TOMO usb battery bank review

My newest prep is a USB battery pack by TOMO. For $20 on eBay you can get this unit that has dual usb outputs (one 1amp and one 2amp port), recharges via microUSB and has a nice green information display on the front. This unit does not come with batteries. It runs on 1 to 4 18650 lithium ion batteries. The only con I see to this unit is while it’s operating, the backlight for the screen stays on full time (a small waste of energy). The unit will auto shutoff in 20 seconds if your not charging anything or recharging the internal batteries.

I would reccomend to use unprotected 18650 batteries as this unit has protection built in and for an easier fit in the unit. You can also use 18650 batteries from old laptop batteries like I have. One word of caution though, if you have never opened up a laptop battery pack yet, do some research first. Even a dead laptop battery pack opened has the potential of high amerage power that can easily cause burns or venting batteries.

–UPDATE 03-29-2015–

Youtube user “Bunker Squirrel” has found an undocumented feature on this unit. Once it is either charging a cell phone or your recharging the unit, you can turn off the green backlight by holding the power button for a half second. This will help lengthen your battery time a little bit by not wasting power on the LCD backlight.

You can find this unit on amazon here:


Rock Raines says:

I know this video was from 3 years ago but how did that Tomo battery pack last over time? I’m thinking of getting one from myself but was unfamiliar with the brand so I need your wisdom on this one. Thanks!

233kosta says:

Seems legit… I’ll take 2!

mitropoulosilias says:

did you measured the actual amperage output and input?

santiago vindell says:

Does it have any battery protection built into the charger like over discharge, polarity protection……

Ray Luis D. Monserrata says:

Hi there! I just bought a TOMO power bank, after a few weeks of use I noticed that the second battery slot from the left drains the battery fast and when I was charging the power bank, I removed the battery on the second slot, the display still shows it’s still charging. I guess there’s a minor defect on some of the parts, is there a way I can still fix this problem? I opened the enclosure on the power bank and I don’t know where to start trouble shooting it.

wtam69 says:

Cool power pack with nice LED display and not too pricey.

Tanuki says:

What do you think about the 3 batteries one ?

Mikhail Nagaitsev says:

My TOMO start switch off independently from load 🙁

Da Bros says:

Great vid!

ziaudeen mahomed sayid says:

can it handle a power supply of 5v 2A and how many mah does it charge the batteries at?

williamchrist says:

Is there any reason, why my Tomo switches off after 30secs, when I want to charge my iPhone? I have the version with 2 batteries, but only 1 inserted. The display shows, that it is charging the iPhone and then after 30secs it powers off. Completely useless that way!

wrayman63 says:

Searched on Ebay , no results. Perhaps TOMO isn’t in the description?

Brian C says:

How did I miss this…very cool review
Got 15 18650’s out of LiIon cordless drill battery packs, they were in the recycle bin at Lowes, ripped em open…tested em…ALL the batteries were good..just not charged…odd, oh well another mans trash was my treasure
Definitely going to get me one…my onesies 18650 chargers just can’t hang…

Tanuki says:

Do it make noise ? it’s the Tomo T4 ?

Shaun Hauser says:

Just got my TOMO bank and very excited to use it.  One thing that I’m curious on – Does anyone know the TOMO’s mAH output to the batteries?  Thanks in advance!

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