The last powerbank you’ll ever need! Maxoak K2

The Maxoak K2 Powerbank is a genuine 50,000 mAh powerbank that can recharge your phone, tablet and even your laptop! It’s truly the last powerbank you’ll ever need to buy.

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Aside from the 4 USB ports for charging phones and tablets, it also includes a 20V DC jack output with multiple connectors for charging laptops. Also there’s a 12V output which can be used for monitors, TVs, projectors and other 12V equipment.

I discharged the powerbank with a 5V ~1A load which ran for 31 hours and consumed a total of 168.5 Wh. The load was actually a little higher than 1A but I rounded it down for simplicity.

168.5Wh is within 10% of the expected 185Wh which makes this a genuine 50,000 mAh powerbank.

At 2.77lb or 1.25KG, you’re going to feel it in your backpack, but that’s the price you pay for such a high capacity!

The Maxoak powerbank includes a 16.8V 2.5A charger which can fill the powerbank from 0 to 100% in 6-8 hours.

Although the laptop DC output is labelled as 20V, under load it could go as low as 19V. The reality is that most laptops can actually accept slightly higher and slightly lower voltages because of onboard regulators. But of course you take your own risk if you go outside of the specs for your laptop.

The over current protection on the 20V output will kick in at 4.5A.

The over current protection on the 12V output will kick in at 3.5A.

I recommend checking their Amazon listings to see if your laptop is officially supported because they’re constantly providing updated information and occasionally update the included connectors.

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ron shhi says:


unknownpawner1994 says:

Looks like i cant put this powerbank in flights since it exceeds the 99 Wh limit

Christian Gonzalez says:

thank you so much…

Diston Ps4 Gaming channel says:

Ok – anker pd 28600 and Anker 5 port 4 usb and 1 usbc –  does the other 4 usb charge ports deliver a fast charge to devices like iPhone x iPad mac book pro. we have usb ports built into our home plug sockets and we get really slow charge of them. so will Anker 5 port
 boost it?

shad hasan says:

Will power bank can be rechargeable while other device is recharging from it?

JG Alegria says:

Hi Gadget Addict the DC outlet is 20v and my laptop output voltage is 19v can I use this safely to recharge the battery? what about running the laptop plugged in to the power bank? Thanks

Yuen Ken tsang says:

Bloody hell this guy can make me fall asleep lol.

Karen Hughes says:

I’ve heard that this doesn’t have a USB type C connector which would make it useless for newer laptops. Any opinions on this?

chris St.Cililen says:

may sound crazy. But what about charging 30 smaller devices

Aunkan Mashreky says:

great review man. keep it up

i highly appreciate your video

loved it

Mad- Stylez says:

How do you make the dc 12v to cig lighter? Do you just cut em and put em together?

jeffrey bacus says:

I absolutely love your videos sir. Thanks for sharing so much on your channel.

John Doe says:

So will this run a 1500 watt space heater all night? I’m trying to stay warm in a van.

Abztract Iag says:

i like your power inverter that looks good 😀

Robert Landrum says:

The reason that the wattage is slightly different is because the electronics have to convert the 3.7 volts into 5 volts. This will change the mAh that is outputs. At 5 volts output, it will output power at 37,000 mAh @ 175 Watts, which is pretty spot on what you tested. @ 12 volts, the total output is 8,880 mAh @ 106 Watts. But at $150 a pop, no thanks.

speedracer123222 says:

Is there other battery banks that able to go on planes that has a dc output port of 12v 5amps just interested airports say 100wh to be able to travel without approval

Tobias Dettinger says:

I want to charge this via USB, can i get a converter to it?
Another question: It can charge Laptops but can it run laptops with no battery in it? I have a Laptop wich i only use without a battery and i want to use it with this power bank, is it possible?

Lisandro Rosati says:

Great review,
Could you please make a review of the Maxoak K3. I travel a lot and I need to carry the power bank on planes with me. I know from reviews on Amazon that some people took it without problems and some got it confiscated.
The manufacturer of the power bank states that it has a voltage of 3.7 V
If we take that in the equation (Wh = A x V) we have:
Wh = 36A x 3.7V = 133.2 Wh , which should be allowed on carry on baggage on a plane with the airline consent. According to the IATA and ICAO the limit is 160 Wh. Unfortunately, the 133.2 Wh isn’t printed on the power bank and it isn’t shown either on the manual, which makes it very difficult to prove it. I sent few emails to the manufacturer to get an official brochure or specification letter detailing this, I’m still waiting.
Moreover, some airports consider the mAh as their measurement and they put a limit up to 32,000 mAh because they take a standard of 5V output.
I don’t have the equipment you have to really do the test, it would be very helpful if you can make a full review on the Maxoak K3, 36,000 mAh

Jet Earlewood says:

That can jump start a car, can’t it?

karzygijose says:

need to try the DBpower 26400mah with ac outlet 😛

lgsoftwares says:

How can I carry to international flight?

David Cain says:

Is it possible to be carried at airplanes?

Philunbox says:

Bisita naman kayo sa tyanel ko nag uunbaks din ako SALAMAT :).

stephen newman says:

Hi, I’m thinking of buying the maxoak but really can’t make my mind up between this and the Ravpower with built in ac? Am I right in thinking that the Maxoak would be the better choice with the addition of a separate ac inverter? I would have to buy one of these as I don’t feel confident enough to make one. Anyhow, any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated. BTW I live over in the uk so will be using 220V. Cheers.

Ian Eyansky says:

can it charge a macbook?

Carl Nersesian says:

is there a power meter in the form of software that I can down on my pic to read the MAXOAK battery capacity and status?

Christopher Frith says:

Is this TSA clear?

Cledus Neighbor says:

What’s inside. Show us

jbrum says:

very important question,i live in the USA,does this item come a power cord plug that plugs into the US WALL OUTLETS to recharge the powerbank.

WaschyNumber1 says:

Is it not more then around 33000mah? 😉 where are the rest 17000mah? Considering 20% International loos it would be 40000mah from 50000mah ??? Or miss i a point?

Christian Filippone says:

thanks for the great review. Really enjoyed your honest & down to earth style. liked & subbed!

Henry Co says:

Wow nice po


sadly people do use laptops on the beach… there is nothing more depressing than seeing people on their laptops/macs on the beach.

Michael Cockrum says:

Any way to charge with a solar panel?

UU88films says:

Can it charge itself while it is charging other stuff?

Isa Javier says:

Will this work for a Macbook if I use a DC to Magsafe 2 adaptor?

Mark D. says:

So… How long does it take to load this beast? EXACTLY!!! Please!

Curt sako says:

Thank you for the video. How long does it take to charge the powerbank.

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