Tons of Power! – Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh Portable Charger Review

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The viewers have been asking to see some Anker battery packs and here ya go! This is the Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh with Quick Charge 3.0 review.

Link Anker :

Link Amazon :

Price : Currently $50 on Amazon

Weight : 12.5 oz

Dimensions :

a green USB QC 3.0 compatible output port, a regular 5V/1A USB output port,

All of the safety systems that you would expect from a powerbank are built in;

Short circuit protection Temperature control Surge protection Auto shutoff.

iPhone is not QC 3.0 compatible, I used the standard 1A port. And using it, it charged my iPhone just as fast as it does with my standard Apple wall charger.

Charging Times for Iphone 5s :

If your device accepts quick charging this powerbank is going to have much better charge times. 80% in 35 minutes fast.

PowerCore 20000 packs seven iPhone charges or five Galaxy S6 charges into your bag or pocket. That’s a whole week of charging without needing to plug into the wall.

Charging Time : 11 hours to fully charge the device. LEDs will shut off when it is done charging.

Pros :

Fast charging especially with compatible quick charge products

Lots of juice.

Will automatically adjust the charging speed based on the device.

Can charge multiple devices at once.

This is a really good brand. Trust worthy. I have reviewed a lot of different brands, some were terrible. Some were good. Anker is just about always great.

Holds a charge for a very long time

Cons :

Large and heavy but for the amount of power, it’s understandable. Perfect for a backpack, not for a pocket.

Takes a long time to fully charge the powercore.

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Wonderful Wandering Topics says:

I have been watching your videos for a while but only just joined youtube this week to post videos. So I just subscribed and thumbs up. I enjoy watching and learning from you ans Susan in the videos. I don’t camp out anymore. I just do day hikes. Are you near Grandfather Mountain? I vacationed in that area 20 years ago. I loved it. Thanks for sharing the videos.

Gramel Cedeño says:

it will damage if i charge it with a fast charger Samsung plug?

Bill Barnhart says:

you ever tried to charger the power bank with a solar panel (portable system)?

ivbnm says:

OMG it’s f*cking huge. i bought same 20000mAh Quick charge with Aukey it’s almost half the size of that one.


Can you make a Nother camping trip video overnighter

megaleadjp says:

I bought this. It takes 8 hours to charge it full.

Dave Hwang says:

Where is it made?

PullUpBar says:

Do these damage the cell phone battery?

Daniel Chavez says:

What about charging it on a solar panel like the 21 watt Anker ? How long does it take to completely charge

LionheartNh says:

Is that a battery bank in my pocket or am I just pleased to see you.

Jay Wanders Out says:

QuickCharge technology is pretty universal on newer devices like micro USB is universal on devices. Apple always does whatever it wants regardless of standards and convenience for their customers so that’s the price you pay. Remember their motto, “You don’t know what you want until Apple tells you.”

justin miller says:

So this contains 20,000 mAh but you can only charge the 5s 6 times? That should be right under half of the portable charger!

Spookyiff says:

Got 2 Blackweb 20,000mAh chargers for less then the price of one of these. Wallyworld.

Jacob Irmen says:

Good choice my man I own that exact one myself, anger is basically my favourite brand for these.

M. H. says:

Very nice review!!!

Antony Dkson says:

is it compatible with Samsung fast charge?

Mikee says:

Sleek and slick.

Jorge A says:

YOu have to charge ir with Quick Charge also to get to 100% much faster

DB Tyme says:

thank you…

darrin hughes says:

it doesn’t come with a wall plug ac to USB charging cord?

Fume says:

planing on getting it to play pokemon go lol

Timmenerst says:

Iphone 5s = 1560mAh. 6*1560=9360. This is a bigger powerloss then i expected :-(. Is this normal?

Sebastian Orion Boonvisate says:

thanks I bought it. it is great and useful. I can finally stop scavage for an outlit.

ThatGuyKappa says:

i like your video, doesn’t sound like a advertisment, and actual real hands on experience review, not just another cheese video hit

Nguyên says:

I wish my Macbook pro has that battery.

rlordonio says:

Can you use it for charging while plugged into the wall outlet?


I love this channel is channel totally expresses me and wants me to go out my Gilly shoot and shoot BBs

dimmacommunication says:

bought it, i have a quickcharge 3.0 charger, i will try to see how much it takes to charge the powerbank
and i have a lgg4 with qc 2.0

David Incardona says:

these charge much faster with the anker wall charger.

ProductFRED says:

Actually, a LOT of products use Qualcomm Quick Charge. For years now. It’s just that Apple’s products don’t support it (you mentioned using an iPhone 5S).

Oli Selby says:

will quick charge damage the iPhone?

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