The Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 USB Charger/Powerbank: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a great idea, imperfectly executed, the Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 USB Charger/Powerbank.

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mo_viking says:

Have a 20100 power bank and love it, will keep both our iPhones charged over a weekend no problem, this was timely for me as I was contemplating which charger to get from them, guess I’ll go with the Power port speed 2. thx man.

cloudcleaver23 says:

Once I upgrade my phone, that combined with the Nintendo Switch will mean all my portable electronics are USB-C. I’ve held off buying a nice charger for that reason, but it seems like few chargers exist with multiple C-type ports.

Jack Paris says:

I dunno, another slipjoint folder with lousy blade-to-handle ratio and no sharpening choil? Maybe if the next generation has a compression lock…

Tanth1982 says:

But is fork action good? Besides – no pocket clip, liner lock, unnamed steel too?
Not so much a beautiful thing!

Nirrith says:

I actually think the microusb port is for charging off of a pc, not another power bank. Nonetheless, this was a powerful review.

Tom M says:

6:10 #IPhone X

Maxx Anker says:

I’ve been wondering about this company for a while now, I feel a strange compulsion to buy items that share my namesake lol. thanks for the review Nick!

ogenmatic says:

Needs a deep carry clip.

The50011 says:

hey nick, hope you have more audio related videos soon

PissedOffHoneyBadger says:

Your voice is fucking awesome. It’s different, funny, (not in a bad way) and badass. Great review! Subscribed!

Adam Smith says:

From one fckn anker to another

Seventh Seal says:

Is this one of the new Medford blades?

keifer225948 says:

Great idea..

Nathan Schmoekel says:

Not having it self charge while charging another device, was just short sighted. If its gonna charge things slowly, the least it could do is multi task while plugged in. If gen 2 can do that it would be worth an extra 10 bucks to me… one fast charge port would be the icing on that cake.

Matt Szymanski says:

Nick have you looked at any solar charging device’s?

Captain Funtastic says:

I travel A LOT and I use the Anker Power Port 5. It’s a great charger that comes with a 6′ cord that connects to the wall, so the weight of the unit doesn’t make it fall out of worn out airport and hotel outlets.

Vu Truong says:

I have had good luck with Anker products.

EODNavigator says:

Another great vid – note that Amazon says it does support Power IQ. THANKS

Andy Richardson says:

Good review. Pass. Don’t get why they wouldn’t have it charge it’s own batteries while it’s charging a device. Actually, I do – it was easier and cheaper to build it this way. But you could design one that does both. With USB-C please.

Tsar239 says:

I really like the idea of this charger but I’d love to see the quick charging added and a higher wattage USB-C port for charging my MacBook Pro. It would probably have to get a little bigger but I’m okay with that.

Tmankiller72 says:

I would like a V2 with quick charging capabilities, better balanced weight and 10000 mah capacity.
It may be a little larger/heavier but I think it could be acceptable.

Gamma Rayburst says:

I’m looking for a charger Nick. What was the other one that was fast that you showed on screen quick? The fast one. I need to buy one and I need it to charge fast because of the business I’m in. Thanks great review. As always.

StoråsStudio says:

After seeing two of your Anker vids Nick, I’m starting to think that American outlets are all worn out and crappy. *Here in Norway I’ve never heard of a worn outlet, things don’t fall out, and we have sockets in the ceiling even 😛

Dan Severns says:

I’m so pleased to see a reviewer take actual measurements of an objects size.

Sheeple4thePeople ! says:

USB C, see?

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