The Ultimate Power Bank Review – 26400mAh Power House!!

This DB Portable Power Bank is the ultimate power bank! With 26400mAh it is 5 times more powerful than a regular power bank.

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THIS IS THE ULTIMATE PORTABLE POWER BANK!! Once this bad boy is charged, you will have enough juice to charge an Iphone 10 7 times! A MacBook Pro 2 times! Or even run a small refrigerator. With 2 USB outlets and an 80 Watt AC outlet, the choices are almost limitless. It is also TSA approved so it is the perfect travel companion for yourself, your family, or some new friends you will find if your flight is delayed. In this review, I show you just how easy it is to turn up the juice in case of that natural disaster.


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Kauhane Hanson says:

This is a awesome battery!!!!

Nihard Bhattarai says:

Give me i need it

James Yi says:

Great video Matt

Le-Anne Summers says:

Real nice!

Somarie says:

I love mine! Don’t go anywhere without mine!

Dean Luciano says:

This is awesome. My mom has the Halo charger which has a car starter, usbs and flash light. BUT it does not have a standard outlet for charging laptops!

Letty R. says:

I have a niece going abroad. This would be great.

Carol Bauer says:

Thank you Matt. I’m looking forward in getting this product. It will come in handy when I travel and I plan on doing a lot of that!

S Wats says:

How long would it power a desktop pc?

ec408ec says:

I was just thinking about this the other day when looking at lanterns. I’d like to see more emergency-type gadgets.

Carol Elkins says:

This would be great anytime, but especially during hurricane season.

J Allen says:

That’s cool.

Pam Griffin says:

Very nice Matt!

Christopher Goodman says:

Nice power bank.

TinkerB3!! says:


rob haight says:

, still not giving anything away

Jeannette Parrish says:

Where can I find that power bank

Katie Johnson says:

Give you girl a hug from Katie. Hope you have an awesome week! Keep the deals coming. 🙂

Fred Mclaurin says:

I really need to buy one!!

Helen G. says:

This will be great for our camping trip this Summer!

Jeff Maatman says:

Looks like a great power solution.

arnold oliver says:

I’ll check it out thank you

easyfatchick666 says:

They have ones that can charge the same and jumpstart cars. And of course the flashlight heh

Sandra Butterbaugh says:

Awesome power bank for use in storm power outages for medical needs, etc. Great presentation as always Matt.

Jacob Konopacki says:

Power for days!!!

Donna Battles says:

I love it!! Thanks again Matt!!

Karen Piermarini says:

Definite Father’s Day gift

Jaime Rangel says:

Why haven’t you done any give aways lately? I see a shelf full of items behind you every deal you show.

dhlamar says:

I could use that!!!!!!!

Daniel says:

Damn matt, cool deals!

scotty thompson says:

cool power bank talk matt

knightquest007 says:

Power banks are awsome

byron shore says:

haven’t seen a give away in a while…

Tamera Danforth says:

Can you test solar chargers, especially for emergency use? Thanks, Matt!

tariq saadiq says:

Thats major

Michaela Hamilton says:

Love this! Would be great for traveling and camping! Thanks Matt!

Okolie Joachim says:

Did he say a power a heater?

gerald shipley says:

this is the large one yet

Joel Alcazar says:

That is pretty awesome!

Linda Allasia says:


chimes inthewind says:

sounds  good

Therese Pilzner says:

Keep finding electronic device deals!


Love this power bank. It’s larger which is nice.

mezcurtiss says:

Matt send me a DJI Maverick Drone. Thank you.

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