TP LINK Power Bank TL-PB10400: USB Portable Battery Charger; TP Link Power Bank unboxing and review

Unboxing and review of the portable USB charger TP-Link Power Bank 10400mAh, the best power bank for iPhone and iPad I used so far. Check it out on Amazon:
Amazon US: UK: (see more countries below)

Can you believe it is been 10 months since I bought this Power Bank?! This review was hugely overdue. Before buying my electronics, I research a lot, I read and watch a bunch of reviews myself. When I finally make my decision and buy it, I immediately record videos of my unboxing, but these files very often rest untouched on an external hard drive for quite a time while I use the product and have my personal feeling about it.

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Details about the “mAh” numbers and charge efficiency and capacity:

This article in my website:

I had plenty of time to use it charging my iPhone and iPad on some trips here in Spain – so nice when you can walk the whole day long not worrying about your devices’ power. You simply charge them on the go. I don’t even put them in my backpack: I keep my iPhone plugged with its lightning cable directly in the power-bank in my pocket… the cable doesn’t bother me, and it remains 100% charged even when I am taking photos like crazy 🙂 My mother also loved it… I had to give my power bank to her and buy me a new one later.

For any USB powered/chargeable mobile device you take with you on a backpack (smartphones, tablets, cameras, gamepads, joysticks, remote-controls), this portable charger is a no brainer: just plug the USB cable. Its hight capacity allows you to keep everything charged on the go – no need to lose time waiting near an outlet anymore.

There is only one thing I can think of that would make this product ever better for iPhone/iPad users: it could have a built-in lightning cord-plug… Just don’t forget to bring your Apple lightning cable with you and there will be no problem.

Once more, this review is not sponsored. My choice, I bought the product myself, my opinions.

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Written, Performed and Produced by Everson Siqueira

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Squizel says:

Can the TPLink TL-PB10400 charge a Samsung phone?

Canal do Pelotinha says:

You’ re Brazilian ?

Chaapacman says:

i have this one, i find to get a new power bank after 1 year, but i think is better rebuy te same model haha, are incredible powerbank!, but now price is higgest 🙂

b3ans4eva says:

I bought one of these because of your enthusiastic video & it’s been getting regular use in and out of the house. It’s charged everything I’ve thrown at it, including a Nintendo Switch & still had just left over for a quick refill. Thank you for bringing this product to my attention. 🙂

Mo Abed says:

Very helpful and informative, liked and subscribed, thanks kindly 🙂

Akua Dezki says:

Excelente review, lo mejorcito de lo que vengo buscando desde hace horas. Saludos desde Argentina.

Harry Thomas says:

I likeed it very much

Lisandro Chacon says:

Great review! Thanks. I read in one of the comments here, that it doesn’t charge Samsung tablets. Do you know something about that? I have one of those, and if it doesn’t work, there would be no point in buying this charger! Thanks again!

jose lz says:

Amigo el el mejor video que he visto muy completo. Es genial! gracias por compartirlo

Exit says:

hoy me compré este cargador son7 horas de carga no? asi no se me baja toda la bateria cuando juego pokemon jaja

Nefertiti Patell says:

I just received this Power Bank and the LED flashlight isn’t working. The Power Bank only shows one light. Shall I first charge the Power Bank fully and re-check?

Rowyn Gaming official says:

I also did a review on this power bank! Oh and funny i use the same iPad charger to charge it.

altorhys says:

Hello. I bought mine yesterday and it didn’t want to full charge : plugged all nihgt, it only give me 2 led on 4…

What’s the problème? TX/Merci

Chicken and rice for a very good price says:

Good video, I also have got that power bank and it’s really good. The most comfortable way to use it, for me, is to put the power bank into the side pocket of a blouse/jacket and hold the phone in hand.

Jaasiel Jimenez says:

cuando acaba de cargar es cuando ya no parpadea ningún led o como se cuando ya cargi el 100 porciento

Geek Detour says:

There is a new, bigger, boy in town 🙂 TP-LINK 15600mAh: (Amazon USA) (Amazon UK) (Amazon DE) (Amazon ES) (Amazon FR)

Thank you Chaapacman for leading me to this discovery 🙂 Lets see when I’ll be able to put my hands in one of these! (No guys, I don’t get free stuff, ha ha ha – I would buy it as anybody else)

Rosemberg Almeida says:

adorei as legendas em portugues. S2

Reagan Huang says:

Nice video. Good job.

Reds says:

muito bom! amei seu canal 😀

Dietrich Porath says:

Aparelho novo, deu 2 cargas completas no meu LG G3 (aparelho ligado, com tudo ativado, carregado e carregando na saída 2A). Tinha ainda 1 pt de carga. Não vou dizer que é excelente, mas se com o tempo ele ainda estiver com a mesma autonomia de novo, está ótimo!

Daniel Josafat Flores Marin says:


cabresco says:

Ele É bom No Galaxy S6?

Nycho Kill says:

Use the 2.1amp output it could charge your iPhone faster

Mike Messiah says:

u are so full of life!!! Love ur channel

FreedomFighter08 says:

Can you charge the charger with an iPhone charger?

TheWitcher says:

hola! lo compre ayer y con un cargador rapido original de galaxy s6 me tardo 21hs en cargarlo (es la primera carga). a usted le tarda 7 horas desde siempre?

Jorge Jaime says:


the7observer says:

nice review. Objective and fun. You could have shown how bright was the flashlight though.

Louie Thompson says:

I have one

Nefertiti Patell says:

I’ve another question: How do I know if the battery is charging? Would all the 4 indicator lights flash?

Carlos Amato says:

Estoy buscando un Power Bank para mi Iphone ya que estoy mucho tiempo fuera de casa, tu review me convenció y ya se cual voy a comprar, quiero algo de marca y nada made in china, saludos desde Argentina!
Thanks for this review!

Daniel Valdes says:

Gracias x la review,ese power bank sera mi proxima compra!
Saludos desde Argentina 🙂

HypePingy says:

Good review,keep up with the good work!

Jean Carlos says:

Ótimo review, adorei o canal!
Uma dúvida, você é brasileiro?

Bankad Anka says:

The production quality of your videos and reviews is awesome, I’m suprised you don’t have more subs! Keep up the good work!

Allan Johnson says:

How long will it hold its charge? I want to carry it as backup so it may go days without being used. Do I’m curious–once device is fully charged, how long will it be before the charge dissipates it it isn’t used? Thanks in advance.

Bhushan B says:

How do u feel about this powerbank in 2017. Does it provide the same level of backup ??

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