The Best Power Bank? | Review for iBeek Solar Charger USB Power Bank

Wanna extend your Pokemon Go time? Or just charge your phone for emergencies? This may be your answer.

iBeek Solar Charger (affiliate)

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Finance Issue says:

This is probably the best product I’ve ever bought for my phone! It works so effortlessly, I plus in the USB cable and plug the other end into my phone and push the power button on the charger and bam it’s charging and it’s just as fast as a wall charger even while using the phone. Very happy with this product. This is my personal experience, you should read other users experience as well. Click here to read them

Danielmeir says:

the small tube that you can find for less than a few dollars on ebay are around 2500 mah get a power bank from anker a good tech company a new smart phone these days battery is around 3000 smaller things like a iphone 4 or 5 are around 2700mah i got the bank thats 10k mah works well buy from anker quality stuffs

charaf aw says:

it’s really 12000 mah much of this banks lay about his capacities

Marie McCORMICK says:

Please Learn Proper English.
Your terminologies caused my nose bled!

scheven architect says:

Does it charge well in the sun? Lots of reviews say it doesn’t…

debbie62140 says:

I have one of these and the reason for the power switch is so that the power bank will turn itself off when your phone is fully charged. In my opinion a very good safety feature.

Rahman LITE says:

I just received it today and I really liked it! It’s charging by itself))

Hexivoid says:

You can’t convert mAh to hours of charge without knowing the wattage and input…

- says:

Just got one it’s pretty cool

Enrique Alvarado says:

what’s the price of that one on the video?

Praveen Bn says:

How long does it take for full charge under solar light ? and How long does it take for an iphone to charge from critical to full charge through this battery pack 🙂 ?

Jay P. Deleon says:

i just wanna ask can i derectly charged it to a wall with usb connector on a 220 or 240 watts

Erick Ortiz says:

Haha honestly the only reason I bought one of these is Pokemon Go. It absolutely destroys my phone’s battery and I bought one of these to extend it.

Pajyi Yaj says:

Thanks your review help me to get it charged it! AT first I plugged it onto my phone and it didn’t work cause I didn’t know that I have to press the power button to charge it.

TheGouldinator says:

I bought one and it will not turn off after full charge just keeps charging

Kevin Rivera says:

My friend let me borrow his and it charges slow

Costa Apostolou says:

the best battery bank is the ravpower pd-058-2 26800 30w is USB c and supports USB c fast charging with the USB PD (Power Delivery) spec, which allows you to charge at 15v 2amps over a USB C to USB C cable that supports USB PD. The reason I bought it was because it’s the only battery bank I found that supports USB PD that the Nintendo Switch supports. The only caveat is you need to plug the battery bank into the switch while it’s in sleep, it will then turn on the screen and say it’s charging, you are good to go. if you try to charge while it’s on, nothing happens, so starting charge in sleep mode is key.

The battery bank charger that it comes with is on Benson’s bad list, but Ravpower stopped shipping it with a charger and instead includes a USB c cable.

sin gin says:

it might be an idea to face the charger ports downward when in your backpack in case it rains water resistant not water proof

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