USB Power Bank Review and Tests

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In this video I review 13 USB power banks (including two wild cards). I compare them across about 28 criteria, including real world capacity, voltage drops, energy density, price and fast charging capability.

Thanks to Franky for the USB Power monitor that was a huge value during testing:

USB Power Banks Tested:

* EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Classic 15600mAh –
* EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh –
* Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E3 –
* Poweradd™ Mini 5000mAh –
* Scud USA / Fremo P100 –
* Anker® Astro E5 16000mAh –
* Maxboost® Electron 10000mAh –
* Bolt Power® G06C Portable 600 AMP Peak With Air Compressor Car Battery Jump Starter –
* Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator –
* Anker® 2nd Gen Astro Mini 3200mAh –
* Intocircuit Power Castle 11200mAh –
* Poweradd™ 10400mAh Dual USB External Battery Pack with Multi-Angle Portable Stand –

Link to the spreadsheet:

Link to other review:

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Brannon Tucker says:

OMFG!!! FINALLY!!! A REAL TEST REVIEW video and not another BS unboxing video labeled “review”! Why was this video the 20th video I had to watch to get to this one. I’m subscribing just based upon the fact that you know WTF you’re talking about. Thanks!

Jim Devilbiss says:

Having an electronic engineering degree and a ham radio license it is absolutely fabulous to see you someone actually testing products. One of the best recommendations that YouTube has ever given me. Thank you for your diligence. As you said the open box and let’s look at product is not a product review.

Shantra Mulani says:

Simply Brilliant!

Phillip de Leon says:

PLEASE MAKE A review on iWALK CHIC10000 Li-Polymer Potable Backup Battery

A A says:

This is a true review, not like the other shitty stuff everyone is doing. thx mate, please keep it like this.

Muhammad As-sadiq says:

Hello sir. I really appreciate your detail review. I have been searching throughout YouTube several days to find these kind of detail review. Very good and very educational. Please keep it up. My full support to you.
Would it be possible you could also review the latest powercore from Anker as their Powerbank has improved. Really appreciate it. Thank you.

Basic Poke says:

I really appreciate this, great info, heavily influencing my decision. Do you have an opinion on the “Poweradd Pilot Plus High Capacity 20000mAh”?
or “EasyAcc Monster 20000mAh Power Bank”

players02 says:

Please do a review of Power Banks with Quick Charge 2.0 capability.

Anker is one of them :

Thanks in advance! Love your detailed videos.

John Yen says:

HI Martin, I solar charge a RAVPower 13000mAh model# RP-PB22 powerbank . The solar charger is Sunkingdom 8W non-folding white plastic panel which works quite well! My problem is any sunlight disturbance (clouds or flicker of shadow) will cause the powerbank to cease charging, and it will not resume charge under direct sunlight. I understand this happens when solar panel is direct charging iPhone device – and that is the reason I am charging powerbank. I have to manually reset the powerbank by reinserting USB. Is this phenomenon restricted to this particular RAVPower powerbank or all powerbanks in general? In other words, are there other powerbanks more suitable for USB solar chargers?

James Braselton says:

hi there do a review on power banks with acdc out lets

Samgab says:

Excellent stuff, thank you Martin. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I have a suggestion, if you are ever looking for new ideas. I see the market has been flooded with Power Banks of the type that purport to jump start cars. You had one of these in your testing here. No one has done intensive testing of several of these type of units side-by-side, showing what their true capacities are, their true high amp jump starting capabilities, and feature comparisons. The “PowerAll” is one of the better known versions, as they seem to have done a fair bit of marketing, but there are lots of cheap eBay/Amazon alternatives too, and one doesn’t know what one is going to get if buying online… Well, just an idea for you. Keep up the good work, and have a good 2016!

MrBrymstond says:

20,000mAh or 20Ah rated battery pack multiplied by 3.7v = 74,000 divided by 5v = 14,800 @ 80 to 90% so 14,800 multiplied by 0.9 = 13,320 and that’s the true rating divided by the amp hour rating of your battery so say it’s 3,400mAh for math sake we use 3400.00mAh = 3.91 Charges if everything is perfect so we’ll use the optimal percentage of effiecency due to the 5v step up! But because The cord, the charging port, connection  and Device Battery brings it down to 80%! As time goes on the efficency goes down from 80 and so on which you change the 0.9 to 0.8 so the 14,800 multiplied by 0.8 = 11,840 divided by your device battery, say the same as before which is 3400.00 so you will get 3.48 charges and not the 5.88 charges you’re led to believe! The LAW OF CONSERVATION

Shawn Smith says:

We need to impose the death penalty on people and companies who lie about battery capacity.

