Ultrathin 20,000mAh Power Bank Thorough Review Yes, TOTAL Rip Off

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Luciano says:

Please, do the same test with any PINENG power bank ✌

Frankie Pitochelli says:

I have bought over 10 storage batteries in the last 2 yrs, almost all NEVER were even close to being what they claim they were rated at…
most were only half of what they were rated at….
I’m kind of surprised that these companies who sell these can blatantly mis-advertise the capacity that they print on the labels…!!!
I always thought there were laws against false advertising.!!

Cătălin George Feștilă says:

It’s an interesting topic for the audience. It would be interesting to see what your choice is. A comparative study on products would be useful with graphics would be more intuitive. The video size is even 33 minutes high for one product. As interesting as that product, youtube recommends 10 minutes for audience growth and marketing …Thank’s.

Vital Ral says:

Its just so obvious that a tiny toy like that simply wont hold 20 amps of power. For me I dont measure them anymore I just know its misleading like most made in China products.

HDXFH says:

Fake as

tensa Zangetsu says:

wow, such a ripoff :/

Norm DePlume says:

You clearly know your stuff! Can you just Recomended a good budget power bank?

Frankie Pitochelli says:

shocked at the inside of that battery, it was nothing more than a Samsung 2600 ma battery..!!

tarstarkusz says:

I would love to know where you got that USB thing.

konsul2006 says:

Really useful. Thanks for busting the crooks.

RIB B says:

Erase the “m” in “20000 mah” to upgrade it to “20000 AH”. For the USB meter, put a piece of tape loosely over the switch button on the back for large fingers – a very nice product except the button is too small and hard to use considering all the memory options available..

Rune Møllegaard says:

I recommend a TOMO powerbank. then you decide what battery you install.

Diego32320 says:

Thanks for doing this! People try to sell these all over the internet, not to mention in person. Be cautious everyone, if it seems too good to be true, it more than likely is, but do your research!

Poptart McJelly says:

I have a Linocell x8 20000mAh and it’s about three times thicker than this and feels like a proper brick in your hand – heavy bastard.
But i guess watts in China are different from the watts everywhere else. 😀
It was also fun making some calculations while watching this video.
5V * 2,581Ah = 12,905Wh out
3,7V * 4,112Ah = 15,2144Wh in
12,905Wh / 15,2144Wh * 100% = 84,4% efficiency on the boost converter inside and there’s no way you’d get more than 1A through that tiny inductor.

James stranger says:

so you need to use your phone to charge your power bank! if you buy one of those.. I bought a smaller one. I didn’t expect it to completely charge my phone . but the voltage isn’t high enough to charge it at all. I plugged it in . after charging it. I guess it was 80-90% . my phone was 30-40%. it completely killed my phone.

michael elder says:

I always dislike faulty claims. I’m glad there are people like you with the free time to expose this slander. I have yet to see a power bank at all made in the USA, that I can for sure trust. That’s why I’ve decided to start using DIY kits. Plus I can swap other batteries out if I carry spares.

Ken Tan says:

Just another fake chinese product

Cr1982 R says:

Thanks for this useful info…

wonderc66 says:

thx very much for the review. i just buy the same bs power, same box but i only got 1 power line not 4 in 1, but by now ppl should know that this power bank is a rip of

Jason Smith says:

That cable is awesome, I need a dozen of those to hook up to my anker USB chargers

Phino K.M. says:

Well as a matter of fact, the power bank gave you around 3500mAh, since the capacity of power banks is usually always given at the batteries native voltage as is the capacity of your phones battery which for the Li-ion batteries used in power banks, smartphones etc. is 3.7 Volts. And since you measured about 2500mAh at 5V (2.5 * 5 = 12.5 Wh) it should be able to charge your 2600mAh at 3.7V (2.6 * 3.7 = 9.62 Wh) Samsung Galaxy S4 battery with ease.
That said however, 3500mAh is still significantly less than the advertised 20000mAh not to mention the not particularly impressive efficiency of 2500mAh / 4000mAh = 62.5 % and the really low charge/discharge current. But you can just open an eBay case and get your money back, in my experience, in cases like this one usually isn’t even expected to return the item, so yeah, might not be particularly useful. But it’s also no real risk to give it a try. At least when bought via eBay, Amazon or another online shop with good buyer protection.


What should i get? A case for iphone or power bank

Bruno Souza says:

Great video, I bought one of those a few months ago on Amazon thinking it was a good deal. I paid almost $20 for it . Thinking I was getting a 20.000 amps and as soon as I started using it I noticed it was a rip off !!! It takes forever to charge the power bank and when I tried to charge my iPhone 6 with 30% of battery left, the whole Battery pack discharged and didn’t charge my iPhone to 100 %. Piece of junk !

Yu HaDeN says:

great review

Maos Vape says:

HAHAHA this is brilliant. Will make a lot of people very unhappy!! Nice video mate 😉

David Edgerly says:

TY Richard.. your hard work helps to inform so many…

Wesley Crabajales says:

I have a Chinese design and Chinese made phobia.

BigDirtyBasterd says:

does anyone make a 20k-mah charger like this?

bos dad says:

Thanks for the video, and the links. very helpful

DocGenius1 / Videos says:

Richard Lloyd you my brother is GENIUS, Wow i just bought one from ebay, wish i would have seen your video before i bought this item, Thank you for sharing…….Peace

Adonis cmj says:

yea, I figured as much. 20,000 not a chance. The power banks I build have 4 or 5 18650’s that I have tested at 3,000 mah each and even though It may have 12,000 or 15,000 in the batteries, that is at lower voltage than 5 volts. There is some loss in the boost converter. I still can’t believe they are allowed to state 20,000 when it is a lie and false advertising.

spotify95 says:

That wasn’t a 20,000mAh cell, that was a 4225mAh cell! (at 3.7V)
The 2581mAh was at 5V, which means you will have losses when converting the 3.7V to 5V (plus mAh at 3.7V is not going to be the same as mAh at 5V).
For comparison, my EasyAcc 10000mAh battery pack does actually deliver and give 10000mAh (or close to), it charged my GS4 up 3-3.5 times before running out.

mbaksa says:

One has to be careful when comparing capacity – if nominal voltages are the same, comparison is OK. If they are different, capacity must be recalculated into Wh, otherwise one is comparing apples to oranges. I expected it to be about 4000 mAh 3.7V battery (which is 5x less than declared). Those 2581 mAh USB charger doctor displayed is capacity @ 5V, not @ nominal 3.7V. So this capacity translates into 12.905 Wh. Then, there are losses in raising voltage to 5V. Let’s say that boost converter has 85% efficiency. That means 1.95 Wh is lost in boosting voltage, and that would mean total battery capacity is 14.84 Wh, or 4011 mAh @ 3.7V.

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