using my iPad Pro USBC

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