Hudson T. says:

EasyAcc looks like a rip-off Anker. Same looking font (the A looks the closest), build in the bigger charger… I think I’m just bias towards Anker.

Cheap Chinese Pieces says:

You are doing god’s work! I’ll try to share your videos with friends, you really deserve more views.

PiXTheGod says:

Pokemon Go brought me here.

karzygijose says:

if i tested a 10,000power bank at .80amp and I get 7140mah that’s about Right? Or is it less then that?

Sng Zhi Yong says:

The powerbank at 7.30 is a replica of the xiaomi 10400 mah power bank.

Rick Saffery says:

Side note, I think your lab is great and hope to someday have mine looking half as nice!

Jerry Mack says:

Much impressed. Best review by far.

Streamtronics says:

I do believe manufacturers and especially Chinese sellers will overstate capacity on power banks.
BUT, I also believe that those stated capacities are the LiIon/LiPo battery’s capacities. Now, due to stepping up to 5V the current on the high side will be roughly 74% of the current on the low side – which pretty much matches the capacity difference for the EasyAcc bank (10 Ah @ 3.7 V vs. 7.2 Ah @ 5 V).
This would also explain why the measured stored energy (Wh) matches the stated value, since that’d only get notably affected by the efficiency of the boost circuit.
I’m not saying it’s the best to declare the battery’s capacity, I do agree that Wh should be used. But then phone manufacturers etc. should adopt Wh ratings over mAh ratings. Also on a side note, given that most portable devices do have a single lithium cell in them, the capacity rating might actually be almost met, after stepping back down to 3.7 V by the device (as in, a 10 Ah power bank will actually charge a device with 10 Ah battery) (minus losses in boost and buck converters of course).

Peter Kim says:

Will you report on long term use? I’m interested in how they hold up over time.

Karol playz says:

really well done video probably the best out there for information.

sobolanul96 says:

xiaomi builds oem powerbanks for many companies, even asus. Just like they do with mobile phones. You just make an order of at least a few thousand devices and they will print whatever you want on them. Fortunately they build devices of good quality.

MrBrymstond says:

If you’re in a car use a car charger.

Erik Ambriz says:

Hey man, I was wondering whenever you have the chance, could you test out the charging capabilities from these hand cranking portable dynamos;

ETON NBOTU2000B Boost Turbine 2000:

Emergency Power USB Hand Crank SOS Phone Charger:

SOS Phone Charger:

These had some of the best ratings that I found, but ultimately I know that hand cranking generators are really weak batteries, but they do help charge up your phone for a few minutes for an unlimited time (until inner magnets die out which may take decades). This should be interesting because some people are hoping into this sort of bandwagon and I found many fake sellers and products such as this one (you can type this out in the youtube video search bar) “Fake 3-LED Dynamo Hand-crank Flashlight from Ebay, China – Teardown”

Don’t get me wrong, I find these hand crank generators useful for smaller devices but every few minutes in a smart phone could also prove to be crucial. I hope that you might make a video like this to help educate people about these hand cranking generators, about their real use, and to see if you could find any “best” ones.

JimsBagels says:

Please keep doing these long, in depth reviews!

john doegh says:

you do by far the best reviews of these devices, head and shoulders above anyone else ive came across, thankyou very much

Dima UA says:

Thank you for this great in depth review.

Fredrik Johansson says:

Xiaomi Mi powerbank is the original, some say they have the best powerbanks out there, i recently picked up a ravpower 6700 mAh wich is awesome, it comes with a 60 cm flat cable, thinking about picking up a 20-30 cm one to maximize efficiency.

Charles Ng says:


Daniel G. says:

Great test! I will share this with the ingress community oft Berlin Germany. Ingress gamer are super heavy users of powerbanks. Your test will be called: “The ultimate powerbank test!” thank you very Much!

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