The Best Portable Chargers and Power Banks of 2018

Is your phone, tablet, or laptop on its last legs before day’s end? We’ve tested scores of power banks to tell you which ones will give you the biggest boost when you’re out of juice.

Read our roundup of the best portable chargers and power banks of 2018 right here! is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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RandomTech7 says:

You guys really need to work on your channel. It’s not great. I don’t have much on my channel, but I’ve been using YouTube since it was just getting started, I’ve rarely ever rated low stars or disliked videos, but I disliked this because among many other reasons, you knew very little about any of the items you reviewed and weren’t able to properly answer any of the questions asked by viewers. You have a professional setup, but far from professional content. I’d like to see my dislike turn into a like on a future video and maybe even subscribe, but I won’t be doing it on this one.

Trade Whales says:


Paul Guthrie says:

Lol you think,you believe and that’s the best you could come up with after a month of research

I Barney I says:

1 cool thing to 20 cool things

Joe Flores says:

So which one is better for a phone?

aviation1972 says:

Please use “cheat sheets” or “notes” for your presentations? It’s hard for consumers to accept specs as you state them, but it’s almost impossible, when you’re “stumbling” from memory, ( both of you ). You both keep saying, “this one”, or “these”…. Be specific, please??? Or, read from notes!!!! Please? You two are not photogenic anyway. All we consumers want are facts, ( and plenty of them ). Not cheeky grins….. Do multiple takes, before releasing a recorded video. Don’t just do one take.

Jeremiah Nilsson says:

Shouting, a pest to listen to – sound is really bad, the least camera enigmatic persons i have seen in a year.
The guy on the right don’t even kvow how to open a bag. The bg is hysteric
I gave seen 12yearolds do this better with robovoice….

No, hire sb with experience and know how about how these things should be done.
I could bear five minutes before pressing pause, I will not start the video again.

Zach Wright says:

This video is a train wreck.

HAZOX GAMING0525 says:

What’s a good portable charger that’s over 30,000mah but under $60

Debajyoti Nath says:

such a long review, but no close up view of the chargers, or any specific details like battery type used, safety, or efficiency. Everybody knows that no power bank is 100% efficient. Something rated 10000 mAH is not going to give 10000 mAH in the real world.

Jim O'Callaghan says:

WOW, so little real information…like cells used, longevity, warranty, etc.

Jo Daddy says:


JahStyles says:

horrible lineup selection, no useful information, very bland..

roger shahan says:

Man there are tons of powerbanks with ac ports the best is chargetech and the good but not as big as a battery is Suaoki S270 they are also solar panel compatible and small generators

Ayame Thompson says:

I have the anker but it stops charging my iPod Touch. Says it’s not support so I have to get a different one

n0148813 says:

I think I’m dumber on this topic after watching your video, than I was before watching this video. Switch to decaf guys.

Sam Gardom says:

What a hot mess! Have no idea what most of these batteries are called let alone their comparative value or utility! terrible

alan powell says:

You can do a take 2 you know.

jascky says:

i thought i was watching a power bank video not a try not cringe challenge

SvenOkonomi says:

Whats the point of a powerbank if you cant just slip it into your pocket and charge on the go? A powerbank only really needs 1 or 2 charges for your phone, imho.

Dee Trigg says:

ZERO given info..dear god..just tell us the best f#%cking charger out NOW!!!..idiots

Marc Mallary says:

What about recharge times? That is one of the most important things and you don’t have them. The links in your report go to different models then mentioned.

TLOKE 57 says:

that dude ain’t never coming back on camera again

Unbox Radiation says:

A month of reviewing for not a lot of specs

abraham hatch says:

Doesn’t the tronsmart have pd. I thought it did because I was looking for one for my pixel XL last year because it uses pd standard

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