What Battery Bank Should You Buy?

With so many choices out there to keep your phone battery from dying, how should you go about picking one?

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M N says:

When u have a 15000 MaH solar charging battery bank

over00lord Unknown says:

4:32 Don’t forget to pack some fucking winter clothes!

apz serandin says:

hurry up.

S C says:

Just make your own, learn how

lucky ME says:

If u put a bunch of AAA battery in a safe
Would dat be a
Power bank?

Alex C says:


Sockmonkey511 says:

I have a two fast charging portable battery banks that hold 20,000 mAh each. One gets used while the other is charging.

Abdenacer Fodil says:

Ok lets invade russia in winter

Chester Ogilvie says:

How about using your purchase power buying phones with better batteries or removable batteries. Swapping a battery out midday is a lot less problematic than being tethered to a power brick which is essentially taking the long way just to use another battery that limits your mobility

Mechapaia Shilla says:

I have a 30000 mah battery bank

justin wen says:

Wireless Charging power bank check this out http://kck.st/2Erl2Ak

latorrexpcheco says:

xel ha in the back

Digger DanielG says:

You better read first. MiliIamp Hours = How much current the battery bank can supply for an hour. Or to put another way, if you have a true battery bank rated as 2600 mAh, then tou can pull 2.6 amps for an hour. If not then the rating is false. So if your phone pulls .5 Amps and you have a 2600 mAh battery bank, then the battery bank will last ( 2.6 / .5 = 5.2 hours). Now if the phone has a battery that holds .8 amps then it will take 1.6 hours to charge the phone. I hope this helps. Most battery banks are very liberal in their ratings.

Kallisti Babylon says:


there is a penis joke somewhere in there.

OtterPops says:

5-stars for ambiguity.

Joyventure 101 says:

Check this out in lazada http://bit.ly/romosslazada

Opisek says:

I have an anker with 20Ah for like 3 years now and it’s amazing!

Arghya Das says:

I have 9v2A xiaomi pro power bank

BlackFire204 says:

Mabel I will do that

Douglas MacArthur says:

poor linus

Clinton Boucheix says:

Hey, I’ve been buying and trying many power Banks and that 2.0 amp port had been a lie in every case. What gives? And my phone supports rapid charging. It has a 4000 mAh capacity and when I use the wall charger that’s readied at 5v 2A, I get a sweet 1200-1500 mA charge. When I try the 2 amp port in these power Banks, they put out an average of 200-300 mA.

What’s the deal with that?

akito says:

I am using 13.5 amp storage power bank with 2.1amp charging specs

kitwew says:

who the fuck says battery bank

Erbil forever says:

this video didnt help actually

UnknownDarkDragon says:

ITS OVER 9000!!!! WHAT?!!! OVER 9000!!!????

Btw, i used a power bank while watching this video lol

Mighty Kitty says:


Honey Khan says:

What the fuck.

Mike&ChrisProductions says:

“Crazy uncle Howard”?

Humble Cosmas says:

You mispronounced it is called a powerbank

AndroidEight YT says:

I thought its called powerbank

K.B SINN says:

Your voice sounds like squirrels from chipmunks.

Shiburin says:

Boi where the fuck is USB-C and 3A output. That shit has existed for at *least* two years already and this video is only a little over a year old. Not a very helpful video.

Vincen Cohan says:

a lot of them are lying about their capacity.

HAZOX GAMING0525 says:

Someone Give me a list of the most powerful power banks I can trow in my backpack

Chris Ma says:

plz look into pisen too

honyburger123 says:

I got Samsungs one. My god it’s amazing!

Miojo Pronto says:

Just another merchandise

Rhey Jen Crusem says:

Over 9000!!!

Brendan Smith says:

Beware of obscenely high capacities. Just bought a supposedly 300,000 mah bank. It will probably actually hold 6000 to 10000 mah judging from its size.

Clid says:


55 44 says:

I have ipad pro so i need 29 watt usb c, i have switch so i need 18watt usb c, i have note 5 so i need 15watt quick charge. Which is the best powerbank for me 15000mah plus please

Fabbesson says:

Start at 0:49

Ann Elisabeth says:

Test’em yourself. USB testers start at a little over a dollar for a simple model. I bought a powerbank that had a 1 Ah output and a 2 Ah output. Guess what? The 1 Ah delivered 0.5Ah to a device that prefers 1 Ah, and the 2 Ah delivered 1 Ah to a device that prefers 2 Ah. And I didn’t connect both at the same time. It’s capabable of delivering more, though. A load and tester went up to over 2 Ah on the 2 Ah port before it crapped out. So why didn’t my devices draw more?

Jose Rodriguez says:

Is a 20,000Mah battery back too much? I’m interested in one by Tzumi Pocket Juice

Bupowski says:

I’m thinking about getting Anker’s power bank, but I am afraid because if I decide to change my phone to something new like Samsung Galaxy S9 from iPhone 6s plus, I believe that it won’t work.

realtbnrfrags10 says:

IT’S CALLED POWER BANK sorry no anger

Paul says:

Just ordered the Anker 26800 Mah from Amazon, hope it’s as good as they say it is. Costed £99.99 Which is about $140 usd

Gotee Gotee says:

Wasted my time

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